Decode Camera: Alternative QR Reader Camera Add-on for iPhone

June 23, 2013 — by Xin Chan1


A couple of days ago we reviewed NativeER. Indeed there was another similar tweak released on that day offering very similar functionality called Decode Camera. The tweak is developed by ioshack (@ioshack).

Similary, Decode Camera has functionality to scan QR codes and DataMatrices. You can activate it in the Stock Camera app’s Option panel, either or both QR codes and DataMatrices. When it scans, a dialog will come up telling you that the result has been copied to clipboard directly. You can either close the dialog or open it immediately. This is what I love over NativeQR where you can only copy it by answering the dialog and head over to your browser or note to paste it somewhere.


NativeQR Adds QR Code Reader to iOS Stock Camera

June 21, 2013 — by Xin Chan2


NativeQR is a new jailbreak tweak developed by the creator of Beacon Evan Swick (@e_swick) that incorporates QR Code reader functionality into the stock iOS Camera app. You can toggle to enable or disable the QR code reader function inside the Camera app’s option menu just like HDR and Grids. And there is no additional option in Settings.

Like using the camera normally, focus it on the QR code that you want to read and almost instantly it identified the code and brings up a dialogue menu asking you whether to copy the link or to cancel. It also adds a sharing option as QR code into your stock Contacts App which is really nice. Your friends can scan it and it will bring up the “add to contacts” page.


How To Make a Personalized QR Code

March 18, 2012 — by Simon Ng1


QRHacker QR CodeBack in 2008, I wrote my first article about QR code and showed you how to read the code on iPhone. After 4 years, with the prevalent of iPhone and Android phone, more companies are adopting the use of QR code. In Hong Kong, QR code can be found everywhere. It appears in magazine, newspaper, advertisement, billboard and even name card. While most QR codes look like very much the same, do you want to know how to make a personalized QR code?


Scan App Transforms iPhone Into A QR Code And Barcode Scanner

February 29, 2012 — by Gaurav Kheterpal4


Scan app for iPhoneQR codes are fast emerging as a norm rather than an exception for shoppers. Whether it’s online or in-stores, you’ll often find the need to scan QR codes and barcodes with your iPhone. I’ve tried a number of QR code scanning apps in the past and with all due respect, most of them suck. To that effect, I recently came across Scan – an app which claims to be “the fastest, simplest and most user-friendly QR Code and barcode scanner available.” Surely, I had to try it.


An In-Depth Look on Microsoft Tag Reader for iPhone

January 10, 2009 — by Simon Ng8


At CES 2009, in additional to the announcement of public beta of Windows 7, Microsoft debuted its second iPhone applications called Tag Reader. In brief, Tag Reader is an iPhone application that lets you snap and decode a Microsoft Tag.

So, what’s Microsoft Tag?

First, before I show you Microsoft’s Tag Reader, what’s Microsoft Tag? The small and colorful tag with triangular shape shown you above is an example of the Microsoft Tag. Microsoft Tag is actually a kind of barcode, that you see in nearly every product labels in daily life, but in 2-dimensional format. 2-dimensional barcode is not a new thing. QR code is another examples of 2D barcode, that is very popular in Japan.


QR Code Reader for iPhone – Barcodes / ZXing

November 14, 2008 — by Simon Ng34


A friend of mine asked me, what application do you recommend when traveling to Japan? Earlier, I wrote about Kotoba!, which is a great application that provides translation between Japanese and English/Chinese. As I spent a week’s vacation in Japan, I found another must-have application on iPhone is a QR code reader. Probably, you’re not familiar with QR code. But it’s ubiquitous in Japan. You can easily find one on street, rail, newspaper, magazine, advertisement, etc.

So, what is QR Code?

So, what’s QR code? Look at the square image on the right. That’s QR code. QR (short for Quick Response) code is a kind of 2-dimensional barcode developed by Denso. Originally designed for tracking parts in manufacturing, QR code has gained popularity in consumer space these years as a way to encode URL. Unlike the basic barcode which you are familiar with, QR code contains information in both horizontal and vertical direction. And this contributes to its capability of storing larger amount of information in both numeric and letter form. Here, I don’t want to dig deep into the technical details about QR code. If you’re interested, you can check out the official website of QR code for further details.