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Supercharge Your ControlCenter with These Cydia tweaks

It has been quite some time that iOS 7 can be jailbroken running on any support Apple devices. One of the major focus for jailbreak hackers and developers that were identified before the jailbreak release is on ControlCenter (CC as named below), say for instance, add or remove widgets on it. So now it comes […]

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8 Tips to Improve Battery Life on iOS 7

So you’ve upgraded to iOS 7 and found the battery life runs out faster on your iPhone or iPad than the previous version. This is one of the most common complaints every time Apple releases a new version of iOS. If you’re not satisfied with your battery life on iOS 7, here are a few […]

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itunes store wish list

iOS 7 Tip: Use App Store Wish List to Save Your Desired Apps

You come across an app in App Store but for whatever reasons you’re not ready to purchase it. Probably you think the app is too expensive and you want to wait for a discount. Or the app size is too large for download while you’re on the road. You want to get it until you […]

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iOS 7 Tip: How To Use AirDrop to Transfer Files

Unless you live under a rock, you should know about the official release of iOS 7. Starting from today, we will cover the tips and tricks of the new iOS. Okay, let’s start with AirDrop. AirDrop is Apple’s answer to file and data sharing. Before the debut of iOS 7, you’ll need to rely on […]

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Top 10 Candy Crush Saga Tips and Cheats to Help You Move to the Next Level

I’ve been so hooked up with Candy Crush for more than a month now, and though it is daunting to finish chocolate-coated jellies in advanced levels, there’s something about it that makes my brain tick. Honestly, I was caught-off guard with it. Frankly, I’m a self-confessed Candy Crush addict. Playing with it for a few […]

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5 Tips to Make the Most of iPhone 5’s Camera

This is a guest post from Archie. Yeah, the iPhone 5 is out of its league when compared to Android flagships this year. The quad-core devices have multiplied and feature the latest of what Qualcomm has to offer, an octa-core is threatening global domination, screens haven reached insane levels and Google’s Play Store is once […]

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iPhone Camera Tips for Taking Better Photos in Your Next Adventure

Anyone planning an adventure will carefully consider how they will record their travels, and the temptation is often there to spend far more than the cost of the trip on a fancy SLR camera to document it with. Fortunately, the iPhone has made it cheaper and easier to take high-quality photos at little to no […]

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Backup and Restore iPhone Contacts without iTunes

Normally you can use iTunes to backup and restore contacts. However, not everyone of you like this approach. Some may prefer to backup the contacts manually. My Contacts Backup offers an easy way to backup and restore your contacts all from your phone without needing a computer or synchronization. The app is very simple. Once […]

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How To Transfer Music File between iPhones

Even with the latest version of iOS, you’re not given an option to transfer songs/audio files between devices. However, there is always an app for that. If you want to share a song file with another user, you can download an app called Bump. Originally, Bump only allows users to share contacts and photos. The […]

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iTunes 11: 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

Several weeks ago, Apple released a new version of iTunes – iTunes 11 which brings you a complete different user experience. Some users love the upgrade and enjoy the new user interface which is fresh and less cluttered. But some do not. Whether you love the upgrade or not, we’ve compiled a list of tips […]

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iOS 6 – Gift App Step 6

iOS 6 Tip: How to Gift an App to Your Friends

We’ve shown you how to gift an app on iPhone, as well as, on iTunes. If you’re using iOS 6, you’ll find the guide is no longer work. Apple has changed the way to gift an app to your friends. Rather than using the Gift button at the bottom of an app listing, Apple provides […]

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iTunes 11 Loaded Tones

iTunes 11: How To Create Free Ringtone and Text Tone

Apple has officially released the iTunes 11. The user interface is completely redesigned that is much simpler and clean. So far I love the upgrade but I’m concerned if it still allows user to create custom ringtone from any song in my music library. It turns out the feature is still here and you’re allowed […]

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iOS 6 Do Not Disturb

5 iPhone Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

This is a guest post by Twila B. Studies show that the average smartphone owner uses their mobile phones primarily for texting (92%) and taking photos (92%). With all the hidden tweaks and features hidden inside the iPhone’s core, it’s not surprising that a lot of people haven’t yet realized how much potential their smartphones […]

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How to Hide Stock Apps on iOS Home Screen Without Jailbreak

Make some changes on your Home Screen like hiding the native apps using this simple method. There’s a better way to do it without jailbreaking your device. You can hide any stock apps on A4 or A5 devices with previous software versions. What’s more, you can implement it using iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5.

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