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SiLight: Turn On The Flashlight With Siri

We know that Siri, Apple’s very own virtual assistant can help users perform a lot of tasks when she receives simple verbal commands. Though the fruit company has given her an impressive a set of skills, her repertoire keeps improving through the numerous tweaks which we can easily find in the Cydia Store. Not only […]

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International Location Hack for Siri

Siri Hack Enables Location Based Search For Countries Outside U.S

The iPhone 4S brought to us the digital voice assistant, Siri. She can answer all the questions, provided the questions make sense and the database has the answer to the. Now, you can ask Siri about different locations such as parks and clubs, and you’ll be provided with the right answer. Siri can’t, by default, […]

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AssistantServer Installer Makes It Easier to Install Siri on Older iPhone

Do not have an iPhone 4S, but still want Siri? Well, that isn’t any unusual craving to have! In fact, I would say you surely deserve to have something as special as Siri and that too NOW on your current iPhone. I’m sure, most of you are familiar about the most ‘trending’ topic when it […]

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Fusion Jailbreak Tweak for Facebook Integration

Check out this awesome jailbreak tweak! It has Facebook integration similar to the iOS’ built-in Twitter integration. It’s not rocket science. It’s simple to use, and it is also integrated with other social network sites. The jailbreak tweak is called Fusion. What’s amazing with this tweak is – it integrates Facebook, Foursquare and MySpace into […]

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batterylifeAE Cydia Hack

BatteryLevelAE: Ask Siri Your iPhone’s Battery Status

The iPhone is fantastic and the latest handset from Apple, the 4S, features an awesome built-in intelligent voice assistant which we all have grown to love. We love the received now and then from the jailbreak jailbreak community. The Absinthe jailbreak released in January for the iPhone 4S has led to a Tsunami of tweaks […]

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Siri Tip: How To Search for Flight Schedule and Movie Showtimes

This is the 3rd article of the Siri Tip series. Earlier, we showed you how to better utilize Siri to retrieve the weather information and create note. As you know, you can use Siri to initiate Google Search. By pairing Siri and Google together, you can search all kinds of information simply by using voice. […]

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iJokes For ChatBot Gives Siri The Ability To Tell Jokes

Siri based modifications have been easier to produce since the introduction if AssistantExtensions tweak for Cydia. Now developers are able to build their modifications as a plug-in to the available AssistantExtensions framework making things easier and less time consuming!

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Simonblog sirisports

SiriSports Cydia Tweak: Use Siri To Stay Updated On Favorite Sports

There are so many different nations, cultures and beliefs in the world. But there’s one thing that brings people from different nations together and that is sports! It brings a sense of brotherhood among all nations and also plays a role of a worldwide language and promotes peace all over. A new tweak has been […]

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How To Install i4Siri On Older iPhone Devices (Jailbreak Required)

Grand Paul recently updated Zephyr and Infinidock Cydia tweaks to be compatible with iOS 5.1. He is also the developer for the popular Spire tweak which allows for Siri access on non-4S devices. However, there’s an issue with Spire. It only provides the Siri GUI, and relies on a functioning proxy server and data from […]

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Aloud Tweak Screenshot 3

Aloud Cydia Tweak: Voice Alerts For iOS Notifications In 30 Different Languages

We posted about SpeakEvents Cydia tweak that reads out SMS, emails and iMessage notifications. This can come in handy when your iDevice is not accessible when you’re driving or are just not in the mood to hold it. Another somewhat similar tweak has been released. Details below! The new Cydia tweak is known as Aloud. […]

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Siri – Wind Speed

Siri Tip: Get Weather Information, Humidity and Wind Speed

Last week, we showed you how to use Siri to create, edit and search note. This week, let’s see how the Siri assistant can help you check out weather information, humidity and wind speed. Siri keeps you informed about current weather and weather forecast. Just ask “What’s the weather for today?”. Assuming location service is […]

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SpeakEvents: Siri Voice Alert For iOS Notifications, Text Messages And Much More

Due to the fact that there are a lot of tweaks and modifications being added to Cydia every day, it sometimes becomes difficult to go through all of the new things and finding a tweak or a modification which a person would like to download or purchase. Cydia has recently attained a new tweak by […]

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Siri Hack: How to Play Songs on Spotify, Integrate GPS and Launch App

Siri is one of the major reasons why people prefer Apple over its competitors. We have seen Siri alternatives on other operating systems but they have failed to match up to the power of real Siri. It exclusively belongs to the iPhone 4S and since the jailbreak of the A5 devices, there have been many […]

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Siri tip: Find Note

Siri Tip: Create, Edit and Search Notes on iPhone

Siri is the best known feature for iPhone 4S. It’s advertised as a virtual assistant that listens your voice command. You can speak naturally and tell Siri to send text message, set alarm, write email, jot note, etc. To help you make the most out of the feature, we will publish weekly tips and show […]

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