Apple Tech Support Allowed Hackers On iCloud Hack, Blamed Journalist

August 6, 2012 — by Sette Capati0


Cases of hacking and digital information theft is currently the buzz of Apple blogs and tech news. Few weeks ago, we heard the news about the Russian hacker that penetrated the in-app purchases in App Store. Now it’s a case of AppleCare iCloud password reset that caused a total swiped of journalist’s digital identity.

Is it still safe to store information on iCloud or invest on another cloud storage and syncing despite its disadvantages and security issues? It’s a scary situation, and for those of you who have been using Apple iCloud service, probably you have reset your password with knots of numbers, padlocks of capital letters and bolts of alphanumeric password for protection.


iTunes Movies In iCloud Expands To 35 More Countries

July 21, 2012 — by Sette Capati1


iTunes Movies in iCloud expands across the world, and we know this update will paint a smile on your face, especially the movie enthusiasts. There are limited features of the iCloud for users outside US. However, since yesterday, Apple expanded the iCloud where we can now watch our favorite movies synced on any iOS device or PC.

Are you one of those movie freaks who love to watch all day in your potato couch? Whether you’re in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, along Latin America and Asia-Pacific region, the movies that you purchased on iTunes are now automatically synced to the cloud. The countries above-mentioned are included in Apple’s list for cloud-based movie support, and you can watch them on any eligible device – iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and computer.