Squabble 1.0 Released for iOS – Addictive Two Player Word Game

April 8, 2011 — by Megha Bassi2


Squabble logoDo you like playing word games? Can you quickly create words from a shuffled deck of characters? Does your vocabulary have enough long words to challenge other players? If the answer to any of these is yes, then you ought to be interested in Squabble, which is a brand new two player word game released in the App Store today.

Created by Retired Astronaut Collective, Squabble will really appeal to people who enjoy playing scrabble games like AbbleDabble or Words with Friends. “Squabble is an addictive gameplay with a twist. You’ll have fun and you just might learn a new word or two”. – said Chris Chuter, co-founder of the Retired Astronaut Collective.

You can play online against any of your Facebook friends or some random opponent. The game is available as a free download in the App Store to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. Learn more about this brand new word game after the break.


Angry Birds Rio Released for iPhone and iPad

March 22, 2011 — by Megha Bassi2


Screen shot 2011 03 22 at 10 52 42 AMThe sequel to Angry Birds that we were looking forward to, the Angry Birds Rio, has just been released on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users to download.

This is the game that has been creating history. I can hardly think of a platform that this game is not present on. PC, Macs, iPhone and Android – Angry Birds is everywhere. In fact, a Facebook version is coming soon too. Rovio is also collaborating with 20th Century Fox to release the animated 3D movie Rio this April.

Getting back to the newly released game, the Angry Birds are going to get Angry-ier this time since they have been kidnapped and caged by smugglers who took them to Rio de Janeiro. The birds escape to save their friends, Blu and Jewel. Learn more about the game after the break.


Angry Birds Seasons Gets Valentine’s Day Update

February 8, 2011 — by Megha Bassi5


Screen shot 2011 02 08 at 4 00 24 AMAfter Trick or Treat and Season’s Greedings, the third iteration of Angry Birds Seasons is here on the eve of Valentine’s day. Titled, Hogs and Kisses, the Valentine’s day edition is available as a free update to those who had purchased Angry Birds Seasons before.

To quote Rovio, “Get ready for the most heartfelt episode in Angry Birds Seasons so far: the Valentine’s Day edition! After the shenanigans of Halloween and Christmas, Angry Birds Seasons continue in the spirit of Love! As usual, Angry Birds gives the most generous updates of any app!”


Tap Tap Revenge 4: 35,000 Downloads An Hour!

December 26, 2010 — by Gaurav Kheterpal2


There seems to be no shortage of blockbuster games being launched on the Apple App Store this holiday season. Last week, Infinity Blade for iPhone shattered all previous sales records by selling a whopping 274,000 copies in less than 5 days. And now, Tapulous (purchased by Disney earlier this year) has released Tap Tap Revenge 4 (TTR 4), the fourth generation of the longest-running, most-downloaded music gaming app on the iOS platform. With over 100 free tracks from popular artists including Lady Gaga, Linkin Park & My Chemical Romance and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, it’s surely Christmas come early for all Tap Tap Revenge fans!


Angry Birds Seasons is Now Available for iPhone and iPad

December 3, 2010 — by Simon Ng4


As Christmas is around the corner, Rivio has announced the Christmas edition of Angry Birds named “Angry Birds Seasons”. The app comes with a seasonal theme and new levels. It is now available on App Store and supports both iPhone and iPad.

From now on, every season is an Angry Birds season. After the special treats of Halloween, Angry Birds Seasons returns with another gift that keeps on giving: Season’s Greetings for the Holidays!

Count down the 25 days of Christmas with Angry Birds!
Frolic in the fun new levels in a snow-filled winter wonderland!
A very merry Golden Egg full of holiday spirit!

The app is a free upgrade for those that purchased Angry Birds Halloween. In case you haven’t purchased the Halloween version, it’ll just cost you $0.99 to get the Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone, while the iPad version costs $1.99.


Smurfs’ Village for iPhone and iPad: Is It Smurfy?

November 30, 2010 — by Gary Hidalgo1


Although better known for the popular ‘80s Hanna Barbera cartoon series, “The Smurfs” that was a Saturday morning success story with kids, including this kid (back then), the small blue creatures called Smurfs had their origins in a comic strip by Belgian cartoonist Peyo as far back as the late 1950s.

Now the Smurf’s are hitting the iPhone and iPad with Smurfs’ Village from Capcom Interactive. What’s more, both versions are free with the option to speed up your progress by buying in-app content like more Smurfberries, a mainstay in the eponymous series that the Smurfs were obsessed with but here can speed up time so buildings can go up in a second along with crops, among other things.


5 Addictive iPhone Games to Kill Boredom

November 20, 2010 — by Megha Bassi3



The iPhone offers you some great ways to kill time with the vast number of fun games on the App Store. If you’re bored of TapDefense or Angry Birds which we reviewed earlier, here are five more iPhone games which will keep your palms glued to your iphone till your thumbs fall off.

1. Jailbreaker

A very simple and neat application. The character escapes from a jail and is running while trying to avoid the obstacles by sliding under them or jumping over. Be careful cause one mistake and the game is over. The distance covered while running is measured by the app so every new game you play is a competition against the last score. Beware of the buzz saw.


Dragon’s Lair is More Retro Gaming on the iPad/iPhone

November 14, 2010 — by Gary Hidalgo0


When Dragon’s Lair came out in the early 1980s from Cinematronics, the laserdisc video game was housed in a bulky cabinet that also held a Pioneer LD-V1000 or PR-7820 laserdisc player. Try to imagine that the discs themselves were not the size of today’s CDs and DVDs but the size of old-time vinyl record albums. It was also quite a strain in resources to move between animation sequences as dictated by game play on a format that while good in quality was meant more for playing movies straight through from start to finish.

Now fast forward to today and Dragon’s Lair for iPhone ($0.99) and Dragon’s Lair HD for iPad ($4.99) both from Dragon’s Lair LLC. Both versions are faithful recreations of the original, cleaning up and remastering the original’s sounds and graphics as well as adapting it to touch/tap controls.


Review: Retro RPG “Sword of Fargoal” for iPhone

October 31, 2010 — by Gary Hidalgo0


sword of fargoal“Sword of Fargoal” has a long history stretching back to the early 1980s with its “rougelike” ancestor, also called “Sword of Fargoal,” as well as the ASCII-based computer RPG game “Rogue” from where the term “rougelike,” used to describe games with turn-based moves, random replayability, and permanent death, came from. “Sword of Fargoal” made such an impression on computer gaming fans that it made the list of “Top 150 Best Video Games of All Time” in Computer Gaming World’s anniversary issue.

I clearly remember playing “Sword” over countless sleepless weekends (we weren’t allowed to play video games on weekdays) trying to reach the ultimate 20th level, and now this venerable dungeon crawler brings a sense of nostalgia, updated graphics, and the same random, overhead view game play with its triumphant return, courtesy of developer Fargoal LLC, to the iPhone/iPod touch as “Sword of Fargoal” (Cost: $3.99) and the iPad as the big screen “Sword of Fargoal Legends” (Cost: $6.99).


A Blast From the Past, Mr. Bill for iPhone!

October 22, 2010 — by Jamie Mack0


Oh how nostalgic, and old I felt when I saw that Capcom had brought good ole Mr. Bill to the iPhone. For those of you who aren’t old enough to remember, and/or too lazy to check out the link above, Mr. Bill was a recurring character in one of the many skits on Saturday Night Live back in the late 70’s. Mr. Bill would go on from SNL to great fame, becoming commercial spokesman for several different companies and even briefly had his own TV show. Of course, things never went very well for Mr. Bill; whatever his endeavors, he eventually found misfortune which often(almost always) led to his seeming death in various unspeakable ways. Dismemberment, crushing, eaten alive, you name it, it’s happened to Mr. Bill.