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5 Tips to Make the Most of iPhone 5’s Camera

May 17, 2013 — by Simon Ng2

This is a guest post from Archie.

Yeah, the iPhone 5 is out of its league when compared to Android flagships this year. The quad-core devices have multiplied and feature the latest of what Qualcomm has to offer, an octa-core is threatening global domination, screens haven reached insane levels and Google’s Play Store is once again on the march. This time, it is within striking distance of actually overtaking Apple’s App Store.

The future is bleak for Apple’s flagship, the iPhone 5. Indeed, last year’s flagship should not be fighting this year’s slew of powerful flagships. It’s just not fair. Anyway, as the saying goes, all is fair in love and war and for the iPhone 5 this is very much a war.

Here are smart tricks which you can use to increase the productivity of your iPhone 5’s camera and increase your patience while waiting for the iPhone 5S and not selling your iPhone and jumping-ship to Android.

1. Use the Lockscreen to Take Pictures

You can actually open the Camera app and take a picture while the device is locked. All you have to do is to tap the home button while your iPhone 5 is locked and a camera icon will appear on the screen. Tap that and the Camera app will launch. This is great for sudden picture-perfect moments.

iOS 5.1 Camera Shortcut 2

2. Shoot Pictures While Recording Video

This is a very useful feature for providing screenshots of the video you’re shooting. Just tap the camera icon at the top right corner of your screen while shooting a video to take pictures simultaneously. The best part is your recording won’t stop as your iPhone 5 takes pictures.

3. Use Your Earphones to Shoot Pictures

If you found the iPhone 5’s onscreen camera button to be unresponsive or you’re just not used to it, you can use the volume up button on your headset or the volume up on the device itself to snap a picture. How convenient is that?

Headphone as iPhone camera

4. Capture High Quality Photos Using Accessories

The good thing about iPhones is that the list of available accessories is just endless. Consider adding a detachable lens to your list of iPhone 5 accessories. You can use the added lens to produce much better pictures that are almost on par with DSLRs and mile ahead of the competition. Not that the image quality of the iPhone 5’s camera is subpar, it is even better than its competitors, but then the added quality wouldn’t hurt either. Olloclip is one of the great add-on for your iPhone camera.

5. A Shared PhotoStream Is the Way to Go

Sharing pictures has never been easier than with PhotoStream. With this app, you can set up a shared photo folder on your iPhone and add the pictures that you want your select subscribers to see, comment and like. You can activate PhotoStream on your iPhone 5 by going to Settings > Photos and Camera. There, toggle to ON both “My Photo Stream” and “Shared Photo Streams.”

iShoot You All

And here we go again to the crux of the matter. While the newer flagships, save the HTC One, flaunt cameras with higher megapixels (Sony Xperia Z, and LG Optimus G Pro) and cameras with many features (Samsung Galaxy S4), the iPhone 5 trumps the others through superior image quality and features that just work and are not too gimmicky. I say, don’t sell your iPhone 5 just yet.

The iPhone 5 might be outdated, but then, although out of its league against these new flagships it is still pretty iconic and still a solid contender for your money.

The iPhone 5’s camera, too, is just awesome.

This post is contributed by Archie, a tech blogger and an environmentalist who writes for an
e-waste recycling company,


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