Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.1 with Bug Fixes

Apple has updated iTunes to v9.0.1 with important bug fixes. It is a maintenance release and here is the full list of bug fixes: Resolves issues browsing the iTunes Store. Addresses a performance issue where iTunes may become unresponsive. Fixes a problem where iTunes may unexpectedly quit. Fixes a problem syncing Podcasts in playlists to […]

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How To Downgrade iPhone 3.1 Baseband From 05.11.07 to 04.26.08

Though it’s warned by the iPhone Dev Team not to upgrade your iPhone OS directly via iTunes. I’ve got quite a number of emails from iPhone jailbreakers telling that: Oh! I accidentally upgraded my iPhone 3G to firmware 3.1 by iTunes. After upgrade, I lost the jailbreak and the unlock. Now, I can’t make call […]

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Redsn0w: Possible Solution for “Waiting for Reboot” Hang Problem

I’ve heard from a number of readers that they experienced problem with Redsn0w while jailbreaking. One particular problem is redsn0w hangs after you followed the instructions to put the iPhone into DFU mode and it keeps showing “Waiting for Reboot” message. This is not an isolated problem and you may also experience the same problem […]

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How to Downgrade iPhone 2G/3G from Firmware 3.1 to 3.0

For anyone who have accidentally upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1 and would like to downgrade back to OS 3.0, you can follow this guide for the downgrade. This guide is written for iPhone 2G and 3G only. It will not work for iPhone 3GS. By downgrading your iPhone 2G/3G from OS 3.1 to 3.0, you […]

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Video: iTwinge iPhone Keyboard in Action

Last Fri, I covered the world’s first commercial keyboard for iPhone – The iTwinge. At that time, I do not have any video to demonstrate the hand-on experience of iTwinge. Now, the company has published a video to show you how iTwinge works and how fast you can type with the physical keyboard. After checking […]

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Step By Step Guide for iPhone 3.1 Jailbreak using PwnageTool

Earlier, iPhone Dev Team released the updated version of PwnageTool to cater for iPhone 3.1 jailbreak. To simplify your jailbreak, I have updated the jailbreak guide for iPhone 3.1 OS using PwnageTool. For any reason you do not want to upgrade your iPhone to the latest version, you can also refer the old jailbreak guide […]

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Google Fast Flip for iPhone is Not Good Enough

On Monday, Google announced a new experiment to Google Labs named Google Fast Flip. Basically, Google Fast Flip offers a visual way to search Google News. Think how you read a book or a print magazine. You flip through pages to read across articles. However, the way we read news online is completely different. Google […]

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iTwinge: The Physical Keyboard for iPhone

When iPhone was first debut in Jun 2007, some users criticized the lack of physical keyboard is a big drawback. Personally, I do not find any problem with the virtual keyboard. I already get used to it and can type quite fast. If you’re not using iPhone for typing your thesis or lengthy article, the […]

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PwnageTool 3.1 Released for iPhone OS 3.1 Jailbreak

When talking about iPhone jailbreak, Mac user always win the race. Not long ago, iPhone Dev team releases a new version of PwnageTool for iPhone OS 3.1 jailbreaking. As usual, PwnageTool is designed to run on Mac OS X only. So, for Windows user, you’ll need to wait for the team to release the update […]

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How to Enable iPhone 3.1′s Anti-Phishing Feature

One feature that comes with iPhone OS 3.1 is the anti-phishing feature of mobile Safari that protects you from fraudulent websites. You probably expects this feature is ready after upgrading iPhone 3.1. However, it’s widely reported this feature does not work properly right after upgrading. And, it turns out that you’ll need to take a […]

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Bluetooth Photo Share: Transfer Photos between iPhones via Bluetooth

Sharing photos via Bluetooth is one of the demanding features on iPhone. The built-in photo sharing on iPhone, however, can only allow you to send photos via 3G or WiFi. Bluetooth Photo Share is an iPhone application that lets you transfer photos between iPhones or iPod Touch over Bluetooth. There is not much to describe […]

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How to Enable Video Editing on iPhone 3G and 2G

Cycorder is one of the must-have applications for jailbroken iPhone 2G /3G. It simply empowers the iPhone camera with the video recording capability. It works pretty great. Some iPhone jailbreakers even said, you can just install Cycorder to turn your iPhone 3G into iPhone 3GS. However, if you look into the video features of iPhone […]

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Do You Experience Battery Improvement after iPhone 3.1 Upgrade?

One problem for iPhone OS 3.0 is about the battery life. Some users reported that the battery life is degraded after upgrading to iPhone 3.0. As you all know, Apple has released iPhone OS 3.1 few days ago. However, in the release note, it doesn’t mention any bug fix or improvement about the battery life. […]

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Q&A: iPhone 3.1 Jailbreak and iTunes 9

Every time when Apple releases a new version of iPhone update or iTunes, I always got questions from iPhone jailbreakers concerning about the upgrade. The same happens for iPhone 3.1 OS and the debut of iTunes 9. It’s always good to share these thoughtful questions with everyone as some of you may also have the […]

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