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Review: olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens for iPhone 6

Despite the fact that I have been having fun in using olloclip lens for more than 2 years since iPhone 5, I did not spend time to review it as it is just very popular and well-known already. About a month ago, as a loyal customer, I pre-ordered the new olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens for […]

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Review: UAG Aero Case for iPhone 6

After a few reviews in the past on iPhone 5/5s cases which have different special features, functionalities and characteristics, however, I have not touched on any of the protective cases available in the market. Today let us take a look at a Aero case for iPhone 6 from Urban Armor Gear (UAG) that I have […]

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Product Review: Zcan+ Scanner Mouse

A while ago we introduced to you Zcan Wireless that is currently at the stage of fund-raising for production. At the moment of this post, it has already exceeded the goal before it closes on August 30, 2014. While expecting it to come in near future, let us take a look at the currently available […]

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Zcan Wireless: The World’s First Mouse Scanner Without Wires

Wireless printers, wireless gamepads, wireless charges, the whole nine yards… You’ve seen it all till now. But there wasn’t any wireless mouse scanner existing on Earth, until the Hong Kong based company DTOI (Design to Innovation) came out with Zcan Wireless – the world’s first wireless mouse scanner. It features a design of a standard […]

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Review: Dog & Bone Wetsuit Waterproof Rugged Case for iPhone 5s

It has been quite some time from my previous review on an iPhone case here. Since then, I have also tried out some more other cases with specific functionalities such as the Otterbox wallet case. This is not just for interest but also because of a reason of need as it is handy for me […]

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Take iPhoneography To The Next Level With Moment Lenses

The trend of shooting images and videos with an iPhone continues to go strong and despite the availability of fully-equipped DSLRs, a lot of individuals still prefer to use smartphones because of convenience and therefore look for ways to enhance the shooting experience on mobile. This is where smartphone lenses come in: they significantly improve […]

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MaxStone Turns Your iPhone Into A Remote Control For Cameras

There are only a few iPhone related developments on KickStarter that have received ample backing and have gone on to be a success on their own. MaxStone, a small device that recently made way on the platform, looks promising as it contains most high-end photography features in a small Bluetooth enabled device. It attaches to […]

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automatic driving device

Automatic Turns iPhone into Your Smart Driving Assistant

A few months ago, Automatic Labs has revealed an innovative device that utilizes the famous iPhone gadget is about to be launched. The smart device will automatically link common vehicles with iPhone so as to allow drivers to save a lot of money and time.

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invisible gamepad 2

Invisible Gamepad Eliminates The Need Of External Controllers For iOS

Studies and reports show the exponential growth of smartphone gamers, but it’s a reality that gaming on iOS and other mobile platforms doesn’t quite offer the same experience as console gaming. Tactile feedback has been missing from iOS devices so far and while several controllers are available from third-party makers, they aren’t most convenient to […]

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AL13 iPhone 5 Bumper

Review: AL13 UltraThin Aerospace Aluminium Bumper for iPhone 5

I personally own quite some number of iPhone case since my first iPhone 4 came into my hand until now with iPhone 5. Like many power users, I focus on the quality of material that it is made of, functionality and durability of the case in which the design really comes last for my consideration. […]

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kingston wi-drive

3 Wireless Mobile Storage for Your iPad

This is a guest post contributed by Trixie Clark. When the iPad was released, it basically created the tablet craze. Every company out there that made smartphones also started making tablets that looked like the iPad. The iPad was the benchmark. Featuring a 10-inch screen and very little buttons, it was sleek and stylish. As […]

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Review: PocoWallet Case for iPhone 5

Finally, I found the perfect case for my iPhone. It’s not just a case – it serves as my wallet – fashionable and stylish as ever. Pocomaru’s trendy mobile accessories and stellar cases prove that technology and fashion are perfect combinations. Does elegance and functionality ring a bell? How about chicness with a dash of […]

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SurfacePad: Ultra Slim Case for Your iPhone

Are you an iPhone nudist? That’s a term for users who prefer using a “caseless” iPhone.  Frankly, not all fan boys and girls would love to use a bulky case. Twelve South’s SurfacePad could be the solution. The company even begs,”don’t call it a case.” Twelve South, known for creating beautiful Apple accessories, recently rolled […]

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Apple Working on a Curved Glass Smart Watch

The New York Times said Apple is experimenting with smart watches made up of curved glass according to people familiar to the matter. The names were not mentioned and were not allowed to comment or publicly discuss the unreleased products.

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