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Hi, I'm Krisette C. I'm a technology writer who loves to cover disruptive technologies, trends, and a myriad of rumors and news updates. To satiate the inconsolable longing to feed my gadget addiction, I simply write and tinker my gadgets for reviews. You may follow my blurbs, too! @krisettecapati
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App Review: Speaky for the Lazy Reader Dictates Texts and Articles

I’m a self-confessed bookworm. Every weekend you’ll find me reading new books and e-books to finish my annual reading list. While I prefer reading on pages (and on the tablet) I tried this experiment to see how far I can go with articles and blog posts, too. But this time, instead of reading, it’ll be […]

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Roundup: 15 iOS 8 Features That You Should Know

The rumor mill is now pacified as Apple has finally released the official features of iOS 8 with more goodies and overhauls in store for developers and end-users. At the WWDC event, which started June 2, 10:00 AM Pacific time (June 3, 1:00 AM, Hong Kong time), Tim Cook and the other Apple executives took […]

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App Review: Pixel Hunter for iPhone and iPad brings Back 90’s Game Concepts

One of the 90’s kids delights today despite the growing number of complex concepts of HD games is to find something that brings back memories of the family computer games. I grew up playing Super Mario, Contra, Atari games, Street Fighter, Rockman and among others until dawn while my mother angrily shouts at me asking […]

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App Review: ClearWeather Provides Color-Based Weather Forecasts

Spring has finally arrived. Summer’s up in the central, and ice caps are melting. News from the West tells us we’re experiencing climate change. As far as the east to west is concerned, aside from our emotions that remain fleeting, the weather, too, jives in our day-to-day activities. To keep me posted on weather forecasts […]

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App Review: SoundCloud Downloader Pro Lets You Explore and Listen to Music Offline

Music in my ears, music everywhere—that’s why the perks of having a VPN mean a lot to me because I can access Spotify anytime. Whilst I’m satisfied with the service, plus the Beat app I downloaded for the songs in the phone, I checked SoundCloud Downloader Pro to see if it is qualified to stay […]

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App Review: Word Mess Tests Your Vocabulary

If you’re fond of word games, you might want to try Word Mess. I tried it myself to test my vocabulary skills. Tap, tap and away—make sure your eyes are keen enough to see the words in a messy board.

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App Review: QuizUp Lets you Play Trivia Games Globally

Here’s an app that I played a few weeks ago that has given me eye bags and kept me “up” until dawn. I found myself playing and competing with other players worldwide to reach the highest score. QuizUp is quite a temptation for me to stay awake. Join me as I walk you through its […]

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App Review: Lift Daily Motivation Helps You Form Good Habits

Are you having a hard time breaking or forming a habit? We’re about to finish the first quarter of this year, and I know most of you (even me) had already listed down resolutions, good habits, and goals for this year. It’s quite frustrating when we miss our target, and for some who want to […]

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App Review: Beat Music Player for iPhone

I had a chance to tinker the stock music player of my iPhone over the weekend when I realised that it lacks features that I want to experience while listening to my playlist. I rarely do this (since most of the time reviewing third-party apps). It’s just one of those weekends when I had time […]

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App Review: Reverb Improves Your Daily News Feed Browsing

Keep up with the latest news and updates—whether it’s your list of interesting topics, trends, or stories within your location, Reverb improves the way users browse and read news on the iPad. It’s a rare find of news feed app that I use to jumpstart my daily blurbs and writing projects.

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App Review: Stupidness 3 for iPhone Challenges your IQ

How far can you go with a mystifying game that challenges your wit? As long as you’re the smarty-pants who’s willing to think outside of the box, join me as we review Stupidness 3, an interesting and addictive iPhone game that you can play with friends and family.

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App Review: Ember Lets You Easily Capture Things while Brainstorming

Crafting a compelling first sentence is one of my challenges as a professional writer, because it takes one to keep the flow of ideas. Thankfully, there’s this app dubbed Ember for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, making it easier to jumpstart my first writing stint for the day.

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App Review: MomentCam for iPhone Turns Photos to Awesome Cartoons

I still have my hangover with Bitstrips’ comics when I saw my Facebook feed full of caricatures. I got curious how the heck my friends created them, and so I found MomentCam. Snap a selfie shot and design your own cartoon with this app, and you’ll surely find ways to tease your friends with its […]

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App Review: Life Charge for iPhone to Spice up Daily Journaling

They say life is like a rollercoaster; it’s full of ups and downs. I couldn’t agree more when I stumbled upon this journal, allowing me to record my daily dose of happy and sad moments. Who could have thought you can analyse life with numbers? While that may sound a little bit puzzling, I’ll walk […]

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