Waterproof iPhone with 0.25mm Case Marine

May 23, 2012 — by Sette Capati3


Beaches, sand, sun and tan… plus your iPhone – of course who could forget to their iDevice in this digital age?

Wherever you are, whatever you do the smartphone will stick to you like glue, and if you want to keep your iPhone waterproof, you better check out this cool 0.25 mm marine case. It will save your precious phone from water damage. This has been a concern for smartphone manufacturers and customers.


iCache Geode: An iPhone Case to Replace Your Wallet

May 17, 2012 — by Seuli B.0


I’m sure you all must be carrying multiple credit, debit and loyalty cards in your wallet since it’s a necessity, whenever you go shopping. However, at the same time you must be intimidated with thoughts of misplacing or losing one or more of your valuable cards. You like many others must be looking for secure ways to handle financial transactions that are safe as well as seamless.

So here comes Geode from iCache Inc. (the premier global technology leader in the mobile payments industry) introducing their pioneering Digital Wallet for the iPhone. Interestingly, Geode is the winner for Mobile Application and Mobile CE at CTIA E-Tech Awards based on innovation, functionality, technological importance/impact, implementation and overall ‘WOW’ factor.

Geode from iCache for the first time brings the physical and virtual worlds together for mobile payment.


TidyTilt: iPhone Smart Cover That Doubles Up As Earbud Holder

January 9, 2012 — by Gaurav Kheterpal0


TidyTilt - SmartCover for iPhone 4SI’m in love with Kickstarter and I have no doubt that it’s the one source which produces the most innovative accessories for the iPhone and iPad. Having produced the amazing TouchFire keyboard overlay for the iPad, the CloudFTP USB data transfer solution and the  GoPano micro lens, I wasn’t sure what they would come up with next. It’s TidyTilt – a smart cover for your iPhone 4s that also serves as a kickstand, mount and earbud holder.


Top Five iPhone Cases from Japan

November 20, 2011 — by Simon Ng8


This is a guest post from FlutterScape to share with us the popular iPhone cases from Japan.

Japanese products are often known for their exemplary design and high quality. They also have a reputation for sometimes being wacky. iPhone cases from Japan are no exception.

On FlutterScape, an online catalogue for all things from Japan, iPhone cases are one of the most popular product categories. Browsing FlutterScape’s selection of cases reveals an interesting variety of styles, designs, and materials. Based on a combination of sales data and community feedback these are the five most popular iPhone cases from Japan: