iFile: File Manager for Your Jailbroken iPhone

April 28, 2011 — by Jane Thomson2


iFile has been around for a long time but if you haven’t heard of it, you better check it out and install it on your jailbroken iPhone.

Mobile devices nowadays are built like little personal computers. They store significant amounts of data, operated by numerous functions and applications. The task can be quite an ordeal, especially for newbie users. iFile steps into the picture and helps iPhone users manage their files. It promotes proper foldering and file segregation, so you can you won’t have trouble locating applications and documents whenever you need them.

iFile allows your iPhone to simulate the user friendly interface of personal computers. As you group similar files into folders, you can arrange them in a very orderly manner, one which is well organized, like the file systems of PCs and Macs. Once you’ve arranged your phone files, all it takes is a few key presses to locate previously “buried” functions.


Apple Announces White iPhone 4 Coming Tomorrow

April 27, 2011 — by Simon Ng7


Finally it’s here. After a long wait, the white model of iPhone 4 will be available starting from tomorrow.

Apple has just officially announced the availability of the white iPhone 4. Beginning tomorrow, the white iPhone 4 models will be available from Apple’s online store, at Apple’s retail stores, AT&T and Verizon Wireless stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers.

The price of white model is exactly the same as the black one and available in most countries including:


ipswDownloader is Now Available on Windows, Easy Way to Download iOS Firmware

April 27, 2011 — by Simon Ng3


A couple days ago, we covered ipswDownloader, a great application for downloading any versions of iOS firmware files. The catch is the application is only available for Mac users.

Thanks to Ryan Burke. He has ported the ipswDownloader to Windows and made it free for all users.

I’ve ported over ipswDownloader from Mac to Windows, its initial release doesn’t include all the features of the OSX version but I’m working on adding them in the future.

Like the Mac version, ipswDownloader is very simple to use. Just select the device & iOS version you want and hit the “Download” button to directly download the firmware file (i.e. IPSW).


CloudTalk Messenger for iPhone Wants to Be Your Ultimate Social Messaging App

April 27, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal1


Social media iPhone apps seem to be all the rage these days. Whether it’s ShowYou – a one-stop shop to watch all videos shared by your friends, SoundTracking which tells your friends about the music you’re listening to or Shoudio – an app which allows recording, sharing and discovering Location Based Audio Recordings, there’s no shortage of innovative social media apps on Apple App Store. Yesterday, CloudTalk made its much anticipated debut and based on whatever I’ve seen so far, it might well be the ultimate social messaging app for your iPhone. Here’s why.

Once you install the app, you need to setup an account for yourself. Once you fill out the info, the app seeks your approval for push notifications. Once that’s done, it scans through your address book and Facebook contacts to find users who use CloudTalk. You can join public communities, have private conversations and keep track of people who you’d like to talk to. The app lets you record a message and then choose Facebook/ Address Book contacts to whom this message should be sent.


iClassic Lets You Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch into iPod Classic

April 26, 2011 — by Megha Bassi3


Ipod classic theme iclassic for iphone ipodclassiciclassictheme4Some things never age. The iPod Classic is one of them. In spite of the introduction of the very advanced iPod Touch and iPod Nano, the iPod Classic still continues to be the top choice for a no-fuss music player.

Thanks to Cydia and one developer who goes by the name Pelaez, you can now emulate the iPod Classic look on your iPhone or iPod Touch. And boy, they have done it well. The click wheel is more intuitive and responsive than ever.

The iClassic App can be purchased from the Cydia Store for $2. Due to copyright issues, the developer does not pack the exact iPod Classic theme along with the app, but you can download that too from Cydia as a free theme for iClassic.


Disabling Location Service Won’t Prevent iPhone From Tracking Your Location

April 26, 2011 — by Simon Ng3


Earlier, we covered how you can view your location data which is secretly captured by iPhone. As we have advised in the post, the best way to prevent applications from accessing the location database (i.e. consolidated.db) is to enable encryption for your iTunes backup.

But you may ask how we can prevent your iPhone or iPad from tracking you. From what we know, there is no way to disable the passive tracking. Some said you can turn off location service of the device to stop the tracking. Location service is a nice feature that lets you locate yourself on a map, geotag your photo, check-in your location in Facebook, find your iPhone, etc. By disabling the location service, you disallow any application from accessing your location. However, this won’t stop iPhone from storing your location data.


Download iOS Firmware Files With ipswDownloader for Mac

April 25, 2011 — by Megha Bassi3


Ipswdownloader iconWhether or not you jailbreak your iOS device, you must have come across IPSW files atleast once during the lifetime of your iOS product. You might have used it to restore iPhone to factory settings or to jailbreak the iOS software. Today, I present to you a very handy tool designed by Vitaly Parovishnik – the ipswDownloader.

You no more need to look for direct download links on the internet for Apple iOS Firmware or search your computer to check where iTunes store that IPSW download.

This free tool is only available for Mac users at the moment. Apart from the ability to download firmware files, it will also show you if the said firmware version can be jailbroken or unlocked along with suggestions for jailbreak tools you can use.

iPhoneNewsTips & How-to

How To View the Secret Location Data on Your iPhone

April 24, 2011 — by Simon Ng8


Unless you do not stay tuned with iPhone news, you should know about the privacy fear that was raised by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden in recent days. The researchers reported that Apple’s iPhone and iPad are secretly tracking your location. When you sync the device with your computer, iTunes also transfers the location data and stores in an unencrypted file.

As the report claimed, ever since the debut of iOS 4.0, nearly all iOS devices including iPhone and iPad 3G have started to store a long list of locations and time stamps. So far we do not know why Apple tracks our move and secretly stores the location data on computer. We just know the location data is stored in a database file named “consolidated.db”. This file is found on the device, as well as, the computer that you perform the iTunes Sync. Here is an excerpt from the researchers’ blog post about what location data is stored in the file:


Airbnb: Find Your Vacation Rental on iPhone

April 24, 2011 — by Jane Thomson0


When going out-of-town or overseas, one of the first things you take note off is the lodging. Travelers, in many cases, go around town to find places to stay, and this can be quite a hassle, especially if most of the places are fully booked. This concern is readily addressed by an iPhone application that acts as an online booking and rental solution for bed and breakfasts: Airbnb.

The Airbnb application, just like its website, lets users book and reserve their accommodations on the Internet, with the use of their mobile phone. The repository of rooms and bed and breakfasts is massive, providing you at least a decent number of lodging options all across the globe. This bodes well for practical travelers, as they won’t be forced to spend several nights at a pricey hotel.


CutYourSim Discontinued iPhone Remote Unlocking Service

April 23, 2011 — by Simon Ng1

Last week CutYourSim launched a remote iPhone unlock service that works for all models of iPhone including iPhone 4 with the latest version of baseband. Just a week since its debut, the company now announces they no longer accept new order of the remote unlocking.

Unlike the ultrasn0w unlock, the unlocking service offered by CutYourSim is claimed to be permanent and without the need of jailbreaking. Once unlock you’re free to upgrade to future iOS version without worry about unlocking. The unlock approach is to register the IMEI number of your iPhone into a what-so-called whitelist database. As your device is registered in that database, Apple will consider it as an unlock iPhone. CutYourSim does not have any relations with Apple. Obviously, however, the company find other ways (possible via someone with official access) to access the whilelist database.