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Quip for iOS 7

Quip Now Allows Collaboration Through Documentation and Messaging

Apps that allow collaboration between two users or a team are quickly becoming a common norm for iOS; the rising BYOD trend in organizations is also contributing to their growth. Autodesk’s new release that we covered a few days ago is a prime example. Quip for iOS 7 is an app based on a similar […]

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Quip For iOS 7

Autodesk Instant: Exclusive Group Chat App For Corporate Environments

Autodesk has brought several unique offerings on the iOS platform and it looks like the company has no plans to stop adding feature-rich offerings on the App Store. That’s because Autodesk has lately released a new group chat client that is exclusive for corporate environments. It goes by the name Autodesk Instant. The app come […]

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PushBullet For iOS Lets You Transfer Files From iPhone To PC Seamlessly

iOS users have increasingly begun to rely on their handset to store videos, files, photos, notes etc. However, these files stay on the iPhone most of the time, because there wasn’t any convenient way to tie iOS devices to Windows and other desktop environments, until now. Pushbullet for iOS is a recently released application that […]

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App Review: Word Mess Tests Your Vocabulary

If you’re fond of word games, you might want to try Word Mess. I tried it myself to test my vocabulary skills. Tap, tap and away—make sure your eyes are keen enough to see the words in a messy board.

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Musyc Lets You Craft New Music Pieces By Drawing Shapes

Even though GarageBand may be the most popular music creation app for iDevices, there is still room for other offerings in the arena courtesy of their unique features. Musyc is one such app that converts the drawings into music snippets. There are no partitions or piano keys involved – you just have to draw different […]

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Best 5 Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone 5s

In this day and age, technology continues to improve our way of life. Thanks to the evolution of mobile computing, we now have apps for every facet of our daily lives, and everything we need can be accessed right from the palm of our hands. Since its launch in July 2008, Apple’s iTunes App Store […]

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App Review: QuizUp Lets you Play Trivia Games Globally

Here’s an app that I played a few weeks ago that has given me eye bags and kept me “up” until dawn. I found myself playing and competing with other players worldwide to reach the highest score. QuizUp is quite a temptation for me to stay awake. Join me as I walk you through its […]

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Instructables For iPhone: Be A Part Of A Creative DIY Community

If you love reading do-it-yourself tutorial guides and love creating your own, and you happen to own an iPhone, then it’s possible for you to stay updated with the latest DIY projects and create your own guides with Instructables. The DIY community was acquired by AutoDesk back in 2012 and only after a year, it […]

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Spoiler Shield For iOS 7: Hide Spoilers Of Games and TV Shows

Spoilers aren’t welcomed by everyone, at least I’m included. They easily ruin your seasons, books, movies and in some cases, live events. With the inception of social media, it’s becoming next to impossible to avoid them (just a glimpse on the News Feed and someone’s there with new details, bummer). If you own an iPhone […]

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Pedometer++ Is An Elegant Step-Tracking App

Healthy lifestyle novices and pros have several health and fitness apps to choose from for counting calories, tracking miles etc. Such apps are removing the need to carry fitness bracelets, calorie counters and other expensive gadgets. Pedometer++ is the offering among the lot that has gained attention in the last couple of months. The app […]

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App Review: Lift Daily Motivation Helps You Form Good Habits

Are you having a hard time breaking or forming a habit? We’re about to finish the first quarter of this year, and I know most of you (even me) had already listed down resolutions, good habits, and goals for this year. It’s quite frustrating when we miss our target, and for some who want to […]

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Nwplying: Discover New Music and Share Your Own Taste

Social features have extended to third-party music applications on iOS including album and track discovery based on artist preferences of peers and assigning hashtags to different tracks, but aren’t many applications made exclusively for sharing your preferences with your social circle. nwplyng leaps to fill in and spruces up your music sharing experience by offering […]

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ClipCrop Offers A Clutter-Free Experience To Photo Cropping

There are several apps that let you edit new and existing photos as well as share them over social media and other platforms, but if you’re specifically looking just to apply a few masks and crop images, an app exclusively made for the purpose may be a better option. ClipCrop is an app that brings […]

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Everyplay App: Share and Discuss iOS Game Replays

There’s no better feeling for a gamer than sharing a high score in a multiplayer game on social media and discussing intriguing moments in gameplay footage. PlayStation 4 gamers can do that with the Share button in Dual Shock 4, but other than that, the only way is to record a video, upload it and […]

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