Slingshot By Facebook Lets You ‘Sling’ Moments With Friends

Facebook is making great strides in the mobile community. I am saying this because I am intrigued by the company’s newly released iOS app – Slingshot. It’s going to be a tough competitor for Snapchat and Facebook has been above (or up to par) with the design. The basic function of the app is to […]

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SymbolGram Lets You Add Patterns, Texts and Shapes To Images

Bored of seeing your photos in the usual, old shape? Then you need something that places your images in objects such as bottles and screens. SymbolGram is an iOS app that does exactly that, and it is quite easy to use. Though you won;t get a plethora of effects after installing it, you still get […]

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Moju: Create and Share Images With Motion

You’ve seen photo-editing apps like Rock Your Photos. You’ve seen the likes of Instagram and Vine. But trust me on this; you’ve never seen an app like Moju and what it does to your photos. This new iOS app lets you take images in intervals or bursts and then create a single photo out of […]

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App Review: Speaky for the Lazy Reader Dictates Texts and Articles

I’m a self-confessed bookworm. Every weekend you’ll find me reading new books and e-books to finish my annual reading list. While I prefer reading on pages (and on the tablet) I tried this experiment to see how far I can go with articles and blog posts, too. But this time, instead of reading, it’ll be […]

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Marco Polo Lets You Find Your iPhone By Shouting Marco

How many times have you left your iPhone at a spot where you can’t seem to find it? Under cover while sleeping, in the bonnet while driving. Etc. If this happens to you often, then you need a clue to where you might have placed it. For this reason, I recommend you to try the […]

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Listn: Keep Up With Music Discovers With This Intriguing App

Admit it! It has happened to you before. I am taking about missing out/not remembering songs suggested by your friends or other sources, and even that catchy track you heard on radio last week. Ideally you would be running to the Notes app on your iPhone to write down the name of the song or […]

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Roundup: 15 iOS 8 Features That You Should Know

The rumor mill is now pacified as Apple has finally released the official features of iOS 8 with more goodies and overhauls in store for developers and end-users. At the WWDC event, which started June 2, 10:00 AM Pacific time (June 3, 1:00 AM, Hong Kong time), Tim Cook and the other Apple executives took […]

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Quipo Creates A Beautiful Bond Between Your Photos and Text

Facebook and Instagram have given a boost to the popularity of images featuring typography. The increase is reflected in the availability of iPhone apps that allow you to elaborate images with texts, which could create a funny meme, or even something more inspirational. While there are several such offerings available, with Overgram serving as an […]

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Smacky Cars: You Thought There’s Only Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was taken off from App Store by the developer Dong Nguyen a few months ago. He was earning $50,000 a day, but cited the fame received from this game as the reason for taking it down. But just as we thought, Flappy Bird will be making a comeback in August (change of mind […]

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Winston App Tells You Stories From Social Feeds and News Sites

Smartphone users are always looking for new ways to interact with their devices. One of the ways discovered in recent times was to have a conversation with your smartphone or make it read out something aloud. Apple picked up the vibe with Siri, while Samsung, Google, and others followed suit later. Then the developers released […]

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Swarm app for iOS

Swarm Comes To iOS: Keeps You Updated On Friends Nearby

What if your iPhone could create stronger friendship bonds? Swarm is a new iOS application released by the Foursquare that does something that we haven’t seen before. It’s kinda like Foursquare, but with lots of new features that let you and your friends catch up by finding new places to check in, discovering new events, […]

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Vibrantly Is An iPhone App Foodies Will Love

You devour food photography. But you don’t like your food going cold while you upload, share and edit images. You wish there was an app that lets you edit photos in a single tap so you can spend more time eating than snapping and editing images. Vibrantly brings good news. It’s an app that was […]

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Driving Curve App: Improve Your Driving Skills and Behavior

What if your iPhone could tell you how well you’re driving? When Apple first released it along with debuting iOS in 2007, we could only imagine such a thing, but iOS app development community has come a long way since, releasing apps that could depict how well you’re driving. Driving Curve is one such application. […]

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Bondsy App: A New Way for Friends to Trade Things

Planning to buy something online? The usual sites that’ll pop up in your mind include Amazon, eBay and OLX. While these sites offer a wide audience to sell to as well as loads of products to buy from, they have a fair share of drawbacks. For example, they don’t provide many details about the seller […]

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