Google Goggles – Search the Web by Photos

Text based search is the most prominent search available on the internet these days. Most search engines, with the exception of a few specialized ones, require text input to be able to crawl their databases for hits on the topic. Google Goggles is a new application, now available for the Android operating system, that allows […]

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Use WiFiPhoto To Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer Wirelessly

How do you transfer the photos on iPhone to your computer? I guess most of you rely on iTunes to sync the photos from iPhone to your PC/Mac via the dock or USB cable. With a sleek and simple interface, WiFiPhoto app lets you transfer photos from iPhone to your computer wirelessly. No docking or […]

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WallDock Charger for iPhone and iPod

Are you looking for an additional iPhone charger as your travel companion or for your home use? The WallDock charger, developed by DLO, may be your choice. The wall-mounted dock offers a cable-free charging solution that lets you get rid of cables, so you can give your iPhone or iPod a safe and secure place […]

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How To Download Dragon Dictation App for iPhone Even if You’re Not From U.S.

Yesterday, I covered the Dragon Dictation App, a great speech-to-text application for iPhone. Many iPhone users love it after viewing the demo video and would like to try it out. The catch, however, is it’s only available on US App Store. Hopefully, it’ll be rolled out to App Store in other countries soon. But I […]

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Dragon Dictation Comes to iPhone and It’s Free (for Limited Time)

If you’re in search of a decent voice recognition application on iPhone, here it is. Dragon Dictation, a popular speech to text software on PC, is now available on iPhone and it’s completely free. Powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology, Dragon Dictation allows you to easily speak and instantly translates the speech to text. As the […]

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15 Great Christmas Gifts for iPhone Lovers

No matter you’re making your own shopping list for Christmas or you’re shopping a present for your friends or lover who love iPhone, we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 gift picks for iPhone lovers: 1. iPhone 3GS (US$199 or up) Have you or your friend upgraded to the iPhone 3GS? Probably, it’s time to […]

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Square Turns iPhone Into a Credit Card Payment System

Here is another awesome innovation of iPhone that further proves “There is an app for that!”. On Tuesday, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey announced his new venture, Square, that lets anyone with an iPhone to accept credit card payment: “The basic idea behind Square is that everyone has this little plastic device in their pocket today, […]

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Classy iPhone Case with Swarovski Bling

Are you shopping around for a new iPhone case? There is no shortage of iPhone cases that offer extra protection for your iPhone. But to differentiate your iPhone case from the crowd, you should check out this luxury iPhone case with Swarovski bling from DSStyles. It’s simply perfect as a Christmas gift. Named as DS. […]

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Beautiful SnowFall Widget to Make Your iPhone Snow

The SnowFall Widget is a great hack for your phone that lets it snow in the background wallpaper. It works on both springboard and lock screen. Of course, the hack requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone and with Winterboard installed. But it’s completely free. Simply go to Cydia and search for “SnowFall”. You should […]

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12 Days of Christmas Promotion – Free iTunes Giveaways

Apple has just announced a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion in UK. Starting from December 26, Apple is going to offer free songs, music videos, apps, TV episodes and films on a daily basis until January 6. Each free download will be valid for 24 hours only. For more information about the promotion, you can […]

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Fast Reader Lets You Read RSS News Right From iPhone Lock Screen

With the introduction of Cydget, which allows developers and web designer to take control of the lock screen, we’re seeing more and more widgets available for customizing the lock screen. Just do a simple search in cydia with the term “cydget”, you should find lots of cydget-enabled widgets available for download. Not all cydgets are […]

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Tweetie 2 for iPhone Updated with List and GeoLocation Support

Among all the Twitter clients for iPhone, Tweetie 2 is my favorite. This great twitter app gets even better and hits the App Store with v2.1 update. The new version comes with the support of List, a new feature introduced by Twitter recently. It also adds a geolocation feature that lets user to mark the […]

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Fring Brings Free Video Call to iPhone and iPod Touch

Video calling is one of most anticipated features for iPhone. Sooner or later, Apple will bundle this feature in the upcoming generations of iPhone. But on Monday, Fring has taken a giant step forward to bring the world’s first video calls over Internet to iPhone and iPod Touch. Best of all, it’s completely free. With […]

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SnapTap Allows You To Take Photos Using iPhone’s Volume Control Button

The camera app on iPhone only allows you to use the on-screen touch button to snap a photo. I’m sure some of you do not like this design, particularly when you’re taking picture in landscape orientation. The developer of SnapTap targets to offer iPhone user a better way to take pictures. With SnapTap, it lets […]

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