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Boxer For iPhone: Deal With Emails Like Never Before

February 12, 2014 — by Adeel Qayum2


There’s no shortage of options when it comes to email clients for iOS, and many of them are preferred over the native email offering. For those of you looking for something different, Boxer (formerly known by the name Taskbox) offers something different by offering a whole tool set to deal with emails.

The app basically allows you to take control of your mailbox through the use of tools and swiping gestures. The co-founder Jason Shellen says the focus of the app is more on the management and response aspect.

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How to Track Important Emails on iOS 6 Mail app

October 4, 2012 — by Sette Capati0


Take control of flooding emails with our how-to-guide. We know how busy you are with your iOS devices. The iOS Mail app is the busiest app ever. I bet. Probably, while reading this entry, another email comes in, and until the numbers flash hundred plus mails. That’s just the .ME account, how about the other email clients such as Google, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail?

We use the Mail app to communicate to our friends, colleagues, business partners and family. Since the debut of iOS 6, the Mail app tweaked with new interface and features such as the VIP. If you’re receiving tons of emails on your iOS devices, you might want to tone down the frequency with this simple tweak. You can track the important emails for later perusal using the flag option.


Send Emails Into The Future With FutureMail Jailbreak Tweak

July 22, 2012 — by Sette Capati0


There’s a new jailbreak tweak that allows users to send future mails using the iOS device, so there’s no reason for you to forget the birthdays of your friends, reminders and meetings. FutureMail was developed by Camory182, and if you’re having a hard time remembering dates, you can send an email in your personal inbox.

We experience fast-paced lives and sometimes we are guilty of forgetting those memorable dates. And the smartest way to remember birthdays, graduations, meetings, and weddings is the use of Calendar and Reminders. In a futuristic sense, we give credit to Camory182 with his idea of FutureMail tweak.


Improve Multi-Selection Feature in Mailbox Using Check Jailbreak Tweak

July 15, 2012 — by Sette Capati1


Tired of deleting your emails one by one? Well, if your iOS device is your lifeline on checking mails and daily events, probably you are bombarded with lots of them. And if you set your mailbox on Push Notification, the stock multi-selection function is all you need. However, we found a better way to enhance this function.

It won’t take you long with this jailbreak tweak called “Check.” We know how annoying it is to tap messages one by one when deleting read or unsolicited emails. This tweak provides a practical solution to delete those messages using the multi-selection function.


Swipe for Mail: Add Swiping Gestures To Mail App

May 23, 2012 — by Adeel Qayum1


There are so many apps and tweaks that let users customize the device to give it a boost without being limited to the functions Apple originally designed the iDevices for due to the jailbreaking of iOS devices. Each day, we get to know about 2-3 new tweaks which shows how enthusiastic the developers are. Today, we will talk about the Swipe for Mail Cydia tweak that allows you to swipe left and right on emails in Mail app to see the next email or go to the previous one.


AwayFind for iPhone: Improve Productivity, Get Notified Of Priority Emails!

August 3, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal0


AwayFind logoI get hundreds of emails every day. I use my iPhone several times throughout the day to check and respond to any important emails. However, I strongly believe that checking my Inbox frequently actually reduces my productivity. On the contrary, I can’t turn off push notifications for email due to the sheer volume of mails I receive. Therefore, I needed a solution which would do away with the hassle of checking of my Inbox regularly and yet keep me informed of any urgent emails. I stumbled across AwayFind and with what I’ve seen so far, it looks good for my email needs.

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iOS 4.3 Tip: iPhone Vibrates Twice for new SMS, Once for Email

March 17, 2011 — by Megha Bassi1


IMG 0205iOS 4.3 has silently updated the vibration alert for text messages on iPhone. The arrival of new email is marked by a single vibration and that of a text by two consecutive vibrations. If you have already upgraded your iPhone to iOS 4.3, then chances are that you might have already noticed this change. Perhaps this was one of the undocument changes. We surely missed it in our otherwise comprehensive list of all new features in iOS 4.3.

Personally, I really like this change. I can now tell apart Emails and SMS while my iPhone is still inside my pocket.

Users with Jailbroken iPhones have had this feature to customize vibration notifications for a while thanks to a few paid apps from Cydia. It’s great to see Apple working on better notification management. However, this is just a small change. What we really want changed in iOS 5 is the way alerts are delivered. One alert at a time needs to go.

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Why Gmail using Microsoft Exchange is better on Your iPhone/iPad

March 7, 2011 — by Megha Bassi35


Iphone gmail ms exchange 1A lot of iPhone and iPad users are not aware of the advantages of setting up GMail using Microsoft Exchange. It’s actually because everytime you try to add a new email account you are lured by the Gmail symbol leading to the default configuration.

Even though firmware versions 1.1.3 and later configure IMAP by default and not POP, there are some features you still don’t get access to. Push email and offline messages are two most important features I see lacking. I travel a lot and Push email is a must have for me as I need to stay updated in realtime. I don’t remember ever manually checking email on my iPhone in the past two years. Full instructions to setup Gmail via Exchange after the break.


Gmail’s Priority Inbox Arrives on iPhone

February 8, 2011 — by Megha Bassi1


Priority inbox iphone

Smartphones are only getting smarter day by day. A few years ago one couldn’t have imagined how much of one’s daily computing tasks can be accomplished on mobile devices with such small screens. Google has just added Priority Inbox to the Gmail webapp for iPhone in order to help users better manage email. Users who receive large volumes of emails everyday will appreciate this a lot.

You will be able to access this feature by accessing Gmail in Safari on any of your iOS devices. Google is doing a really great job with its webapp. We really wish it would release a dedicated mail app soon for the iOS platform.