NightShot for iPhone Lets You Take Better Photo at Night

While Apple has improved the iPhone’s camera on 3GS and pushing the resolution to 3M pixels, the quality of photos at low-light condition is still not good. It’s even worse if you’re using the older models of iPhone. The root reason is the lack of built-in flash on iPhone. However, there are other means to […]

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How To Use Nike+ Sensor with Non-Nike Shoe

Last time, we talked about using Nike+ to pair with iPhone 3GS to keep track your workouts. The problem is Nike+ sport kit officially can only be used with Nike+ compatible shoe, which has a pocket under the insole. It’s just too expensive to buy a brand-new pair of Nike+ shoe. So, how can you […]

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Running with iPhone 3GS and Nike+

You’re obsessed by the tons of iPhone games in App store, right? Let’s do something healthy with iPhone this week. With the release of iPhone 3GS, it includes a built-in Nike+ support to monitor your workouts. Like me, if you’re a regular runner, you’ll love this feature and use the iPhone to keep track your […]

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How to Enable Voice Control on iPhone 2G & 3G

Other than the “S”peed improvement, iPhone 3GS also comes with some unique features which are not available to the original iPhone models. One of them is the Voice Control that lets you make calls or play music by using your voice. For instance, simply speak to your iPhone and say “Call Simon”. iPhone recognizes the […]

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Azure: Great Winterboard Theme for iPhone

Monty, who constantly released awesome iPhone themes, has released another stunning iPhone theme named Azure. As he mentioned, Azure takes you back to a time when lying on the floor talking on the phone for hours, which is really fun. With the stunning and beautifully designed icons & wallpaper, you’ll definitely love the theme and […]

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Apple Brings iPhone’s Multi-Touch to Magic Mouse

On Tuesday, Apple quietly announced its product update. Along with the debut of a refreshed iMac lineup, faster Mac mini and updated Macbook with LED-backlit display, multi-touch trackpad and improved battery life, Apple also revamps its mighty mouse and brings us the world’s first multi-touch mouse named Magic Mouse. As an iPhone owner, you should […]

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Viper SmartStart: Use iPhone to Unlock and Start Your Car

Have you ever thought of using iPhone to unlock the car door or even start the engine? Now, there is an iPhone app for that. Viper SmartStart, developed by Directed Electronics, was released last week and covered widely around the blogsphere. Paired with its flagship Viper SmartStart system, the SmartStart app lets you remotely start […]

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iPhone Tech Talk World Tour 2009 for Developers

For those who are developing iPhone apps, Apple announces the iPhone Tech Talk World tour for you. The talk is target for iPhone developers and you’ll learn from Apple technology evangelists to share expert advice on how you can maximize the innovative technologies of iPhone OS within your apps. The talk will begin on Oct […]

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Can Apple Really Make iPhone 3GS Jailbreak-Proof?

Earlier, it’s widely reported that Apple is now shipping iPhone 3GS units which are jailbreak-proof, trying to end the cat and mouse game. The new iPhone units will come with a new bootrom that can resist to the existing jailbreak technique. Presently, jailbreaking relies on the so-called 24kpwn exploit that allows iPhone hackers to bypass […]

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Orbit – The Expose for Jailbroken iPhone is Now Available

A couple of weeks ago, Ocean Observations developed an interesting mockup that bring Mac’s Expose feature to iPhone. The design concept is to let you easily switch between pages in iPhone home screen. If you like the concept, here is the good news. Steve Troughton-Smith, who has already developed several great iPhone apps, has turned […]

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Possible Solution for Jailbreaking iPhone 3.1.2 on Windows

With the release of PwnageTool 3.1.4, the good news is you can upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1.2 and jailbreak it. The bad news is it’s just for Mac users. I’ve got tons of emails asking about how to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2 on Windows. Other than waiting for the release of redsn0w or sn0wbreeze (the Windows […]

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Possible Fix for Winterboard Problem After Blackra1n Jailbreak

Some iPhone users have reported that Winterboard doesn’t work after jailbreaking with blackra1n, the 30-second jailbreak tool developed by GeoHot. iPhone just can’t change theme in Winterboard. So, what’s the problem and how do you fix it? A reader (thanks, Rawsole!) has sent me a tweet for the possible fix. It looks like the problem […]

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Concept Video: What if iPhone Supports MultiTasking

Earlier, the Swedish design firm Ocean Observations showed us a design concept about Expose for iPhone. Now, it released another concept video to demonstrate how you can manage multitasks on iPhone. Don’t get me wrong. Multitasking support is one of the most requested features but iPhone doesn’t allow third-party apps to run in background for […]

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Search Google on iPhone with Options

Last Thursday, Google introduced a new feature called “Search Options” for mobile users including iPhone and other mobile handsets, including Android & Palm WebOS devices. You may already familar with this feature. Back in May, the “Search Options” was released to desktop users. With options, Google allows you to further refine the search results by […]

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