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Customise iOS 7 with These 5 Free Tweaks

January 6, 2014 — by Xin Chan0


iOS 7 is known to be one of the biggest leaps in its development especially in terms of user interface design. Now the evasi0n jailbreak unlocks and brings more opportunities in customisation. But while we are waiting for a better solution with Winterboard update, or you are not confident in using the hidden iOS 7 settings, here are some free tweaks that make your iOS 7 look different.

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10 Cydia Tweaks to Install on Your Newly Jailbroken iPhone 5s

January 2, 2014 — by Xin Chan4


Recently Jay Freeman (a.k.a @saurik), the creator of Cydia updated Cydia Substrate (originally named as Mobile Substrate) to version 0.9.5000 to be compatible with both iOS 7 and ARM64 CPU used on iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display. This is definitely a very exciting news on the New Year Eve for users of these devices with solely Cydia running on them for some days, including myself. So I rushed in and there have been quite a number of tweak being pushed to default repos that are recompiled with the substrate update with 64-bit support. So here are the 10 tweaks that I straightly installed after that.

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App Review: Life Charge for iPhone to Spice up Daily Journaling

November 6, 2013 — by Sette Capati0


They say life is like a rollercoaster; it’s full of ups and downs. I couldn’t agree more when I stumbled upon this journal, allowing me to record my daily dose of happy and sad moments. Who could have thought you can analyse life with numbers? While that may sound a little bit puzzling, I’ll walk you through this iPhone app dubbed Life Charge that has been in my lifestyle list for days now.

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Daymate: Premium Task Management App with Simplicity

October 30, 2013 — by Xin Chan1


I have been always looking for better replacement for iOS stock apps that could not fulfill all my needs on practicality and design for particular categories. There are always the top-rated and state-of-the-art apps out in the market that everybody uses, yet many other choices that fits certain habits for certain group of people. 

Productivity apps are the one that I always browse and seek for perfection to get some installed on my homescreen. But there are limited slots for them…

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NiceWeather 2 is a Nice Replacement Option for Minimalists

October 29, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


If you are bored with Yahoo weather and looking for a replacement for iOS 7 stock Weather App, NiceWeather 2 which is developed by France Mobile Engineer Alexis Creuzot ( is one of the best options out in the market. If you are not on iOS 7 yet but wanted to have some of its feelings of apps, this is also a good choice for you. And more importantly, it is free.

Upon launching, you will need to allow Location Service enabled for the app at first time only. In the main interface of the app, at the top left hand side you can see the weather condition at a glance of an icon – sunny, clear, cloudy, partly cloudy, etc. On the right, you can tap on the icons to toggle between temperature, rain, wind speed and direction.

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Fake GPS Lets You Spoof Locations at Your Wish

October 27, 2013 — by Xin Chan2


Do you feel frustrated when you could not or forgot to check-in at memorable scenery or restaurants while you just can’t do it back date with apps like Instagram or Foursquare? Now here’s a jailbreak tweak for you.

Fake GPS is an recently released Cydia App which you can change your iPhone or iPad’s current location as per your wish. After setting a fake location with just a long hold and press on a map view, all enabled location-based apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, Wechat, etc on your device immediately identify and believe you are there. As per the developer, by changing your location, you can protect your location privacy, get around the location specific locks that some apps put in place to prevent you from viewing content in certain regions. Go where you have never been before, and meet people there, in a second.

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Spapa Tweak Lets You Spy on Recent Apps and Folder Usages

October 24, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


Do you ever feel uncomfortable and insecure when you lend over your phone to your friends? And they used your iPhone and browse through things in apps and folders but you couldn’t have the knowledge and information on what they looked at and messed around?

Now here is the tweak that you have been locking for long. It is called Spapa developed by ToolPod. The tweak basically allows you to record, check and report on not only the apps usages since you start recording, but also folder opened which is really cool.

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FreeSpaceCam Adds Capacity and Battery Status to iOS Camera App

October 21, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


If you are fond of iphoneography like me, you will always find your iPhone’s storage precious especially with the basic 16GB model. It is disturbing at the moment that you find your phone running out of space when you want to take a video or some photos for some memorable moments. It is also a bad moment when you find not only insufficient space on your device but it is also running out of battery juices. To gain such visibility on storage space and battery life before you take pictures and videos with your stock Camera app, a newly released Cydia tweak called FreeSpaceCam is adding these into the Camera interface for your convenience.