Unlocked iPhone User: Please Remember Not to Update to iPhone 3.1

In less than 24 hours, Apple will kick off the “It’s Only Rock and Roll, But We Like It” special event. Bloggers and analysts speculate the announcement of new iPods in the event. Some also guessed that Apple will debut the iPhone OS v3.1. I’m not too sure if a new version of iPhone OS […]

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Loopt for iPhone Delivers Location Update in Background

Do you still remember Google Latitude, the web application developed by Google that lets you share your location with your friends or others? One problem of Google Latitude is it’s just a web application. That shouldn’t be a problem. When you do a search in App Store, there is no shortage of iPhone applications for […]

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How to Enable EDGE/APN Editing on Jailbroken iPhone

Since the release of iPhone 2.0, you’re allowed to edit APN settings for the cellular data network connection of your iPhone. Normally, you can access this setting by tapping Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network. However, as I know, not everyone can edit the APN setting, no matter you’re using EDGE or […]

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Change iPhone SMS Background with Winterboard

Are you bored with the default SMS background and balloon color? For jailbroken iPhone user, you can actually use Winterboard to apply different themes to skin the Message application. In Cydia, you can go to “Search” and then search for “sms”. You’ll locate ample cydia packages that allow you to change SMS background or bubbles. […]

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AT&T Announced MMS Support on iPhone 3G & 3GS

iPhone 3.0 brings us the ability to send and receive multimedia message (MMS). Like me, you’re probably enjoying this new feature and sending photos, videos or sharing contacts with your friends. However, there is a large group of user in United States awaiting the service. If you’re using AT&T, the exclusive carrier of iPhone in […]

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Rob the Apple Store in 31 Seconds: Can MobileMe’s “Find My iPhone” Help?

On Wednesday, five masked men smashed through a window of an Apple store in New Jersey and took away 23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods in half a minute. As reported by CourierPostOnline, the incident occurred on Sep 3 at around 2am, at the Sagemore New Jersey Apple Store. Even though the security […]

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Configure IMAP Gmail on iPhone to avoid Gmail Access Failure

The first day of September is a big day for Gmail. The Gmail’s web interface had a widespread outage and it lasted for about 100 minutes. As many of you like me rely on Gmail to communicate, stay connected and do business. The outage definitely affected millions of users and left Gmail inaccessible for nearly […]

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Apple’s iPod Event on Sep 9 – “It’s Only Rock and Roll, But We Like It”

It’s official. Apple has sent out invitation for its special event — It’s Only Rock and Roll, But We Like It. The event will be held on 9 Sep., 2009 and kicked off at 10a.m. (Pacific time). What’s the new stuff coming? You guess. But based on the appearance of the invite, it’s definitely an […]

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LogMeIn: Remote Control Your PC or Mac from iPhone

I recalled once I forgot to switch off my computer before leaving for a short trip. I was already on the way to airport, so I just left my computer turned on until I returned home. It was not a big deal except it’s not very environmental friendly. Now, with LogMeIn and iPhone, I can […]

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New Features You May See in Upcoming Facebook 3.1 for iPhone

By now, you should know Facebook 3.0 for iPhone is out and it’s available for download from App Store. The 3.0 version already bundles lots of great features and makes more fun when using Facebook on iPhone. The Facebook iPhone app is built by Facebook developer, Joe Hewitt. ReadWriteWeb recently talked to him and Hewitt […]

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iSpazio Repository for Cydia Updated

I got a number of queries why it can’t access iSpazio’s repository on Cydia recently. As confirmed by iSpazio, it was down for a few days but it should be already back again. For those who encountered problems accessing the iSpazio repository, try to upgrade the repository to version 0.5. You can search “iSpazio” in […]

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Jailbreak Tools Also Work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Apple has released Snow Leopard, the new version of Mac OS X, on Aug 28. It brings lots of refinements, extends the support of 64-bit computing and MS Exchange. The best is its low price point that it only costs US$29. If you’re a Mac user, probably you are considering to purchase the new OS. […]

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Facebook 3.0 for iPhone Hits App Store with More Features

Did you get my tweet about the release of Facebook 3.0 for iPhone? Even you didn’t follow me on Twitter, you may already heard from elsewhere that Facebook 3.0 is officially debut. With nearly two weeks of long wait, Facebook 3.0 finally comes to the App Store for download. As always, it doesn’t cost you […]

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iPhone 3GS Tip: Use Digital Compass with Google Maps

You may know iPhone 3GS comes with a built-in magnetometer (i.e. digital compass) which works exactly the same as the magnetic needle compass. Built as a standalone application, the digital compass app comes with a beautifully designed interface. When it’s launched, the app shows you the position you’re facing along with the coordinates. From some […]

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