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Fake GPS Lets You Spoof Locations at Your Wish

October 27, 2013 — by Xin Chan2


Do you feel frustrated when you could not or forgot to check-in at memorable scenery or restaurants while you just can’t do it back date with apps like Instagram or Foursquare? Now here’s a jailbreak tweak for you.

Fake GPS is an recently released Cydia App which you can change your iPhone or iPad’s current location as per your wish. After setting a fake location with just a long hold and press on a map view, all enabled location-based apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, Wechat, etc on your device immediately identify and believe you are there. As per the developer, by changing your location, you can protect your location privacy, get around the location specific locks that some apps put in place to prevent you from viewing content in certain regions. Go where you have never been before, and meet people there, in a second.

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Spapa Tweak Lets You Spy on Recent Apps and Folder Usages

October 24, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


Do you ever feel uncomfortable and insecure when you lend over your phone to your friends? And they used your iPhone and browse through things in apps and folders but you couldn’t have the knowledge and information on what they looked at and messed around?

Now here is the tweak that you have been locking for long. It is called Spapa developed by ToolPod. The tweak basically allows you to record, check and report on not only the apps usages since you start recording, but also folder opened which is really cool.

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FreeSpaceCam Adds Capacity and Battery Status to iOS Camera App

October 21, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


If you are fond of iphoneography like me, you will always find your iPhone’s storage precious especially with the basic 16GB model. It is disturbing at the moment that you find your phone running out of space when you want to take a video or some photos for some memorable moments. It is also a bad moment when you find not only insufficient space on your device but it is also running out of battery juices. To gain such visibility on storage space and battery life before you take pictures and videos with your stock Camera app, a newly released Cydia tweak called FreeSpaceCam is adding these into the Camera interface for your convenience.

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Arco Cydia Hack Shows Play Progress On Status Bar

October 18, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


Are you getting sick and bored of the play indicator on status bar as it provides no more than play or pause status of your music app? Now, A3tweaks recently released a new tweak called Arco that gives it a refreshment that it can even show where you are staying with your currently playing music.

This tweak was co-written and designed by Jack Willis (@J_W97) and well know iOS designer Sentry (@Sentry_NC). It aims at enhancing and providing a new level of usefulness of the iOS Play indicator. It adds a beautifully unobtrusive track progress indicator right on your status bar.

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Hide Lockscreen Notification Contents with ‘PushPrivacy’

October 17, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


Everyone loves to have their privacy protected on their phone especially messages, conversations and emails. However, unless you turn off the notification from showing in the lockscreen in the iOS Settings App one by one, which is very tedious, and lock down the apps with some Cydia tweaks, it won’t be possible to prevent people from looking at the previews of push notification when the device has been waken. In addition, this is somehow blocking yourself from convenience of knowing an notification has come in, which is not very practical and making good sense.

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Easily Reply Text Messages with Anemo

October 16, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


There have been a number of text message quick reply tweaks such as BiteSMS, iRealSMS, Messages+, etc. Well known developer A3tweaks released earlier in September that offers a minimalistic way of Quick Reply for iOS.

The design of this tweak looks really alike to the one in iOS 7 concept presented before the official release. And indeed, as mentioned by the developer, it comes from the concept and mockup from Sentry here.

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SevenCenter Brings iOS 7 Notification Center to older iOS versions

October 15, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


It has been a really hard decision to upgrade a jailbroken device to iOS 7 without Cydia possible to be installed at the moment. However, thanks to many developers’ efforts, there are tons of choices available in the market that allows you to tweak your jailbroken iPhone or iPad into much alike iOS 7.

For those who are still staying devices on iOS 6 series and happy with their jailbreaks may be also eager to get iOS 7 only designs and functionalities running by installing Cydia Tweaks and Winterboard themes, here comes a new jailbreak tweaks that really transform your Notification Center into the appearance exactly the same as what is having on iOS 7, thanks to the coding from Jonas Gessner (@JonasGessner) over the pas few days.


Remind Me: Get Reminders On Unlocking The Device Every Time

September 18, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum0


We recently covered an application that allows you to create time interval based reminders for tasks and lists, eliminating the chance that you miss out on anything important. Looks like such applications are being welcomed, perhaps which is the reason why the Cydia Store has already received a reminder based jailbreak app, but with a different functionality.

We are talking about the new Cydia tweak called Remind Me. Unlike YellingMom, which gives on alerts on pending tasks, the tweak allows you to create a reminder and displays it on the screen every time the device is unlocked. The user has to dismiss the tweak manually, so it’s a necessity to take a glimpse every time.


Voice Changer Hack Lets You Apply Voice Effects In iPhone Calls

September 14, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum0


Voice changing isn’t a new concept on smartphones, but most apps that are available for the purpose provide an option to make custom voice tones before a phone call is made. The new jailbreak app VoiceChanger goes one above by allowing users to change the voice during the call. It’s a pretty fascinating and fun app that brings multiple voice effects.


WaveOff: Wave Your Hand To Switch iPhone Screen On/Off

September 12, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum0


One of the features hailed among the smartphone community when Samsung Galaxy S4 was released was the wave gestures that makes use of the proximity sensor to turn on the screen. Now iOS users can enjoy the same feature with the new jailbreak tweak known as WaveOff.

This new Cydia tweaks use of the iPhone proximity sensor at the top of the green. Although it doesn’t empower users to control the elements of the screen or unlock the device with a gesture, it does have its fair share of use.