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FreeSpaceCam Adds Capacity and Battery Status to iOS Camera App

October 21, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


If you are fond of iphoneography like me, you will always find your iPhone’s storage precious especially with the basic 16GB model. It is disturbing at the moment that you find your phone running out of space when you want to take a video or some photos for some memorable moments. It is also a bad moment when you find not only insufficient space on your device but it is also running out of battery juices. To gain such visibility on storage space and battery life before you take pictures and videos with your stock Camera app, a newly released Cydia tweak called FreeSpaceCam is adding these into the Camera interface for your convenience.

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Easily Reply Text Messages with Anemo

October 16, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


There have been a number of text message quick reply tweaks such as BiteSMS, iRealSMS, Messages+, etc. Well known developer A3tweaks released earlier in September that offers a minimalistic way of Quick Reply for iOS.

The design of this tweak looks really alike to the one in iOS 7 concept presented before the official release. And indeed, as mentioned by the developer, it comes from the concept and mockup from Sentry here.

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App Review: Carrot Productivity and Social Motivation for iPhone

August 29, 2013 — by Sette Capati2


Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Since most of us are caught up with today’s fast-paced culture, one of the best ways to keep up with a jam-packed schedule is a functional productivity app.

We’ve seen numerous productivity apps and downloaded quite a number from the App Store, yet some of us ended up feeling overwhelmed with to-do lists and next month’s goals.

To break the cycle of procrastination, Carrot productivity and social motivation app provides a creative and playful solution to finish what you’ve started.

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SearchAmplius and SearchCollapse Supercharge Spotlight Search Bar

August 2, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


SearchAmplius and SearchCollapse are new jailbreak tweaks developed by EDA Tweaks went live hand-in-hand that enhance and extend your SpotLight search results.

SearchAmplius allows you to configure and put additional search modules for use in Spotlight under the name of SearchLoader in the Settings app. The tweak adds 8 new modules to Spotlight searches including Cydia, Calculator, Weather, Stocks, YouTube, iTunes Store, App Store and Maps. Under the Extensions section, you can drag to rearrange the modules and also enable or disable specific modules by tapping them. You can also configure how many search results you want to display under each category which the values can be 5, 10, 15 or 20 for any of them. But I would recommend tuning it to a lower value to improve the total loading time.

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InstaLauncher Hack Lets You Open iPhone Apps in Seconds

July 29, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


InstaLauncher is a new cool jailbreak tweak developed by talented hacker Jonathan Winger Lang (@jontelang) that allows you to assess your apps quickly without painfully searching through pages or folders.

You can invoke the tweak interface with you desired Activator action or gesture. The “launcher” loads up with blurred HomeScreen. It sorts and categorizes your installed apps alphabetically in ascending order. You can tap on particular alphabet to load up the menu of all apps with the name starting with that alphabet. Then you can tap and launch the app you want.

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BackBoard 2.0 Updated with iOS 6 Support and Easier Springboard Switching

July 25, 2013 — by Xin Chan1


Back to year 2010 there was a tweak called BackBoard that allows you to switch between Springboard configurations on your jailbroken iPhone.

The new 2.0 version, of course brings compatibility with latest versions of iOS firmwires, comes with a completely new app interface that looks really like DreamBoard. You can backup and switch between multiple homescreen layouts as usual. You can also preview the last screen of each Springboard that you lastly leave. After selecting the desired one, your device will automatically respring and here you go with the second springboard you want to enter. No confirmation dialogue anymore to confirm this.

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App Review: ABBYY Business Card Reader

July 23, 2013 — by Xin Chan0


In recent years I am often invited to various conferences, meetings and dinners in my industry and associations they I am affiliated to. It is always painful not only to recognize numerous people that I meet, but also to reorganize the business cards that I acquired from these people in a proper manner in which I haven’t developed myself to make it a good habit.

What I need could be just a simple business card scanning app that allows me to take the record instantly and, most importantly, where I met them as well. Now ABBYY Business Card Reader put this away.

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PredictiveKeyboard Brings Android-Style Typing Experience to iPhone

July 7, 2013 — by Xin Chan2


Quite some time ago, there is a Cydia iPhone keyboard tweak called Octopus Keyboard that offers a BlackBerry 10 Styled Keyboard. The basic is about auto-learning word prediction with and swipe up the character key to select. Last month, we also reviewed AltKeyboard that offers functionality that you can swipe up and select special characters and punctuations. And here the problem come that you can’t use both functions at the same time.

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HomeDisplay Adds Info Bar Below Status Bar on Homescreen

June 28, 2013 — by Xin Chan1


HomeDisplay is a new jailbreak tweak that adds a sleek bar below your iPhone’s Status Bar on Home Screen that displays information including current date, temperature of your location and also the song you are playing.

After installing you will notice that the row spaces between Home Screen icons becomes a bit narrower to accommodate the additional bar. It is even more significant if you open up the folder. What I am showing is how it looks like with FolderEnhancer.