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How To Enable Video Mirroring for iPad and iPhone

April 11, 2011 — by Simon Ng7


Other than the thinner form factor and the introduction of camera, video mirroring is another exciting feature comes with the iPad 2 that lets you easily mirror what’s on your iPad onto HDTV. What’s great is that the mirroring feature works on all apps out of box. You can show your video, document or photos on an even bigger screen. What you need to do is to purchase Apple’s digital AV adapter, attach it to your iPad 2 and it works instantly.

The mirroring feature is pretty impressive however it is limited to iPad 2 owner only. Fortunately a hacker has found a solution to enable video mirroring feature on the iPad 1. Best of all the hack also works on other iOS devices including iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4G).

To use the hack and enable video mirroring, you need to have a jailbroken device running iOS 4.3.1. In case you haven’t jailbroken your device, you can check out our guide about how to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1.

If you’re ready, follow our detailed instructions after the break.


Ultrasn0w Unlock for iOS 4.3.1 Released by Dev-Team

April 10, 2011 — by Megha Bassi19


Ultrasn0w 121 to unlock ios 4 3 1 22After the Dev-Team had released the untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 on all iOS devices from iPhone to iPad(except iPad 2) their next objective was to update Ultrasn0w to work on iOS 4.3.1. They have finally achieved it, and after final testing Ultrasn0w 1.2.1 is now live in Cydia for us to download.

If you own an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G/3GS that is not factory unlocked, you can install Ultrasn0w to use it with any carrier. The only requirement is an iPhone running jailbroken iOS 4.3.1.

iPhone 4 users must take extra care while updating to iOS 4.3.1 as they need to prevent the baseband from upgrading. This update only brings iOS 4.3.1 support to basebands which could be unlocked earlier. So even now, only baseband version 01.59.00 can be unlocked on iPhone 4.

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Easier Way to Enable Multi-Touch Gestures for iPhone Running iOS 4.3.1

April 10, 2011 — by Simon Ng5


Earlier, we’ve written a guide to walk you through how you can enable multi-touch gestures for your iPhone. The procedures involve editing of plist files and you need to know about how to transfer file manually between the device and computer.

If you find the procedures a bit difficult for you, the release of MT Gestures hack on cydia may be an easier way to enable multi-touch gestures.

Full instructions to enable multi-touch gestures after the break.


Offmaps 2: Offline Map for iPhone and iPad

April 9, 2011 — by Jane Thomson1


When traveling, the map comes as among the most important items that a traveler can possess. With it, you can pinpoint the locations of tourist destinations, even map out your daily agendas based on the variety of routes in going to specific places. An iPhone application eliminates the need to purchase a map not just for one place, but for every possible destination around the world: Offmaps2.

Offmaps 2 is a comprehensive map repository, from which travelers can check out the different destinations of a particular country or location. Upon downloading, the app comes with a couple of free maps. Paying 99 cents gets you three maps, while shelling out $5.99 merits you the entire enchilada. This proves to be beneficial for people who travel a lot, say, going on a continental tour. Having a succession ensures that you won’t get lost in your travels.


Squabble 1.0 Released for iOS – Addictive Two Player Word Game

April 8, 2011 — by Megha Bassi2


Squabble logoDo you like playing word games? Can you quickly create words from a shuffled deck of characters? Does your vocabulary have enough long words to challenge other players? If the answer to any of these is yes, then you ought to be interested in Squabble, which is a brand new two player word game released in the App Store today.

Created by Retired Astronaut Collective, Squabble will really appeal to people who enjoy playing scrabble games like AbbleDabble or Words with Friends. “Squabble is an addictive gameplay with a twist. You’ll have fun and you just might learn a new word or two”. – said Chris Chuter, co-founder of the Retired Astronaut Collective.

You can play online against any of your Facebook friends or some random opponent. The game is available as a free download in the App Store to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. Learn more about this brand new word game after the break.


How to Jailbreak iPhone and iPad on iOS 4.3.1 using PwnageTool for Mac

April 8, 2011 — by Megha Bassi2


The Dev-Team has already released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad1 and AppleTV too. We have already shared a tutorial to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 using Redsn0w on Windows or Mac.

This guide, will show you how to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 using PwnageTool 4.3. This will only work on Macs. Windows users must use Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze. Here’s why you should use PwnageTool:

  • If you use Ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone 4, it is important that you do not upgrade your baseband while updating the iOS firmware version to 4.3.1. PwnageTool creates a custom IPSW which will preserve your baseband at 1.59.00 during update.
  • If you want to jailbreak Apple TV 2G, then this is the only tool that you can use.

Find the complete walkthrough with screenshots after the break.


HeyWire For iPhone: Send Free Text To Your Facebook Friends!

April 7, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal2


If you are an active Facebook user who loves sending a large number of text messages to your social media friends, there’s good news for you. HeyWire for iPhone now lets you send free texts to your Facebook friends for free. Not just that – you can use HeyWire to chat with friends on Facebook and GTalk as well as do group messaging with up to 10 friends.

Read on to know more about HeyWire.

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How to Enable Multi-Touch Gestures in iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad

April 6, 2011 — by Megha Bassi14


IMG 0288Remember the four and five finger multi-touch gestures shown off by Apple in the iOS 4.3 Beta for iPad. However, these features were only meant for the developers and never made it to the final public release of iOS 4.3.

Now, thanks to the folks at we have a way to enable multitouch gestures in iOS 4.3.1. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone 4/3GS, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 4.3.1 and some tweaking.

While this is not a very difficult tweak and anyone can enable multitouch gestures on their iOS device using this guide, I will advise you to backup your device in iTunes lest something go wrong. In case, you haven’t upgraded to iOS 4.3.1 read our previous guide to update and jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 using Redsn0w.

Full instructions to enable multi-touch gestures after the break.


Facebook App Updated with Map, Event Check-In and Unfriend Features

April 6, 2011 — by Simon Ng1


Just a day ago a new version of the official Facebook app has been rolled out to the App Store. The new app comes with several nice new features. These include:

  • a new map view for Places
  • the ability to Check in to Events that you’re attending
  • the ability to unfriend from the phone
  • an improved news feed
  • an improved notification UI

For those who love to share where you’re with your friends, Facebook app now allows you check-in to your event directly. Previously you can only do that via Facebook Places. MG Siegler from Techcrunch details how the event check-in works:


How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone 4 and 3GS using Redsn0w

April 5, 2011 — by Megha Bassi41


This Sunday, the latest untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 was released by the Dev-Team. Here we are, with the complete guide to jailbreak your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3G using Redsn0w.

The Dev-Team has also updated PwnageTool for Mac to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 but Redsn0w is not only available to both Windows and Mac users but also offers a faster jailbreak process since it does not require any custom IPSW to be created.

This guide can also be used to jailbreak the iPod Touch 4G and 3G and the iPad first generation. If you were putting off the update to iOS 4.3.1 on your device, due to the lack of a stable untethered jailbreak solution, your wait is now over.