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Review: Stanza for iPhone

Stanza is one of the better e-readers available for the iPhone. Created by Lexcycle, Stanza is packed with a surprising number of features for a free e-reader and it’s very well put together. If you simply cannot stand to be without a book of some kind at all times, then you just might want to […]

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Hands-On with Streaks Motivational Calendar for iPhone

Do you remember as a kid marking off the days on the wall calendar until your birthday, or some other random special future event? I sure do. Like back in ’82 when I was wasting away in prison, x-ing off the days until I could walk out of that joint and reclaim my life in […]

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Red Laser for iPhone, Interesting, but is it Useful?

Recently we talked about FoodScanner by DailyBurn which can read the barcode on food items and give you the calorie and nutrition information as well as helping you keep track of your calorie intake. I found it pretty handy and so naturally my eye was drawn to Occipital’s RedLaser app which powers FoodScanner. RedLaser just […]

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Skype for iPhone Now Supports Multitasking, No Charge for Calling over 3G

Skype has announced an update for its iPhone application, adding multitasking support for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 running iOS 4. The update is imminent. With the multitasking support, that means you can receive skype calls while other apps are running and when your iPhone is locked. What’s more is you can switch to other […]

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Food Scanner: Scan Food Barcode and Count Calories using iPhone

So, if you’re counting calories—and who isn’t these days—you’ve probably seen the food and calorie trackers available for the iPhone; there are several. And although FoodScanner by DailyBurn was released in September, 2009, it recently went on sale and we thought now would be a great (meaning cheap) time to give it a whirl since […]

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Review: Guitar Hero for iPhone

Let me preface this entire review by saying that I suck at Guitar Hero. Seriously. If someone took me hostage and forced me to play GH in order to save my life, I’d be a dead man—and don’t anyone get any ideas either. I’ve tried it on every platform around; it’s especially funny if I […]

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Windows Live Messenger for iPhone Now Available

As covered earlier, Microsoft would bring Windows Live Messenger to iPhone. Now, it’s here. The Windows Live Messenger for iPhone has already hit the App Store and is now available for free download. Like other instant messaging applications, Windows Live Messenger allows you to connect with friends and send instant message with each other. The […]

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Apple Store App – Purchase Apple Product Right on iPhone

Apple on Tuesday launched the much-awaited “Apple Store” application. This retail store app lets users find local stores, purchase products, read customer reviews and stay up to date with in-store events. The app comes at the best possible price – free and is available for download via iTunes. Steve Jobs has always emphasized that he […]

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Hands On With Taskly for the iPhone

Alright, I admit it, I’m one of those people who like to make lists. Yes, I’m a list maker. To-do lists, pro/con lists, lists of ingredients, you name it, if it can come in a list form then I’ll write it out. That’s probably one of the reasons I’ve tried several of the to-do list […]

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Skype 2.0 for iPhone Now Supports Voice Calls over 3G

A year ago, Skype released its first iPhone app and brings free VOIP calls to iPhone. The catch is it only works over WiFi network. Unless you have a jailbroken iPhone and apply the VoIPover3G hack, you have no way to make voice call using Skype over 3G network. On Saturday, the company finally rolled […]

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Listen and Record Internet Radio with Snowtape for iPhone

Internet radio has been around for a while now, but it could be argued that it has only recently really come into its own what with everyone packing internet capable mobile devices and iPods and iPhones. We now have more ways to take our music with us than we can shake a stick at, and […]

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TripAdvisor Unveiled New iPhone App for Trip Planning

When I plan for a trip and need to gather travel information, TripAdvisor is definitely the first website I check out. If you haven’t heard of TripAdvisor, it is the world’s largest travel community with over 35 million reviews and opinions. It offers free travel information including hotel/restaurant review and place-to-go information. The best is […]

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How To Download File on iPhone using aDownloader

This is one of the frequently-asked questions from iPhone users: How can I download file from websites and save it on iPhone? The built-in mobile Safari does not allow you to download all types of files. File download is only limited to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files. And, it just lets you view the […]

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Withings WiFi Body Scale – Reduce Your Weight With Your iPhone

Are you worried about that extra flab around your stomach? Or do you find it difficult to monitor your weight regularly and take it as an excuse to get fatter with every passing day. If that’s the case, you definitely need the Withings WiFi scale. This scale features a body mass sensor complete with invisible electrodes and […]

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