Apple Brings iWork Applications to iPhone and iPod Touch

June 1, 2011 — by Megha Bassi2


Iwork for iosJust a week before the WWDC, the pre WWDC gifts have started landing. Apple has just made the iWork suite of applications – Pages, Numbers and Keynote universal. They now work with the iPhone and iPod Touch too in addition to the iPad which was the first device to get iWork.

Apple’s iWork applications can be purchased from the App Store at $9.99 each. For those users who already own a copy of any of the apps on their iPads, a free update has been issued. The latest update at version 1.4 makes the three apps universal.

Apart from universal device support, Apple has also added a few other enhancements such as a new document manager to organize iWork files, Smart Zoom for enhanced viewing and editing. Keynote adds support for Keynote Remote App to control presentation from another iOS device.


iChromy Brings Google’s Chrome Browser to iPad

June 1, 2011 — by Farrukh Zafar2


iChromy for iPadWindows and Mac OS X users, do you love Google Chrome for its smoothness and its premier silky feeling? You might even be an avid fan of Mobile Safari on your Apple iPad, but if you’re too addicted to Chrome on your desktop device, we’ve got to tell you that your favorite desktop browser is now available on your favorite tablet too! Take a bow for iChromy!

Though the thing doesn’t come straight from the Google guys, it’s yet not that far from the ripping desktop version! Some of what it has to offer in its features-list is a set of gems that’ll be like déjà vu while you fall in love with those ‘first-by-Chrome’ features on the iPad version, all over again.


UnityRemote Turns iPhone or iPod Touch into a Universal Remote

May 31, 2011 — by Megha Bassi4


UnityRemote for iPhoneSay goodbye to the clutter of remote controls on your living room table. Gear4’s latest innovation UnityRemote will turn your existing iOS devices like your iPhone into a universal remote control.

This is a common problem at most houses. There are different remotes for the TV, Blu-Ray or DVD Player, Home Theater and so on. Some home theater systems do come with programmable remotes while some families get themselves the Logitech Harmony. However, at the end something is usually amiss and we keep asking for more. I have.

So enter UnityRemote. At $99.99 for the package you get an aesthetically designed IR emitter sized smaller than a tennis ball, which communicates with your iPod or iPhone via Bluetooth. After the break, you learn how it works and why it may be the last remote you will ever use.


Ozaki iCoat Versatile Case for iPad 2

May 30, 2011 — by RG. Chew0


If you are like me; clumsy and have a toddler in the house, you know your iPad isn’t safe from destruction, in fact – nothing is.  So when I first got the SmartCover for my iPad, I realized that there was a glaring aspect of protection missing.  The entire chassis of the iPad was really susceptible to knocks and falls.  This began my search for a suitable cover for my shiny new iPad.

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How To Remote Control iTunes with iPhone and iPad

May 30, 2011 — by Simon Ng19


Do you know you can use iPhone to remote control your iTunes on desktop or laptop computer? With Remote app from Apple, you can control iTunes on your computer or Apple TV from iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Think about you have a Mac or PC in bedroom, you can lie on bed and playback your music/video without touching the computer, but just using the iPhone (or other iOS devices).

Cool, right? We have covered the app nearly three years ago and I think it’s time to revisit it. If you haven’t heard of the app, you definitely need to check it out.


Tidy Up Springboard to Save Resources on iPhone with Cydia Tweak

May 29, 2011 — by Farrukh Zafar0


Cydia IconWe all know that iOS is pretty much an eye-candy and this fancy touch-up actually costs a lot of processing and resources. So how about saving some precious battery life, RAM and processor cycles? A Cydia tweak called TidySpring.

Once you’re done with installing the mod, “System Preferences” starts featuring a new menu that lets you switch off a great lot of graphical features that are resource intensive, such as the icon reflections, multitasking, icon labels, icon badges, iPhone’s background picture, Spotlight keyboard (which seems kind of lame but may be effective under a few circumstances such as when you don’t need the keyboard), X app button and many more.


Apple iOS vs Android – One Man’s Opinion

May 29, 2011 — by RG. Chew3


ios vs androidThere has been much debate about how Android will overtake Apple in terms of handsets using these Operating Systems. The outcome of this behemoth battle will inevitably affect Apple and Google as tech companies. As a user of both these phones, here’s why it doesn’t really matter to me.


Zinio – Magazine Subscriptions on iPad

May 28, 2011 — by RG. Chew1


Zinio for iPadMagazine subscriptions have never gotten such a boost with the introduction of subscriptions for the iPad.  I never subscribed to any Print magazine as my travels keep me rotating residences annually.  Zinio is the App that solves all that with its broad range of top selling magazines available digitally for the iPad.

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How to Turn On Multitasking for Cydia in iOS 4 or Higher

May 28, 2011 — by Farrukh Zafar0


Cydia may all be the great savior for all those apps that don’t get approved by Apple, and most of them are pretty great too, but you do know that Cydia’s habit of not running on the background is pretty annoying. Everybody loathes the inability to keep using their iDevice while an app is being installed. So here we are with a classic fix that brings native multitasking for Cydia on iOS 4 and above.

As obvious as it can be, this is again a jailbreak tweak, and hence you need to jailbreak your iDevice first. In case you haven’t yet, you can follow our step-by-step guides in the Jailbreak section.