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Google Goggles Finally Comes to iPhone and It’s Awesome!

After a long wait, Google Goggles is now finally here for iPhone. The visual search app has been released to Android phones since last December. On Tuesday, Google announced the visual search feature is now bundled with the Google Mobile app on iPhone and it’s now available on App Store for free download. Back in […]

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TextPics for iPhone – Surprise Your Friends With SMS Art

Earlier, we covered how you can use Emoji icons to beautify your text message. Developed by FTW Innovations, TextPics is another app that tries to make text message more vivid using ASCII art. Long before the advent of images, people cleverly uses plain text characters to create visual presentation. That’s known as ASCII art. If […]

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Lark Up: Turn Your iPhone Into A Silent Alarm Clock!

Believe it or not, the inability to adjust to each other’s sleeping habits is one of the major reasons why couples break-up and often even divorce each other. Sleep is a precious commodity and nobody likes to wake up to switch off an alarm which had been set by their partner. So, is there a […]

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iStreamer for iPad: Make a Timeline of Your Social Network Activity

If you have an active social media presence, you’re surely going to love the recently launched iStreamer for iPad application. Developed by AllOfMe, this iPad application displays the activities on your social networks using an appealing timeline-based view. So, if you want to know what all has happened in your social world in the last […]

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Tango Supports Video Calling on iPhone 4 Over 3G (Without Jailbreaking)

As you know iPhone 4’s FaceTime can only work over WiFi network. While iPhone hackers figure a way that lets user to use FaceTime over 3G, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone 4 in order to make it work. A startup called Tango targets to bring free video calling over 3G to iPhone users […]

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iPhone App Giveaway: Air Sharing Pro

Air Sharing from Avatron Software enables you to use your iPhone as an external drive and to store documents for easy access on the go. We had reviewed this application a long time ago and it has still been one of our favorite productivity apps. Not only will we take a look at how Air […]

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Apple’s Remote App Updated with iPad Support and Optimized for iPhone 4

Apple’s developer finally released an update for its popular Remote app. Not only work on iPhone and iPod touch, the Remote 2.0 now adds the support of iPad. The app is also optimized for iPhone 4’s Retina Display The Remote app is one of my all-time favorite iPhone apps. Since its first release, I installed […]

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10 Advices for Promoting Your iPhone app

The business of developing iPhone applications has a bright present and a great future. If you are active in this domain or just think of starting there are two options available for you – develop for other companies or develop for yourself and monetising through specialised websites. The process of listing your iPhone app on […]

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360 Browser – the Most Powerful iPhone Browser Will Soon Hit the App Store

When the iPhone was first introduced back in 2007, what we most loved was the sleek UI and massive web browsing abilities. A capable mobile browser is a must have in any smartphone. Today we are going to introduce to you Digital Poke’s 360 Browser for the iPhone which we believe marks a very important […]

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Ringbuilder 1.1 Lets You Share Ringtone with Other iPhones

A week ago, we covered Ringbuilder that allows users to create custom ringtone on iPhone. I have introduced the app to my wife and she love it. It’s much easier than using the manual method to create ringtone using iTunes 10. Like me, if you enjoy the app, you’ll love the update version of Ringbuilder. […]

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Review: Creative Whack Pack for iPhone

I suppose I’d have to say I’m on the fence when it comes to how I feel about inspirational sayings or mantras; they might work, if one used them enough, but it seems a lot of the inspirational stuff floating around out there today is questionable to say the least. But I was intrigued by […]

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Create Custom iPhone Ringtone with Ringbuilder

A week ago, I covered how you can create free ringtone for iPhone on iTunes 10. As some readers replied, the method works but is there any iPhone app that automates the creation of ringtone? Developed by Phonitive, Ringbuilder is an iPhone app that lets you create custom ringtone right from iPhone. From my test, […]

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Flash-friendly Skyfire iOS browser Coming to iPhone?

Skyfire, a company dedicated to leveraging the power of cloud computing to redefine mobile browsing on smartphones, claims to have “the world’s hottest mobile browser”. The browser is already a huge hit on Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms. The company recently submitted an iOS version of its mobile browser to Apple’s App Store capable […]

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Nike+ GPS App for iPhone Visually Maps Your Run Route

If you are a regular runner, you probably are using the built-in Nike+ support on your iPhone. I love to run with my iPhone and use the feature to track the running distance, calories, pace and workout duration of my run. But one feature I always wish to have to the ability to map my […]

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