Transcynd is an Upcoming Music App that You Can Interact With

August 10, 2014 — by Xin Chan0


There has been tons of music apps on the App Store and jailbreak tweaks that are really creative in the sense that they juice up the music listening experience from both visual and practical perspectives. Yet could I find a rather all-in-one music player that fulfills my needs: 1) Sharing music with album artwork; 2) Color-change based on album artwork; 3) Minimal and intuitive to use, until I received a copy of Transcynd from Compatic Arts.

Transcynd is a Music Player that is well-designed and offers important functionalities within your finger touch. The core of the user interface is Cards. There are three of them – Control, Lyrics and Share Cards. This is the first time that I try out players with this special design that is very intuitive to me and easy to use and assess what and where I need to.

AppsiOS 7

Musyc Lets You Craft New Music Pieces By Drawing Shapes

March 17, 2014 — by Adeel Qayum0


Even though GarageBand may be the most popular music creation app for iDevices, there is still room for other offerings in the arena courtesy of their unique features.

Musyc is one such app that converts the drawings into music snippets. There are no partitions or piano keys involved – you just have to draw different shapes and listen to music while the sounds bounce of the screen.

AppsiOS 7

Nwplying: Discover New Music and Share Your Own Taste

March 5, 2014 — by Adeel Qayum0


Social features have extended to third-party music applications on iOS including album and track discovery based on artist preferences of peers and assigning hashtags to different tracks, but aren’t many applications made exclusively for sharing your preferences with your social circle.

nwplyng leaps to fill in and spruces up your music sharing experience by offering song identification and scrobbling features. The app presents a number of ways to share tracks with friends.

For example, if you like a track on YouTube, you can use the phone’s speaker to identify it, or you can post it on your feed. Also, you can unlock badges by completing different targets set within the application.


Soundwave: Discover Music From Multiple Sources

February 3, 2014 — by Adeel Qayum0


Social discovery apps have grown in recent times on the App Store, particularly because of their networking and syncing features. For music lovers, Soundwave Music Discovery offers an interesting way to discover new music through multiple sources and by syncing to your current playlist on streaming services such as Spotify.

The app can also be termed as a social network as you’re allowed to follow friends, family and celebrity figures to discover new music. The app also itself takes data from different sources to make song suggestions.


Pandora App Update Brings A New UI and Alarm Clock Mode

December 11, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum0


Pandora Radio… the name says it all. It has cemented its place since long in the music space, courtesy of its large accessible library and some music projects. It learns the musical taste of the user and uses its algorithm to make recommendations.

The previous update at the iPhone 5 brought the app extra screen support, and the developers have released another update today that brings a refreshed UI and a new alarm clock mode.


Songkick Concerts: Never Miss a Live Show Of Your Favorite Band or Artist

November 25, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum0


We know how sad it can be to miss out on the concert of your favorite artist(s)/band, especially when they are in town. There are apps that let you book concert tickets in advance, but they don’t notify you about your favorite artists visiting town or a nearby location.

Thankfully, the gap is filled by Songkick Concerts, an app that tells you when you favorite artist/band is going to perform nearby. It scans the music library of your device to discover favorite artists, and also catches results from, Spotify and Facebook.

CydiaiPhoneiPhone 5

Top 5 Cydia Hacks of The Week

May 6, 2013 — by Simon Ng1


Well it’s that time of the week again here when we share the Top Free Cydia Tweaks released over the past week. We hope you enjoy these five free tweaks and find at least one you can use regularly.

1. LSMusicSeek

This tweak allows you to scrub through the song much faster. It’s added on the lockscreen in place of the volume slider. Simply double tap the home button to activate LSMusicSeek Cydia Tweak. It’s available in the ModMyi Repo for free.


How To Scrub Music Right From Lock Screen

May 5, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum1


Though the stock Music app on iOS presents a lot of features, some users just want to get it going right away without having to launch the app manually. If you’re one of them, you may’ve gone through some tweaks and apps that bring music controls for the library on the lock screen.

While there are different toggles available such as the ability to play, rewind and forward tracks, there’s no seek bar present, which means you have to launch the native music app if you want to get to a certain point in the track, which makes the toggles on the screen unimportant. However, LSScrubbing is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to fulfill by the gap as it’s add a seek bar to the toggles present for music on the lock screen.


TuneBooth Allows You To Control Music With The Help Of Gestures

November 18, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum2


There are so many music players in the App Store. Every music player offers a different functionality. Some are dependent on a unique interface, while others are focused on enhancing the listening experience of music lovers. Tunebooth is a newly released music player that adds gesture based controls, with an interface quite different from the stock music app. Read on for more details.


Essential Apps Series 2: MusicParty for iPhone

March 25, 2012 — by Seuli B.0


Music PartyContinuing our series of popular must-have apps, here is MusicParty app from KAYAC Inc. that lets you can share iTunes music through wireless or Bluetooth on your iPhone with your friends. So, be it the love of your life or your closest buddies, who enjoy your kind of music MusicParty is the best bet as you can send your favorite music files to your friend’s iPhone to play.

So, if you want your friend to play your favorite tracks, this is one app that allows you to play other people’s music files. But please note that a maximum of 5 people can join the app (Party) including the host. Moreover, your playlist will disappear, once your iPhone loses Wi-fi or Bluetooth connection.