Fring Brings Free Video Call to iPhone and iPod Touch

Video calling is one of most anticipated features for iPhone. Sooner or later, Apple will bundle this feature in the upcoming generations of iPhone. But on Monday, Fring has taken a giant step forward to bring the world’s first video calls over Internet to iPhone and iPod Touch. Best of all, it’s completely free. With […]

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SnapTap Allows You To Take Photos Using iPhone’s Volume Control Button

The camera app on iPhone only allows you to use the on-screen touch button to snap a photo. I’m sure some of you do not like this design, particularly when you’re taking picture in landscape orientation. The developer of SnapTap targets to offer iPhone user a better way to take pictures. With SnapTap, it lets […]

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1Password Pro for iPhone is Now Free for Download Until Dec 1st

To celebrate the release of 1Password 3 for Mac, Agile Web Solution is now offering you a free gift for you. The 1Password Pro for iPhone, originally costs US$7.99, is now free for download until Dec 1st. 1Password Pro is a very useful iPhone app when you have a lot of passwords to remember. It […]

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Swype Versus iPhone Typing: Can You Type Faster Than Swypist?

On Monday, Techcrunch has posted a video that showed a side-by-side comparison of typing on the Omnia II versus on an iPhone. Omnia II from Samsung is the first touch-screen phone integrated with Swype technology. For starter, Swype is a faster and easier way of typing for on-screen keyboard. The patented technology can apply on […]

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Refurbished iPhone 3GS: Only $49 at AT&T

As we are approaching the holiday season, we’ll see more great deals. Here is one for U.S. customer: AT&T is now offering refurbished 16GB iPhone 3GS for $49 for new customers. What’s more is that it includes free overnight shipping and free activation. The refurbished iPhone 3GS comes with the same warranty as the new […]

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Google Enhances Mobile Movie Search for iPhone and Android

On Tuesday, Google streamlined its mobile search to provide mobile users with more detailed search results for movies. The enhanced mobile search supports iPhone, Palm WebOS and devices running Android. For iPhone users, simply launch the mobile Safari and point it to Search for “movies” and then tap on the “More Movies” link. Google […]

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Apple Black Friday Sale, Don’t Miss this One-Day Shopping Event!

Today, what so called the “Black Friday” in U.S., is a special day for Apple’s online store. Apple is holding a special one-day-only shopping event. You’ll find lots of discounted products including iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone accessories, iPod, Apple TV, Time Capsule, etc on its online Store. For Australia and New Zealand customers, you are […]

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ZAGGSkins for iPhone: 50% Off Sale Until Nov 30

Are you bored with the black/white body of your iPhone? Earlier, ZAGG, the maker of invisibleSHIELD, has launched ZAGGSkin to give your iPhone a personalized style, as well as, great screen protection. You can choose from over hundred of ZAGG-designed skins or upload your own image to create your own iPhone skin. No matter you […]

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Multifl0w for iPhone Offers Great Interface for Switching Between Background Apps

Backgrounder brings the multitasking ability to jailbroken iPhone. It’s a great hack for iPhone and lets you run iPhone app in the background. Aaron Ash, an iPhone developer, has released an interesting app named as Multifl0w that enhances the multitasking interface of backgrounder. Available via the Rock App, Multifl0w allows you to easily switching between […]

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Another Virus Attacks iPhone to Steal Sensitive Information

Just 2 weeks after the first iPhone virus was discovered, here comes to the third iPhone virus. And this one is serious. Unlike the first iPhone virus, which just changes the wallpaper of iPhone lock screen and is supposed to raise the public concern of iPhone security, this Dutch variant targets to steal sensitive information, […]

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Zosh: Sign Document Right On Your iPhone

Earlier, I got an email with a document attached that required me to sign back to complete a registration. So, in order to send back the signed form, here were the steps I did: 1. Download the attachment and print it out 2. Sign the document 3. Scan it back to the computer 4. Email […]

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Overboard – Another Exposé-like Application for iPhone Springboard

Do you remember the Orbit app for jailbroken iPhone that brings the Mac’s Expose feature to iPhone? It’s a great and fancy cydia app. Another iPhone developer Ryan Petrich, who is the creator of the Clippy app, has released a similar application called Overboard that allows you to switch between Springboard pages in Exposé style. […]

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Recorder 10 for iPhone Lets You Record Outgoing Phone Calls

“Is there any iPhone app that me record phone calls?” It’s a question I recently received from a reader. Probably you have the same question in your mind or the same need and in search of this kind of applications. With over 100,000 apps in iPhone App Store, there is an iPhone app called “Recorder […]

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How To Migrate iTunes Library to Your New Computer

Okay, you’ve bought a new computer. The next thing you need is to migrate the existing data from the old computer to the new one. As a regular user of iTunes, you may have a question: How can you backup all your songs, applications, movies in your iTunes library and move to the new computer? […]

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