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Monetize Your iOS using Startapp Platform

StartApp is a mobile advertising platform that was formed by the late 2010 and was only made available to the android users in the beginning. However, after their effective launch and subsequent popularity for offering high quality full page ads, they are now also available for the iOS. The Apple app developers have recently introduced […]

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Why Your Online Store Needs to Utilize Responsive Design

When starting an online store, you want it to be accessible to everyone. You make every effort to develop the right language on the site so it speaks to the people who will purchase from you. You make sure the products on your site are going to sell. However, if you don’t have a responsive […]

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Roundup: 15 iOS 8 Features That You Should Know

The rumor mill is now pacified as Apple has finally released the official features of iOS 8 with more goodies and overhauls in store for developers and end-users. At the WWDC event, which started June 2, 10:00 AM Pacific time (June 3, 1:00 AM, Hong Kong time), Tim Cook and the other Apple executives took […]

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5 Tips to Get Your Apps Featured in App Store

Editor’s note: Are you interested in developing your own iPhone app? Todd Riddle will give you some tips for the app development. This article beholds the best 5 practices that one can use in order to create the best apps for iPhone. Apple maintains very stringent rules about apps that get selected to be distributed […]

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iOS 7 Features Roundup

Apple revealed Monday the new design and features of the iOS 7 that has undergone a major revamp, which is the most radical change since iPhone made its debut in 2007. Aside from the new design courtesy of head designer Jonathan Ive, there is a revamped suite of apps such as Photos, Camera, Calendar and […]

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WWDC 2013 Event: Summary and Updates

Apple opened the floor at exactly 10AM PDT (1AM Beijing time) for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this morning in San Francisco, providing the latest in-depth updates on Apple products, innovations and software developments spearheaded by Tim Cook and other executives in a keynote presentation.

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5 Things to Consider Before Building a Mobile App

This is a guest post by Devina Thamman. We are in the midst of what is being called the Smartphone revolution. Developing a mobile app is a far more lucrative prospect today than it used to. With revenues going into billions of dollars, this is an opportunity developers just can’t afford to ignore. Before you […]

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iOS 6.1 Public Release Coming Soon

A German blog dubbed iFun reported that Apple is prepping the iOS 6.1 or beta 5, which will be the Golden Master of the iOS 6.1 if everything goes as expected. Citing a reliable source, iFun said Apple is testing the fifth beta of iOS 6.1 for developers, and it has undergone an “extensive internal […]

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Why The New iOS 6 App Store Is Great For Both Developers and Users

The recent launch of iOS 6 has caused quite a stir amongst developers and users in the blog and webosphere. Particularly with the new redesign of the app store. The main argument against it, is that it shows you just one app at a time, instead of 5. This – developers argue, will make people, […]

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QuickNotes by Nicholas 13 Year Old App Developer Interface

13-Year-Old App Developer Releases His New iPhone App

Do you still remember those teenage years? What were you doing when you were 13 years old? Well, you’ll be inspired with this story. I stumbled upon this blog post about a 13-year-old app developer, (Yes! 13 years old!) who has released his second update to his first app called Quick Notes. It’s a shame […]

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Must-See AirDrop Concept for iPhone and Other iOS Devices

Are you ready for the next step in file sharing? Well, let’s see… Dropbox, iCloud, Bump, WiFiPhoto what else? Thank goodness, file sharing is much easier now. We stumbled upon this cool concept that will rock your transferring experience between two devices. Mac users are familiar with the most advanced, supercharged OS X Lion and […]

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Wants to be a Millionaire? Getting in on The Brewing App Bubble

It’s a Bull Market in the App industry and any common folk like you and I can ‘try’ to ride it.  Unlike the languishing global stock markets where companies are taking it slow due to  a pessimistic global economic outlook (and lack of funds), large acquisitions have been taking place by technology companies for App […]

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Step-by-Step Guide To Build Your First iPhone App

A while back, we announced the launch of AppCoda, our new blog about iOS programming. We’ve just published the first iOS programming tutorial and walk you through to build your first iPhone app. No prior programming experience is needed. What you need is an Intel-based Mac and a passion for learning iOS programming. The tutorial […]

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Let’s Learn iOS Programming Together!

Last September, I released my first iPhone app on the App Store. It’s truly an amazing experience to develop an app. I have been programming for 10 years and developed various kinds of business systems. Yet this is the very first time I put up my own product and make it available globally. The App […]

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