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Patience is a Great iOS Winterboard Theme to Expect This Month

I have been out of touch with the blog for over a month but it does not mean that I am away from the community, particularly trying out new cool themes. And recently I got myself hands on a cool theme called Patience Patience is brand new WinterBoard theme for iPhone that is currently in […]

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Ayeris Brings Subtle Nice Change to Stock iOS 7

Eventually I gave this a try after all the criticisms have settled. Ayeris is a new Winterboard theme for iOS 7 created by well-known designer Surenix with a controversial price tag of $3.99. The word ayeris, which is pronounced as Iris, like the ring-shaped membrane in your eye or the Greek god of the rainbow, […]

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iSkeuos is a Prominently Designed Theme for iOS 7

It has been a very busy week in the jailbreak community with loads of new and updated tweaks and themes. Designers are very eager to tease and release their hot new themes for free or with affordable price tags. I am also very busy in trying out these tweaks and especially themes as I am […]

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Acies is an elegant Winterboard theme for iOS 7

Acies is an new Winterboard theme for iOS 7 developed by well-known talented designer decke (@deckedsg on Twitter).  The theme is an icon set only when one main package to be activated in Winterboard. The icons redesigned on 70 icon for all stock iOS apps and some third party app icons. The icons are designed […]

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Velox Derailed Theme

Supercharge Your iPhone Home Screen Apps with Velox

As you may have heard that one of the most anticipated is Velox, which had been undergoing months of development and testing by Apex Tweaks (@ApexTweaks). It supercharges supported iOS and App Store Apps with “folder-view” for notifications or app-special functionality by swiping gestures that gives users a complete fresh experience to use their iPhones. […]

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Winterboard User Wallpaper Not Working in iOS 5? Try This Fix

Many of us love to use Winterboard, a popular tweak on cydia to theme your iPhone. For some reasons, you may want to use your own wallpaper instead of the one bundled with the theme. Winterboard comes with a “User Wallpaper” feature that lets you replace the bundled wallpaper with your own. We have written […]

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Dreamboard OS X Lion – Mission Control

Dreamboard Theme Turns Your iPhone into OS X Lion

We’ve covered a review on Dreamboard, which is by far the most advanced theme manager for jailbroken iPhone. The themes are truly stunning and you can easily switch between themes with a single tap. Recently a theme designer announced a brand-new Dreamboard theme named OS X Lion Ultimatum. The theme is still in beta stage […]

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Customize the Lock Screen of Your Jailbroken iPhone

Are you bored of the iPhone’s lock screen? Other than changing the wallpaper, Apple does not allow you to do much with the lock screen. This is one reason why some users consider to jailbreak their iPhone. Once jailbroken, this opens up lots of opportunities to customize your iPhone. Today we’re going to show you […]

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Winterboard Updated With New Interface and Supports Theme Optimization

Even with the release of iPhone OS 3.1.3, you are not allowed customize the look & feel of the iPhone background and icons. The only thing that Apple lets you change is the wallpaper of the lock screen. That’s not enough. I know quite a number of iPhone users are convinced to jailbreak their iPhone […]

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How to Make Your iPhone Look Like iPad Using Winterboard

After the official announcement of iPad, lots of theme developers have put up an iPad theme on cydia. Simply search “iPad” in cydia and you should get a list of iPad related theme. If you can’t wait for the launch of iPad and would like to make your iPhone or iPod touch to look like […]

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5 Great iPhone Themes for Christmas

As Christmas is around the corner, it’s time to dress your iPhone with the holiday themes. Here are some of the great Winterboard themes for Christmas. Simply search the theme name in cydia to install it. All the themes are free for download. Enjoy and wish you all have a Merry Christmas!

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Beautiful SnowFall Widget to Make Your iPhone Snow

The SnowFall Widget is a great hack for your phone that lets it snow in the background wallpaper. It works on both springboard and lock screen. Of course, the hack requires you to have a jailbroken iPhone and with Winterboard installed. But it’s completely free. Simply go to Cydia and search for “SnowFall”. You should […]

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Azure: Great Winterboard Theme for iPhone

Monty, who constantly released awesome iPhone themes, has released another stunning iPhone theme named Azure. As he mentioned, Azure takes you back to a time when lying on the floor talking on the phone for hours, which is really fun. With the stunning and beautifully designed icons & wallpaper, you’ll definitely love the theme and […]

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Acier: Never Miss this Great Winterboard Theme for iPhone

Tens or even hundreds of Winterboard themes are rolling out each day on Cydia. I can say most of them are of mediocre quality. Usually I do not have time to look through them one by one and just let them go. But you should not miss this one — the iPhone theme called Acier. […]

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