Molto Adds A Social Experience To Your Emails On iOS

The time we spend reading emails on smartphones is increasing every day. That is the reason why app developers keep releasing intriguing email clients like Boxer. Today I decided to check out Molto: a free client that brings a social-network-like experience on iDevices. The app offers most email providers including AOL, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Gmail […]

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Copybin: Transfer Files and Text Between Mac and iOS Instantly

I recently wrote about Filedrop, an app that lets iOS users transfer files between Macs, PCs and iOS devices over WiFi. Such apps are a necessity for anyone dealing with files on different platforms as the iOS by its very nature comes with limited cross-platform functionality. While solutions like Flipdrop might be good for transferring […]

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Weightless App Lets You Keep Track Of Your Weight At All Times

Summers are quickly approaching, which means many of us will be interested in keeping track of our weight and keeping it minimum in order to look our best in the skin-baring season. While a weigh scale was typically the companion when it came to weight tracking, weight trackers on smartphone have took over in recent […]

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Mentor For iPhone Adds A Social Dimension To Routine Activities

Do you have a hard time waking up early? Are you not able to keep up with your exercise routine? Mentor is an iPhone app that lets you establish a routine towards these and other activities, by adding a social dimension to the mix. It makes you a part of a vibrant community of people […]

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FileDrop: Share Files Between iOS Devices, Macs and PCs Over WiFi

AirDrop works great for sharing between iOS devices, but it doesn’t let you share these files to Mac or PC, or share files between the two. Filedrop is an iOS app that lets you send files between a Mac and a PC, two Macs or two PCs over WiFi. You can share images from your […]

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Mingle App

Mingle Makes Your iPhone Contacts More Functional & Interactive

The default Contacts app on iOS works pretty well for storing contact information and searching contacts. But that’s the only functionality there is to it. You can’t perform any custom actions or launch them based on your contacts list. Mingle is a new gesture based application that lets you tweet, email, chat and message a […]

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Splitr: Listen To Two Different Tracks With Your Earphones

How many times have you been asked to share music by borrowing one side of your earphone? There are several instances when this might be required, such as on a road trip with your best bud, or even during a family marathon. However, there is the issue of playing songs that both you and the […]

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Traveling Tunes: Be In Control Of Your Music While Driving

iPhones can now be connected to cars so that consumers can listen to music while driving, but it can be inconvenient to play/pause music, switch between songs and manage the volume while keeping eyes on the road. Traveling Tunes is a new app that puts an end to this nuisance by letting you perform all […]

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Douglas Photo Calculator: Take The Guesswork Out Of Great Photography

Creating high-quality photos translates into a lot of time and dedication. Some professional photographers even spend months to calculate key metrics to deliver consistent and creative results with long exposure and other tricky shots. These calculations do take long, but there are instances when you are time poor to make these calculations before taking a […]

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Notegraphy: Convert Your Text Snippets Into Visual Masterpieces

There are plenty of apps that allow for exciting endeavors when it comes to art. From gesture-based filters to object overlays and everything in between, iOS devices are being increasingly utilized by amateur artists, designers and professionals alike to create stunning visuals. However, most of these effects were limited to images and Instagram Photos, until […]

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Union App: Create Distinctive Works Of Art By Layering Images

Are you getting tired of single-subject pictures? Do you want to see a giant baby tricycle down the road? Or a Godzilla sized Apple lying down the streets? Luckily through the editing effects offered by the newly released Union app for iOS 7, making these types of combinations through blending and masking is now a […]

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Patience is a Great iOS Winterboard Theme to Expect This Month

I have been out of touch with the blog for over a month but it does not mean that I am away from the community, particularly trying out new cool themes. And recently I got myself hands on a cool theme called Patience Patience is brand new WinterBoard theme for iPhone that is currently in […]

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App Review: Pixel Hunter for iPhone and iPad brings Back 90’s Game Concepts

One of the 90’s kids delights today despite the growing number of complex concepts of HD games is to find something that brings back memories of the family computer games. I grew up playing Super Mario, Contra, Atari games, Street Fighter, Rockman and among others until dawn while my mother angrily shouts at me asking […]

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InnerList Is An All-In-One Todo, Lists & Reminders App

There are some great iOS applications for creating notes and reminders, including the native Notes and reminder app for iPhone. However, if you’re looking to create and combine reminders, notes and to-do lists, then you need to check out InnerList. This app lets you create three types of items; notes, people for associating notes with […]

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