Cool Demo: Unreal Game Engine Ported to iPhone

Epic Games has ported its Unreal Engine 3, the same game engine that powered Gears of War 2, to iPhone and iPod Touch. Earlier, the company has showed a game demo, which is actually a modified version of Unreal Tournament, to Mark Rein of AnanadTech on iPod Touch. As you’ll see in the video after […]

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Cydia Hack Lets You Connect Bluetooth Keyboard With Your iPhone

Like many of you, I have been waiting for this bluetooth solution for a long time. Finally, it’s here. Today, an iPhone developer, Martthias Rinwald, releases the Bluetooth keyboard driver for jailbroken iPhone that allows iPhone users to use Bluetooth keyboard with the device. As the developer mentioned in the official website of iPhone Bluetooth […]

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ProSwitcher (Beta) for iPhone is Now Available for Free Download

Earlier, we covered an upcoming utility app named ProSwitcher, an alternative to the Multifl0w app. Today, Ryan Petrich, the developer, has released a beta version of the ProSwitcher utility. For starter, ProSwitcher is a cydia application for jailbroken iPhone that provides a sleek interface and allows you to easily switch between background iPhone apps. I […]

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Gmail for iPhone is Now 2 to 3 times Faster, do you Feel the Speed Improvement?

On Thursday, Google’s Gmail team announced an update of Gmail for mobile. The mobile version of Gmail is now further optimized for speed and it should be loaded 2 to 3 times faster than that in April. As claimed, you can now load Gmail on your iPhone (or Android devices) in under 3 seconds. It’s […]

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iPhone Commercial: 12 Apps of Xmas

Apple has launched a new iPhone commercial with a holiday theme [see below video]. With over 100,000 iPhone apps in App Store, Apple featured 12 iPhone apps for Christmas. Here are the apps you’ll find in the ad: The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook [Free] – Wondering what’s for your party? This free app puts more […]

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Dragon Search for iPhone Lets You Search with Voice and it’s Free (for Limited Time)

Nuance Communications, the creator of Dragon Dictation app for iPhone, has just released its second iPhone app called Dragon Search. Using the same Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology behind Dragon Dictation, Dragon Search lets you search the web by voice. No more typing is required. Simply launch the app and speak the search term. The Dragon Search […]

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Endless Walls – Cool Wallpaper Application for iPhone

One common question raised by my friends and some of my readers is: Where to find great iPhone wallpapers? A few months ago, I responded the question with a post about 65 Stunning Wallpaper for iPhone. Now, there is a better answer for the question with the release of Endless Walls app. Endless Walls is […]

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ProSwitcher Preview: Multifl0w Alternative for Switching Background iPhone Apps

Earlier, I covered Multifl0w, a great cydia app providing a sleek interface for switching backgrounder applications. Multifl0w is pretty good and smooth [Read the full review here]. The catch, however, is it costs US$4.99. Everyone loves free app, right? ProSwitcher, developed by Ryan Petrich, is an upcoming application for jailbroken iPhone to switch background iPhone […]

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Free Christmas Gift from Apple: iTunes Holiday Sampler

As Christmas is around the corner, here is a Christmas present from Apple (for those with US iTunes/App Store account). Apple releases a free iTunes holiday sampler that is available for download from iTunes. The sampler is a selection of Christmas classics including “Silent Night”, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, “The First Noel”, “Jingle […]

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Camcorder – Another Official App for Video Recording on iPhone 2G & 3G

On Dec 12, iVideoCamera app was released on App Store that lets iPhone 2G and 3G user capture video without jailbreaking. A couple days later, Apple approves another video camera app called Camcorder, developed by KendiTech Inc., that delivers the same feature. Basically, Camcorder offers the same feature as iVideoCamera: power the older model of […]

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Kindle App for iPhone Now Goes International

Remember the Kindle App for iPhone that was introduced in late February? When it was first released, Amazon only made it available for US customers. As the Kindle device goes international, on Monday, Amazon also rolled out the Kindle app for iPhone to more than 60 additional countries. The Kindle app is free-of-charge and you […]

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iVideoCamera Officially Brings Video Recording to iPhone 2G & 3G

One of the big improvement of iPhone 3GS over iPhone 2G or 3G is the ability to capture video. A couple day ago, Apple officially approved a video camera application called iVideoCamera for older models of iPhone. Developed by Laan Labs, iVideoCamera lets iPhone 2G and 3G users record short videos. Of course, for iPhone […]

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Google Mobile for iPhone Gets an Update with Interface Tweak and Additional Language Support

Google has announced an update of its Google Mobile app for iPhone with the support of additional languages and improved user interface. We have first covered Google Mobile with voice search in Nov, 2008. The new version comes with a better interface for displaying search result and a built-in browser to open the result within […]

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Google Goggles – Search the Web by Photos

Text based search is the most prominent search available on the internet these days. Most search engines, with the exception of a few specialized ones, require text input to be able to crawl their databases for hits on the topic. Google Goggles is a new application, now available for the Android operating system, that allows […]

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