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TripAdvisor Unveiled New iPhone App for Trip Planning

When I plan for a trip and need to gather travel information, TripAdvisor is definitely the first website I check out. If you haven’t heard of TripAdvisor, it is the world’s largest travel community with over 35 million reviews and opinions. It offers free travel information including hotel/restaurant review and place-to-go information. The best is […]

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How To Download File on iPhone using aDownloader

This is one of the frequently-asked questions from iPhone users: How can I download file from websites and save it on iPhone? The built-in mobile Safari does not allow you to download all types of files. File download is only limited to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files. And, it just lets you view the […]

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Withings WiFi Body Scale – Reduce Your Weight With Your iPhone

Are you worried about that extra flab around your stomach? Or do you find it difficult to monitor your weight regularly and take it as an excuse to get fatter with every passing day. If that’s the case, you definitely need the Withings WiFi scale. This scale features a body mass sensor complete with invisible electrodes and […]

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MyWi: Turn Your iPhone into WiFi Hotspot for iPad and Laptop

In May 2009, Novatel Wireless introduced a brand-new type of wireless access solution called MiFi for use in laptop and other mobile devices. Not all mobile devices are come with the support of 3G internet connection. But nearly all of them will come with the WiFi support. MiFi is actually a portable wireless router that […]

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Official Twitter App for iPhone is Finally Here

It’s finally here. After Twitter acquired Tweetie for more than a month, the official Twitter app for iPhone was unveiled yesterday and available on App Store for free: Comprehensive analysis of the Twitter user experience in the iTunes App Store showed very plainly that people were looking for an app from Twitter—we didn’t have one […]

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Hands On With Mapquest 4 Mobile on iPhone

So in the past couple weeks I may have developed a new phobia of getting lost which is why I’m reviewing another mapping app: Mapquest 4 Mobile for the iPhone. I just chalk it up to general paranoia on my part, that and maps are cool. And anything that keeps my directionally challenged girlfriend from […]

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Hands On with NDrive USA for iPhone

I’ve always liked the idea of GPS systems for your car, I could just never bring myself to drop the coin on one. I know they’re much less expensive now, and decent units can be had for under a $100; I guess I’m just cheap. So naturally I was excited to get my hands on […]

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Review: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for iPhone

The number of novel uses for the iPhone that people come up with never fails to amaze me, and when I read about the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock from LexWare Labs I knew I had to try it. The basic concept behind the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is this:  as we sleep we go through […]

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Fluent News Reader Logo

Hands On: Fluent News Reader for iPhone

There are several options for getting the news on your iPhone, from various RSS readers such as Google Reader to news apps put out by major publications themselves (i.e. New York Times).  These range in complexity from basic, easy to use apps to the less user friendly types which overload you with too much information.  […]

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DocScanner Lets You Scan Doc on iPhone with OCR Support

Last time, we covered the Pocket Scanner for iPhone. It’s a great app that lets you scan document and creates PDF document. However, some said it misses the OCR feature. Then you should check out the DocScanner app. DocScanner for the iPhone allows you to scan documents and create new PDFs that you can save […]

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Rally Up: Location-Based Social Networking on the iPad

Location-Based Social Networking has well and truly arrived on the iPad, courtesy the Rally Up iPad app. The app is available for free from the iTunes Store and offers the same functionality as Rally Up’s iPhone app. Privacy has been a major concern for other popular location based services including Foursquare, Gowalla and others. However, […]

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Opera Mini for iPhone: First Impression

It’s a surprises to many that, Apple approved Opera Mini for iPhone on Tuesday and is now available on App Store for free download. I am excited when Opera first announced the Opera Mini in mid-Feb. The major selling point is it’s very fast and much faster, faster than Safari. As I mentioned in the […]

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Hands-On with iTrade: Stock Trading Simulator for iPhone

Do you want to enhance your knowledge of stock trading without using your own money? Take a look at iTrade for iPhone that lets you learn more about stock market using paper money. iTrade is a virtual stock market trading simulator, based on that gives you $100,000 in virtual funds to start trading with. […]

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Scan Document with iPhone using Pocket Scanner

Pocket Scanner for the iPhone is great little application that lets you scan any documents and turns them into a PDF file. You can simply take a photo of anything or combine a number of pics into PDF, that you can edit, save and share with others. The app costs US$0.99 but the functionality it […]

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