ShowYou: One Stop To Watch All Videos Shared By Your Friends

April 16, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal0


I receive a number of video links from my Facebook and Twitter friends each day. Most of these are hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, TED or some other video site. As much as I love watching these videos, I hate visiting each of these sites individually and the streaming delays. Therefore, I’ve been looking for a social media video aggregator for iPad since a very long time. I came across the recently launched Showyou for iPad app and to say that it’s my wildest dream come true would be a gross understatement. Here’s why?


Apple Releases iOS 4.3.2 Update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

April 15, 2011 — by Megha Bassi3


Ios 4 3 2 software updateApple has just released the iOS 4.3.2 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Also, an iOS 4.2.7 Update has been released for the Verizon iPhone.

This is a minor update and according to Apple, it aims at fixing the frozen video bug during FaceTime calls and also the issues faced by International iPad users while using it on 3G networks. Other than that there are some security updates.

Of course, if you rely on a software based unlock for your iPhone 4 you should stay away from the stock iOS 4.3.2 firmware and wait for the Dev-Team to release a tool that allows safe upgrading.

Also, there is no untethered jailbreak available yet. So, only if you don’t care about an unlock or jailbreak should you leap ahead and update your iOS device to iOS 4.3.2.


iBackupTunes: Share or Backup iOS Music Library via Browser, FTP or iTunes

April 15, 2011 — by Megha Bassi2


Ibackuptunes logoEarlier this month, the folks at Drahtwerk released iBackupTunes. A handy iPhone app to backup iPhone music library. These are the same folks who earlier brought us the iWebCamera app that turns iPhone into a webcam.

It’s pretty easy to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone. But the reverse? Oh, boy. There’s no simple way to do it. Of course you can try the various free and paid apps available for the PC to copy music, but never before did we have an elegant solution that worked from the iPhone itself.

The UI of the app is very neat and intuitive. You can share the music over FTP or through the browser. All you need for this is a wireless network. Any device on the network can then access the music. You can also transfer music via iTunes over USB. Read on for our full review of iBackupTunes.


White iPhone 4 to Arrive by the end of April?

April 14, 2011 — by Simon Ng2

Are you still waiting for the white version of iPhone 4?

Ten months ago, Apple announced the white model of iPhone 4. Till now, it’s still not available for sale. According to a report from Bloomberg, it appears the white iPhone 4 will be unveiled very soon.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) will start selling a white version of its iPhone 4 in the next few weeks, following a delay of 10 months, according to three people with knowledge of the plans.

The new model will be available from AT&T Inc. (T) and Verizon Wireless by the end of April, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public. The release was stalled as Apple resolved manufacturing challenges, including paint that peeled under heat, one person said.


Postagram: Send Beautiful Postcard from iPhone

April 14, 2011 — by Simon Ng2


Not long ago, Xobni co-founder Matt Brezina announced the launch of Postagram. It’s a really cool and fun app that lets iPhone users send real and beautiful postcards right from your iPhone.

Postagram enables user to choose photos taken with Instagram and creates a high quality photo postcards at 300dpi resolution. You’re also allowed to add a personalized message (up to 140 characters) on it. For just $0.99, which already includes postage, Postagram prints and ships the card to anywhere in the world. Normally it takes 2 to 5 days for delivery within U.S. and it may take longer for international delivery.


Run iPhone Apps In Browser With Pieceable Viewer

April 14, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal0


iPhone developers are often frustrated over the fact that they need to use either an iPhone or a Mac running iPhone simulator to demo their apps. Similarly, iPhone owners often buy an app based solely on the screenshots and ratings as they’ve no way to try it out. A new innovative product from Pieceable called Viewer solves both problems – developers can now publish their apps on the Web while app buyers can try these out on a PC or a Mac before they purchase an app.


Witness Remote for iPhone: Turn Your Mac Into a Burgular Alarm System!

April 13, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal1


I always consider my iPhone to be a multi-faceted device. Whether it’s accessing the web, listening to music, watching my favorite videos or even teaching my daughter how to learn alphabets or numbers, everything works like a charm on my iPhone. I was recently looking to secure my home with an alarm system when I stumbled across the Witness Remote for iPhone app. Thanks to this app, my iPhone and Mac, I now have a foolproof burglar alarm system at my home.

Developed by Orbicule, Witness for iPhone is a surveillance app that turns your Mac’s camera into a home alarm. The Witness app runs in the background on your Mac and starts recording video or photos if it detects any activity. The idea is simple, turn your Mac into a motion sensor device and propagate all captured information remotely to your iPhone. While it’s no match for a sophisticated burglar alarm system, it’s a good alternative for people who want to save a few bucks on their home safety.


CutYourSim Offers iPhone Unlock Solution, Works for All Baseband Versions

April 13, 2011 — by Simon Ng3


Are you still waiting for the unlock solution to unlock your iPhone 4 on updated baseband such as 02.10.04 and 03.10.01?

While the iPhone Dev team is still working on the software unlocked solution, CutYourSim and other companies like Negri Electronics are now offering a permanent unlock solution for all iPhone models. Best of all, they claim the solution works for all baseband versions and you’re free to upgrade to future version of iOS while the unlock will keep intact.

The catch is the solution is not free. You have to pay for around US$170 in order to unlock your iPhone. Here is the details of the offering from


TravAlert for iPhone: Wake Up On Time Without Missing Your Stop

April 12, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal1


As a frequent business traveler, I’ve always believed the Apple iPhone is a great travel companion. Whether its state of the art navigation apps, rail/ road/ air timetable apps or travel planners, the iPhone takes care of several of my travel needs. Since I travel a lot, I’m now used to sleeping on buses, trains and planes. It’s a great way to relax and kill time when you are commuting. There’s a downside though – I’ve often missed my stop/ station as a result of my passion for snoozing while traveling. Thankfully, TravAlert for iPhone provides a wonderful solution to ensure that you can sleep peacefully while you travel and wake up on time without missing your stop.


Hitpad: Awesome App for Reading Popular News on iPad

April 12, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal0


Our lives have become busier than ever, so often we don’t find the time to read the daily newspaper. Gone are the days when people spent hours reading the newspaper over a leisurely cup of tea or coffee. However, the good part is that technology has made it easier to keep up with daily world news irrespective of whether you’re at home, office or on the road. Hitpad for iPad is a case in point – it’s an easy to use iPad app that collects and organizes the news based on what’s popular around the web.