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Ringbuilder 1.1 Lets You Share Ringtone with Other iPhones

A week ago, we covered Ringbuilder that allows users to create custom ringtone on iPhone. I have introduced the app to my wife and she love it. It’s much easier than using the manual method to create ringtone using iTunes 10. Like me, if you enjoy the app, you’ll love the update version of Ringbuilder. […]

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Review: Creative Whack Pack for iPhone

I suppose I’d have to say I’m on the fence when it comes to how I feel about inspirational sayings or mantras; they might work, if one used them enough, but it seems a lot of the inspirational stuff floating around out there today is questionable to say the least. But I was intrigued by […]

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Create Custom iPhone Ringtone with Ringbuilder

A week ago, I covered how you can create free ringtone for iPhone on iTunes 10. As some readers replied, the method works but is there any iPhone app that automates the creation of ringtone? Developed by Phonitive, Ringbuilder is an iPhone app that lets you create custom ringtone right from iPhone. From my test, […]

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Flash-friendly Skyfire iOS browser Coming to iPhone?

Skyfire, a company dedicated to leveraging the power of cloud computing to redefine mobile browsing on smartphones, claims to have “the world’s hottest mobile browser”. The browser is already a huge hit on Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms. The company recently submitted an iOS version of its mobile browser to Apple’s App Store capable […]

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Nike+ GPS App for iPhone Visually Maps Your Run Route

If you are a regular runner, you probably are using the built-in Nike+ support on your iPhone. I love to run with my iPhone and use the feature to track the running distance, calories, pace and workout duration of my run. But one feature I always wish to have to the ability to map my […]

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Review: Ringtone Designer Pro for iPhone

Everybody wants custom ringtones, right? Alright, I guess not everybody because you do encounter those people wandering around out in public that, for some unfathomable reason, still sport the same old boring default tones that came with their phone. Granted, those people annoy me and I shake my head in something like pity as I […]

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Review: R-Type for iPhone

I think my mouse was moving over the Purchase link in iTunes even before I really knew what was happening. The uber-classic side-scrolling shooter R-Type has finally been ported over to the iPhone! Geeks of a certain age range(which is not to say old mind you) all over the world are rising up out of […]

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Twitter for iPad

Official Twitter App For iPad Now Available For Download

Twitter yesterday announced the release of its much anticipated official iPad app. The Twitter for iPad app is available for free download from the iTunes Store and is bound to give third-party apps such as Tweetdeck, Flipboard and others a run for their money. In reality, this is not a new app. Twitter has modified its existing app for the iPhone […]

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How To Enable iPhone Speak the Name of Caller and Read Text Message

Recently, there are quite a number of interesting app released on Cydia. CallTell is one of them. In brief, CallTell is a hack for jailbroken iPhone that tells who’s calling when you receive a call. The hack simply looks up your contact list on iPhone and speak out the name of caller before your iPhone […]

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Review: Barcode Hero for iPhone

Barcode Hero huh? OK, I said, it actually looks kind of interesting…and different, sort of. And as it turns out, I was right. BH seems to be kind of an experiement in social shopping, and it’s kind of fun for some elusive little reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, but there it […]

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Got Facebook Login Issue on iPhone? Update to Facebook 3.2.2

The recent release of Facebook 3.2, that adds the new “Places” feature, is quite buggy. From my experience, I failed to upload photos to my Facebook account. Some users using jailbroken iPhones also encountered login issue when signing into the application. Earlier, Facebook developers already acknowledged the login issue on jailbroken iPhone and promised a […]

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Review: Daily Tracker for iPhone

Daily Tracker from CVZ Productions is like a Swiss Army knife of productivity apps. This thing does a little bit of everything; though you can’t actually stab anyone with it, I don’t want you to think that detracts from its value or anything. It’s fairly safe to assume that I have become somewhat obsessed with […]

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Tired of “Slide to Unlock”? Hack to Use Volume Button to Unlock iPhone Screen

Recently, Apple awarded patent for the iPhone’s “slide to unlock”. However, not all the iPhone users love this invention to unlock the screen. Developers have already built hacks like “Tap to Unlock” for jailbroken iPhone. Here comes another hack called “VUnlock” that lets you use volume buttons to unlock the iPhone screen. VUnlock is a […]

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Facebook for iPhone Adds Places Feature to Share Your Location

Unsurprisingly, the giant social network, Facebook, joins the location game to compete with other social networks such as Foursquare and Gowalla. On Wednesday, Facebook officially announced the launch of Places, a big new feature that lets you share where you are with friends. Following the announcement, the Facebook iPhone app are also updated to incorporate […]

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