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How to Mute your Instagram DMs Notifications on iPhone

December 13, 2015 — by Hawon Nguyen0


Instagram is known for its simple and easy-to-share photos application with millions of active users. The service recently jumped on board and introduced direct messaging. A feature that has existed in Twitter and Snapchat in ages.  At first, Instagram Direct Conversations feature were the lack of feature and missing certain design elements.

However, the company has quickly improved this functionality and revamped the whole entire feature. Direct Messaging in Instagram is now sleek, straightforward, and you will receive notification when someone send you a new message or reply to an existence conversation.

The notifications feature might annoy some people if they continuously receive messages from marketers, their friends while at work, or just don’t like getting notifications from Instagram at all. You can quickly turn this functionality off right from your Instagram app.

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How to Save Cellular Data on iOS 9 for iPhone & iPad

October 3, 2015 — by Hawon Nguyen0


Many users who recently upgraded to iOS 9 reported high consumption of cellular data on their iPhone or iPad, despite the same usage as to before they decided to download the software update.

While most iPhone and iPad users have an unlimited data to waste, some are literally saving up their mobile data to avoid charges from the carrier. In this article, we will show you a few simple methods to reduce high cellular data usage after updating to iOS 9 for both iPhone and iPad.

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How to Hide and Unhide Multiple Photos & Videos in iOS 9

September 19, 2015 — by Hawon Nguyen0


There are over 20 things you can do in iOS 9 that couldn’t do in iOS 8 and hiding a photo or video from the Camera Roll happen to be one of them. This might be a feature that gets teenagers or those that have experience violation of privacy to update their device right away.

Before this version, iOS 7 or 8 or anything below that doesn’t have this feature unless you use third-party applications to store the photos that you want to hide and then delete them from the Photos app. But that takes a bit time and could lead people into thinking about different stuff as to why you did that, of course, they have no rights to judge but that’s how things work now.

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How to Clear iPhone Cache and Junk Files

September 15, 2015 — by Hawon Nguyen0


When a new firmware update is available to the public, everyone will prepare to install it on their iPhone or iPad. While most people have no problem doing so, many iOS users were unable to get the latest update because their device doesn’t have enough storage.

Over time, Apple has tried their best to reduce the firmware to the lowest possible capacity. A great example would be the upcoming iOS 9, it only weight as much as 1.3GB, which is a huge improvement. If there is not enough space for this, then you need to do some serious clean up.

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iOS 6 Tip: How to Gift an App to Your Friends

December 18, 2012 — by Simon Ng1


We’ve shown you how to gift an app on iPhone, as well as, on iTunes. If you’re using iOS 6, you’ll find the guide is no longer work. Apple has changed the way to gift an app to your friends. Rather than using the Gift button at the bottom of an app listing, Apple provides a system-wide action sheet in App Store for the gift feature.

To gift an app on iOS 6 App Store, tap the action button at the upper-right corner of the screen. This brings up an action sheet that provides various option button.


Activoice: Open Google Services With The Help Of Activator Gesture

November 20, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum1


Cydia tweaks come out faster than App Store applications. Since Cydia does not have a very long approval system, developers are able to release new tweaks or apps in a short span of time. This can be seen from the launch of Ryan Petrich’s Activoice. It has been a couple of weeks since Google added voice input support in its search app. NowNow was recently released that made use of this feature, and now, Activoice has been made available for jailbreak users. The tweak makes good use of the concept used in NowNow by controlling Google Search through activator gestures, and isn’t only dependent on voice search. Read on for more details.


iPhone Handbook App Now Updated with iOS 6 Tips and iPhone 5 Support

October 17, 2012 — by Simon Ng1


We are glad to announce that the iPhone Handbook app has just been approved by Apple. The new version adds over 35 tips about iOS 6 and caters for the bigger screen size for the iPhone 5.

iPhone Handbook App 3.0

To celebrate the update, we have lowered the price of the paid version and it is now available for just $0.99. Even if you don’t want to spend a dollar, we also offer a lite version to let you try it out for free. For now, here are some of the tips you’ll find in the latest version:

  • Reject Call with Text Message
  • Decline a Call with Reminder
  • How to Use Do Not Disturb
  • How to Use Guided Access to Limit Your Kids from Accessing Other Apps
  • Shortcut to Your Draft Email
  • Per Mail Account Signature
  • Create Your Rich Text Email Signature
  • How to Use Turn-by-Turn Navigation in Maps
  • Share Your Photos with Photo Stream
  • Create Location-based Reminders

We are still working hard to deliver even more iOS 6 tips and tricks for you. But don’t worry. Once you purchase/download the app, you’ll have free life-time upgrade.

You can download the lite version of the Handbook app from App Store via this iTunes link. If you like it, you can learn even more tips by upgrading to full version. It’s now on sale for $0.99.

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iOS 6 Tip: How To Use Guided Access, Great Feature for Parents

October 2, 2012 — by Simon Ng0


Previously, we showed you how to use Panorama mode in iOS 6. Today, we’ll cover another new iOS 6 feature – Guided Access.

Guided Access is a new feature in iOS 6 that allows parents or teachers to limit an iOS device to one app by disabling the Home button, as well as restrict touch input on certain areas of the screen. Let’s say you only want your kid to use the Calculator app or read a book using the iBook app. In order to prevent your kids from accessing other apps (like games) on iPhone, you can make use of Guided Access to ensure they focus on a single app.


Our iPhone Handbook App Now Comes to the iPad for Just $0.99

September 2, 2012 — by Simon Ng1


Last year, we released our first iPhone app, a book app that brings you over 200 iPhone tips and tricks. To date, the free version has been downloaded over 150,000 times by iPhone users around the world. If you compare the download number with other big apps like Angry Birds or Camera+, it’s just a very small number. But to us, it’s a great milestone. We’re working hard to bring you all handy tips and tricks about iOS 6. Once the new iOS is officially released, we’ll push out the free update.

handbook hd for ipad app

But before that, let me introduce the Handbook HD for iPhone. From time to time, we got feedback from users to bring the app to iPad so that they can read the iPhone tips on their favorite device. We’ve redesigned the app from ground up and make it work great on the iPad. You can navigate all the tips in Pinterest style and view any of them easily through a pop-up window. Like the iPhone app, you’ll also find bookmark and sharing features that let you save and share your favorite tips over email or Twitter.

handbook hd for iPhone

We’ve bundled over 200 tips about iPhone. In near future, we’ll bring even more hidden tips about iPad. Best of all, we’ll not charge additional cost for the update.

The app is now on sale for just $0.99 only. Once the iOS 6 is released, the price will go up to $2.99. So act quick and grab a copy from App Store.

We understand that not everyone of you got an iPad. To celebrate the release of our iPad app, we also lower the price of the iPhone Handbook app from $1.99 to $0.99. Grab it through this direct iTunes link. Alternatively, you can always enjoy the free version (with less tips) through this link.

Finally I’d like to thank you for your continued support. Without your support, we would never achieve such a great milestone.


Clipboard Allows You To Share Items Using Dropbox From iPhone To PC

August 12, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum0


What really made Google Chrome popular was its real time tab syncing, and its really useful that everything you do on your iPhone automatically comes on the computer as well. For example saved tabs, bookmark etc. Clips is something like that, and its a Cydia tweak that syncs your iDevice’s clipboard rather than the browser data. This enables you to share images and text from your iPhone to your computer with just a single tap.

All that you need is a Dropbox account and a PC and you have instant sharing. The text data from your clipbaord account will appear in your Dropbox account after you give it the Clips treatment, and you will require the service’s desktop client to read the shared files. This is quite frustrating but the good thing is that you don’t need to do anything like this for images.