How To Migrate iTunes Library to Your New Computer

Okay, you’ve bought a new computer. The next thing you need is to migrate the existing data from the old computer to the new one. As a regular user of iTunes, you may have a question: How can you backup all your songs, applications, movies in your iTunes library and move to the new computer? […]

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Turn Your iPhone Into Wireless Numeric Pad

NumPad, an iPhone app from Edovia Inc, targets to turn your iPhone into wireless numeric pad. For most laptop keyboards, they do not come with a numeric keypad. Or you have purchased Apple’s wireless keyboard, which does not include the numeric keypad. Then this iPhone app will be a great companion for you. NumPad connects […]

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Cydget – Add Widget to Your iPhone Lock Screen

Even with the release of iPhone 3.1.2 OS, Apple does not add any new features or customization for iPhone’s lock screen. What you get for the lock screen are a digital clock, a customizable wallpaper and an “Unlock” slider. That’s it. However, we think we can make a better use of the lock screen. Jay […]

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Apple Releases Two New iPhone Ads: Song and Gift

Apple has just rolled out two new TV commercials for iPhone: Song and Gift. Continued with the same theme “There is an app for that”, Apple highlights six applications in each commercial: Song Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals [iTunes link] – Priced at US$7.99, Jamie Oliver demonstrates 50 brand new recipes in the app. With […]

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Balloons App – Launch and Catch Balloons From Your iPhone

The application is simple but it’s cool and fun! The idea behind the Balloons app for iPhone is simple: Lets you launch virtual helium balloons from your iPhone to the world. You can write a message and attach a photo to a tag dangled below the balloon. Anyone using the Balloons app may catch your […]

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Use Undercover App to Recover Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

Some time ago, I’ve covered a new feature in MobileMe called “Find my iPhone” that helps you to locate your iPhone if it’s lost or picked up by someone else. Now, Orbicule, a Belgium company which develops theft-recovery app for the Mac, also brings an iPhone app named “Undercover” to help you recover your lost […]

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How to Fix: Notes App Does Not Save My Note After iPhone Jailbreak

In normal case, your iPhone should work properly after jailbreak. However, in some rare cases, you may encounter some unexpected problems. Other than the YouTube issue after blackra1n jailbreak, here is another problem reported by one of the readers: “I get to fix the youTube problem. but the Notes app is not working. Everytime I […]

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5 Essential Steps to Become an iPhone Developer

“iShoot’s developer admits that he made about US$600,000 in a single month for his iPhone game iShoot. This allows him to quit the day job and focus on iPhone development full-time.” (Source: Wired) “The iPhone game Trism earned the developer $250,000 in profits the first two months!” (Source: Business Insider) “Block, the developer of the […]

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PhoneBook – Turn iPhone into Interactive Picture Book for Children

Do you have children? You may like this great product for your children. Mobile Art Lab from Japan has come up with an innovated way to use iPhone by combining it with a traditional picture book called PhoneBook. As mentioned by the company, the goal of the product is to create a new parent-child communication […]

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You Can Now Watch Vimeo’s Video on iPhone and Android

I love YouTube but I also love the high quality videos on Same as other video sites, due to the lack of Flash support, you originally can’t view the vimeo videos on iPhone. But today, Vimeo announces a great news to iPhone and Andriod users on Twitter that the site now supports both iPhone […]

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Sparkz Introduces iPhone & iPod Dock Projector

Sparkz Products introduces the world’s first iPhone & iPod dock projector. Featuring up to 1024×768 resolution, 15 lumens brightness and a 3M LCoS lens, the projector allows you to slot your iPhone into the dock and play video directly projecting a 60″ viewing area in a dark room. The sparkz supports all models of iPhone […]

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The First iPhone Virus Targets Unsecured Jailbroken iPhone

In the previous post, I urged every jailbroken iPhone user to change the root password to avoid any malicious attack via SSH. Yesterday, it’s reported widely in the blogsphere that the world’s first iPhone virus debuts. And this virus targets to infect those unsecured jailbroken iPhones with SSH enabled and which are still using the […]

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How to Secure Your Jailbroken iPhone From SSH Hack

By jailbreaking your iPhone, it opens up lots of opportunities to add some amazing features that you’ll never find on a normal iPhone. Just quote a few examples, jailbreaking lets you use Winterboard to change the iPhone theme. Or you can use Twidget to view your tweet on lock screen. And, jailbreaking opens the door […]

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How To Enable Internet Tethering on iPhone After Blackra1n Jailbreak

Other than the YouTube, GPS, Wifi problems, some AT&T users reported they lose the Internet Tethering option after jailbreaking with blackra1n. If you haven’t heard of Internet Tethering, it’s a feature on iPhone that lets you share the 3G connection with your laptop (PC or Mac) to connect to the Internet. With tethering, your iPhone […]

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