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Camu Brings Live Filters, Editing and Text In A Single App

We’ve covered a lot of camera and editing apps that apply filter and do a little more. But Camu still managed to catch our attention. It’s an app that features like filters that can be edited later and it has one of the best feature sets available in any photo app for iPhone. When you […]

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4 Snaps Is One Of A Kind Picture Sharing and Guessing Game

Want to bring together memories of youth: guessing games, friends and more? 4 Snaps is an iOS app that helps you to do so. It’s a guessing game between friends that gives you a choice between three words, each difficult than the last, and you have to take 4 photos of things that related to […]

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Wibbitz App: An Interesting Way To Keep Up With Latest News

Admit it. You don’t have time to read news anymore; and it’s becoming hard to stay informed with everything. But you would still like to stay on top of everything, even though that can be daunting. Thankfully Wibbitz for iPhone makes it extremely easy to get news. It’s an app that reads out news summaries, […]

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Youmiam Provides Step By Step Visuals For Delicious Recipes

Whenever you feel an impulse to try out new receipts, you head over to the cookbook to read the detailed set of instructions in text format before trying things out. But what if there was a better way to get things done? Perhaps something to guide you visually of the ingredients used inside recipes? That […]

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3 Anonymous Apps to Try: Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak

This is a guest post by Adrienne Erin. Much of the things that define us as human beings are the deep inner thoughts, feelings, loves and heartbreaks that we almost never share with anyone else. Sometimes they just feel too scary — or too personal — to share, but the creators of several popular anonymous […]

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Silo for iPhone: Share All Sorts Of Lists With Anyone

There are several apps that let you create to-do and other kinds of lists on your iPhone. However, many of them don’t provide solicited sharing options. Silo is an iPhone app that lets you create lists and is a task manager too. It keeps your life moving by letting you share projects with co-workers, grocery […]

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Elevatr App: Capture Ideas When It Matters The Most

When it comes to recording and note-taking apps, you have dozens of options to choose from. And though apps slam dunk in simplicity already exist, there’s always something new that turns the eye. One such app is Elevatr. It’s a business+productivity app that offers a nice way to jot down ideas and thoughts without requiring […]

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Transcynd is an Upcoming Music App that You Can Interact With

There has been tons of music apps on the App Store and jailbreak tweaks that are really creative in the sense that they juice up the music listening experience from both visual and practical perspectives. Yet could I find a rather all-in-one music player that fulfills my needs: 1) Sharing music with album artwork; 2) […]

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Dinner Spinner for iOS Makes Supper time More Exciting

If you are pretty picky about your dinner meals, then you might want to check out Dinner Spinner. It’s an app developed by the famous food website featuring thousands of recipes that are displayed randomly whenever you shake your iPhone. Sounds fun? There’s more!

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Timeful: Schedule Things To-Do For Your Productive Time Slots

Mostly when iPhone users want to be reminded of their daily and important chores, they turn to to-do lists and reminder apps. Timeful is a new app that is essentially a to-do list with a scheduler. It not only helps you remember important things that need to be done, but also gives an option to […]

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Ibotta: Get Exclusive Cash Rebates While Shopping Your Favorite Brands

Do you love shopping with coupons? If you answered yes, then you’re going to love ibotta. It’s an iPhone that gives you cash as rewards for buying products and brands. The cash is directly deposited in your PayPal account.

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Balanced App Keeps You Motivated and Focused Over Important Things In Life

There’s so much going on in our lives. And on most days, we struggle to find a balance. In the brink of things, you might be better off with a list of important things to be done. This list could keep your focus on important things in life that should be your priority, such as […]

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Landcam Lets You Edit Photos With Film-Inspired Filters, Handpicked Fonts and More

Photo editors have their place in the App Store family. There are several offerings available, with various filters and effects to revamp your photos, sometimes in a way that you never thought as imaginable. Landcam is a new photo editor that works with the rare camera and surprises its users every time a shot is […]

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Vert Is an Unit Converter That Converts Everything

You hate to admit it, but most of the stock apps on iOS are the ones you will ever need. Notes, Compass, Calendar, Camera, Maps and the upcoming ones in iOS 8 are actually pretty good. However, if you’re someone looking for a currency or unit converter, it isn’t there (how did Apple miss that […]

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