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Top 6 Photo Editing and Sharing Apps for iPhone and iPad

November 12, 2012 — by Sette Capati2

Photo editing is addictive. Take a snap there, a little over there with just the right lighting, combine them with filters and effects from various photo editing and sharing apps. It’s more addictive when you tinker with the Retina display screen and HD camera. Photography is at its best, whether you are an amateur or pro.

I want to share with you these top 5 photo editing and sharing apps I currently use. (I only recommend apps worthy of review). The list of photo editing and sharing apps is endless. However, these five apps were set apart. Join me as we unbox each.


Adobe Photoshop Touch Finally Hits the iPad 2 for $9.99

February 27, 2012 — by Simon Ng3


Initially available on Android only, the Adobe Photoshop Touch is now available on App Store for $9.99. In short, the Adobe Photoshop Touch is the tablet version of Adobe Photoshop. The company claims they bring most of the core features of Photoshop to the tablet. So, instead of using a mouse, you can simply use your finger to edit the photos right on an iPad (as well as other tablet devices).


Adobe Brings Mobile to iPhone

October 11, 2009 — by Simon Ng3


Photoshop for iPhoneIn App Store, there is no shortage of image editing application that allows you to crop, rotate, edit your image on-the-go. I guess you have one on your iPhone.

On Friday, Adobe Systems, the maker of the Photoshop, also releases an official mobile application for By the time I write this post, it’s already the no. 1 free app in the Photography category (of US app store).

The mobile lets you easily flip, crop and rotate your iPhone photos. It also comes with some common editing features to adjust the saturation, exposure and tilt the photos, as well as, apply color effects. You can also apply soft focus and sketch filters to make the photos more artistic.