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MindNode Updated for iPhone 6 With New Features

A while ago I was engaged in a business plan with a friend of mine about mobile games. Mind-mapping is the very first thing after brainstorming in order to best capture and visualise our pieces of ideas. It is yet one of the best school-taught methods to organise ideas in an intuitive way. I did […]

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ipad air 2

What Will Upcoming Release Of New iPad Air 2 Bring?

Although we are not sure what Apple may be planning to call it, whether it will be the iPad 6? The iPad Air 2? iPad Pro? Who knows?  However, what we do know is that it will be revolutionary, no matter what the size, shape or color it turns out to be in the end. […]

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App Review: QuizUp Lets you Play Trivia Games Globally

Here’s an app that I played a few weeks ago that has given me eye bags and kept me “up” until dawn. I found myself playing and competing with other players worldwide to reach the highest score. QuizUp is quite a temptation for me to stay awake. Join me as I walk you through its […]

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App Review: Reverb Improves Your Daily News Feed Browsing

Keep up with the latest news and updates—whether it’s your list of interesting topics, trends, or stories within your location, Reverb improves the way users browse and read news on the iPad. It’s a rare find of news feed app that I use to jumpstart my daily blurbs and writing projects.

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10 Cydia Tweaks to Install on Your Newly Jailbroken iPhone 5s

Recently Jay Freeman (a.k.a @saurik), the creator of Cydia updated Cydia Substrate (originally named as Mobile Substrate) to version 0.9.5000 to be compatible with both iOS 7 and ARM64 CPU used on iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display. This is definitely a very exciting news on the New Year Eve for […]

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Square Stand Lets Merchants Attract Tech-Savvy Customers

Turning an iPad into a point of sale device requires some investment, but most POS systems for the tablet don’t offer a second functionality. Square, the payments company, has filled the gap with Square Stand – a piece of hardware that works both as a credit card holder reader and a mount holder for iPad […]

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iPad Air Benchmarks Using GeekBench Test

The iPad Air is one of the worlds lightest tablets. However, don’t let the weight of this device fool you. This new iPad Air is blazing fast and lightweight. GeekBench is a tool used on computers to measure the speed of the internal hardware such as the processors. It tells users how fast there machine […]

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Daymate: Premium Task Management App with Simplicity

I have been always looking for better replacement for iOS stock apps that could not fulfill all my needs on practicality and design for particular categories. There are always the top-rated and state-of-the-art apps out in the market that everybody uses, yet many other choices that fits certain habits for certain group of people.  Productivity apps […]

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iworks and ilife

Apple Releases iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini & Updated iWork and iLife Apps

At today’s big event in San Francisco, a lot of devices and software was expected, and that is exactly what has happened. Apple unveiled the new iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini, as well as, the updated iWork and iLife apps.

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App Review: Poutsch for iPhone and iPad

For the geeks, influencers, and intellectually opinionated, Poutsch is the kind of app that’ll keep your mind awake with innumerable thought-provoking questions and opinions you’ll read while using the app.

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ipad and ipad mini

Next Generation iPad: 5 Things to Expect

The iPhone 5S and 5C were just launched with fans excited to use an all plastic body 5C as well as experience their own fingers as passwords with the introduction of Touch ID for iPhone 5S. Over the last couple of days, a lot has been said about the next generation of Apple smartphones leading […]

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App Review: The Impossible Line for iPhone and iPad

How would you like to play using a chalkboard? It looks like we’re back to our preschool playpens full of crayons, lines, and colored chalks, but The Impossible Line iPhone and iPad app gives us a puzzle game that’s quite challenging and tricky.

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App Review: ShadowArc for iPhone and iPad

I was caught up with endless waves of arcs while playing with ShadowArc for iPhone and iPad. If you’re too competitive, you can beat your last score and collect all coins with this fast-paced color-matching arcade game packed with sci-fi background music, surprising trajectories, and patterns of arcs ready to attack your zone anytime.

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Selenium Cydia Hack

Selenium Maximizes iPhone Springboard Customization

Selenium is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize almost every single element of your iPhone SpringBoard. It is developed by iOS developer SuperDev (@iHacker99). This tweak gives you a wide variety of tweaking options, including such App Switcher, notification banners, HomeScreen dock, volume HUD, app icons, pages, Status Bar, Voice Control […]

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