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Gaurav Kheterpal is a seasoned technology professional with nearly a decade of experience in Mobile, Web 2.0 and Open Source Technologies. He's an Apple fanboy and an iPhone lover/ critic since it's early days. He loves exploring, developing and reviewing iPhone apps, as well as covering news stories about Apple and its products.
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Vivint App Review: Home Automation Solution with A Touch of Your iPhone

Home automation and security systems are usually an expensive proposition. While the Apple App Store offers several home automation apps, none of these can match the feature set and cost-effectiveness offered by Vivint. Whether it’s your home security system, lighting or any other electronic appliances, Vivint claims to be the most comprehensive home automation and […]

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FullScreen iPad Tweak

How to View Websites In Full Screen Mode On iPad (Jailbreak Required)

As much as I love surfing the web and using apps on my iPad, I hate the limitation of not being able to view anything in full-screen mode. In fact, I often wonder why Apple missed this simple yet highly usable feature, especially for the iPad’s gorgeous display screen. However, the good news is that […]

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Une Bobine: A Flexible Charging Cable For iPhone

While I love my iPhone, I have no qualms in accepting that I hate the charging cable that comes with it. For a start, I’ve replaced it thrice in the last one year as it got damaged and stopped working. Secondly, I find it a hassle to use it with separate docks. Therefore, I’ve always […]

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SnipSnap Stores All Your Coupons on iPhone

I just love shopping coupons? Whether it’s promotional discounts or freebies, coupons are an integral part of my shopping experience these days. However, keeping track of coupons is a nightmare for me.  Very often, just when I’m about to redeem my coupons at the billing counter, I realize that I forgot them at home. Therefore, […]

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PressReader Brings Over 1000 Newspapers to Your iPhone And iPad

In today’s fast-paced lives, it’s a luxury to be able to read the newspaper or your favorite magazines on a daily basis. Thankfully though, technology advancements have made it possible to read newspapers and magazines digitally. In fact, I’m now habitual of reading the newspaper on my iPad rather than holding the paper edition in […]

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Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone: A Game Changer In The Making

Time and again, I’ve expressed my profound love for Kickstarter projects. Whether it’s the  amazing TidyTilt iPhone Smart Cover, the TouchFire keyboard overlay for the iPad, the CloudFTP USB data transfer solution, the AppTag Laser Blaster or the SoundBender, Kickstarter never ceases to amaze me.

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Dream:ON: Want A Perfect Dream? There’s An App For That!

The Apple iPhone has changed my daily schedule in several ways. Whether it’s reading the morning newspaper, a quick workout in the gym or watching my favorite TV shows on the Internet, my prized possession – an iPhone 4S is now an integral part of my daily life. So much so, that I often think […]

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Flypad App Screenshot 3

Turn Your iPhone Into A Motion Sensing Game Controller With The Flypad App

While the Apple App Store has a collection of fantastic racing games, the small screen of the iPhone fails to match the thrill and adrenaline of playing the game on a large TV screen. On the other hand, if you play these gaming consoles, they fail to match the iPhone goodness – accelerometer and a […]

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Nowbox Turns YouTube Videos into a Personalized TV Guide

If you own an iPad, there’s a good chance that you use it often to watch YouTube videos. While the iPad offers a pre-installed YouTube app, it hardly provides a personalized video watching experience. And that’s precisely what the newly launched Nowbox for iPad app offers – watch YouTube videos, browse and subscribe to interesting YouTube […]

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Enable Tethering on iPhone with Tether HTML5 App

Though I’ve always found tethering to be useful, I hate paying any extra fee to carriers for it. I was a big fan of the iTether app until Apple pulled it down last November. Since then I’ve tried out a number of tethering apps but none of them provided the same experience as iTether. And […]

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Discover Great iPhone Apps with Crosswa.lk

Even though Apple’s App Store crossed 25 billion downloads earlier this week, I still believe that finding the app you want is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, Apple realizes that too and it recently acquired another app discovery startup Chomp last month to make searching apps easier on the App Store. Till that […]

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Add Burst Mode to Your iPhone Camera with Fast Camera App

Though the Apple iPhone has a decent camera, I wish I could say the same about the pre-installed iPhone Camera app. My biggest grudge against Apple’s iPhone Camera app is that it’s simply impossible to take multiple shots at a high shutter speed. I did a quick search on Apple App Store and found the […]

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Review: Baby Monitor 3G App for iPhone

I’ve to admit that I often feel guilty when I have to leave for work leaving my baby behind, especially when she is sleeping. Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for apps which would let me easily watch my child from afar. And I’ve tried a number of such apps in the past but most of […]

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How To Search For Twitter Images On iPhone and iPad Using SnapNest

Though Twitter originally started off as a 140-character text messaging service, images are now an integral part of the overall Twitter experience. Unfortunately, Twitter’s own iPhone and iPad apps have failed to cash in on the photo discovery aspect. So, how do you search for images and videos that are shared by Twitter users?

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