The 3 Best AirPrint Compatible Photo Printers Under $100

August 9, 2012 — by Simon Ng5


This is a guest post by Carla Eaton.

Apple, known for attempting to make user-friendlier applications for their strong fanbase, has done it again. Upon the surge of popularity for Apple’s mobile phone and tablet devices, Apple introduced AirPrint in 2010; and by release already had a line of 12 compatible printers available to take advantage of the new technology – all of which were HP printers. AirPrint technology offers near instant printing of anything you see on your mobile device without having to install drivers or software, and within a year several other printer manufacturers were hopping onto the trend. While consumers will likely take advantage of the new technology that supports the AirPrint feature, they will still want the features needed for other products, such as cameras and document compatibility. Here, we examine the best AirPrint compatible printers currently available from the top 3 manufacturers based on compatibility, popularity, and a price point of around $100.

1. HP – HP Photosmart 6510 All-in-One Printer

HP Photosmart 6510Getting marks for clarity, ease of setup (especially wireless setup), and a low-price point for a photo printer, the Photosmart 6510 stands apart enough to make even its older brother, the HP Envy, envious. At around $120, it provides full compatibility with Windows and Macintosh O.S.s, it supports AirPrint as well as other mobile device printing (so even your Android toting buddies can take advantage of its easy offerings). Also, being a member of the Photosmart line, it utilizes 4 individual ink-tanks for printing color photos and documents, and has the option of using high-capacity cartridges for heavier printing jobs (dubbed XL). As HP was the pioneering manufacturer of AirPrint supported printers, they have the most models currently available on the market. Of the HP line, however, the Photosmart 6510 is considerably the best choice based on overall satisfaction, low maintenance, and functionality with an easier to swallow price.

2. Epson – Epson WorkForce 645 All-in-One Printer

Epson Workforce 645As the second manufacturer to include AirPrint compatibility, Epson did well right out of the gate. Like the HP 6510 it can print wirelessly from multiple mobile devices, so it is not AirPrint exclusive. It also utilizes multiple cartridges for increased clarity and contrast with photos, and allows for high-capacity cartridges, but at a slightly steeper price than HP’s model. It does, however, offer incredible dpi at a high print rate, and with Epson’s Instant-dry inks, you’ll never have to worry about pages smearing or sticking against each other with extensive print jobs. As well, the WorkForce has a larger paper tray, holding an entire half-ream (or 250 pages), so you can walk away and trust the job to get done. The WorkForce 645 will also cost you a bit less than most of its competitors, chiming in at just under the $100 price point.

3. Canon – Canon Pixma MG5320 All-in-One Printer

Canon PIXMA MG5320A month after Epson entered the race in AirPrint manufacturers, Canon released an update to their firmware to allow their current model wireless printers to be AirPrint compatible. All future models have included this feature, and Canon is now currently neck-and-neck with Epson in the number of available models. Canon, however, seems to be at the head of the pack in terms of quality, and at an incredible 9600 dpi, the Pixma MG5320 wears the golden crown. At around $100, it prints at a greater speed than the Photosmart or WorkForce printers, but does not boast the convenience of Instant-dry inks. It also does not allow for high-capacity cartridges, so it is best to have some back up cartridges on hand with this one.

Although other manufacturers are now joining the fray and building AirPrint and mobile device compatibility into their printers, they are only currently able to offer a limited selection of printers while the aforementioned competitors are dominating the market. In terms of quality, Canon’s Pixma MG5320 is the frontrunner, with HP’s Photosmart 6510 beating out the Epson WorkForce 645 with a better price for cartridges, which will make a large difference in the long term. Epson’s features, such as Instant-dry ink and large paper tray, do make it a good competitor for a lower initial price. Either way you choose, these three manufacturers have made it possible to get a great quality printer that is compatible with AirPrint and other mobile devices at a good price.

This post is contributed by Carla Eaton. Carla Eaton has a B.A. in Mass Media and writes on the topics of business, technology, and design. She currently blogs for, who specializes in Dell printer cartridges.


Love this Little Printer for Your iPhone? It’s Really Cool!

November 30, 2011 — by Farrukh Zafar1


Still waiting for the day when you’ll be able to print out stuff from your iPhone? Well, I’m not talking about Google Cloud Print because that kills the concept of a ‘mobile’ printer since it again prints from your conventional desktop printer, with the same page dimensions, and that too only Gmail Mobile and Google Docs Mobile. Think of a printer that is ‘mobile’,  which is as small and carry-able as your iPhone itself, and which prints stuff in the same dimensions as your phone, which means, prints on the bookmark size page. Think about it because it’s now close to being a reality. The Little Printer is what it calls itself, a printer which is set to hit the market in 2012 and give mobile technology a major leap that was on the cards for long.


3 Free iPhone Apps for Wireless Printing

February 28, 2010 — by Simon Ng2


If you are one of the many folks that have a photo printer at home, you may be interested in one of the following apps: the HP iPrint Photo 2.0, the Epson iPrint, or the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint for the iPhone. All are free applications that allow you to print photos from your iPhone via Wi-Fi to your photo printer.

Let’s first look at the HP iPrint Photo 2.0 [iTunes link]. This application works with any iPhone or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 2.0 or up. It lets you access your photo albums or simply capture photos from camera directly and then prints it wirelessly to your HP Inkjet printers connected to the same WiFi network. The app is very easy to use. It also comes with features to let you crop and rotate pictures, as well as, do simple image scaling. By leveraging Apple’s Bonjour technology, the iPrint Photo 2.0 automatically discovers and set-up any of your HP wireless printer on your Wi-Fi network. No complex setup or network configuration is required. There is a complete list of photo printers that the iPrint Photo 2.0 supports at The iPrint Photo 2.0 also supports multiple paper sizes and paper types.