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How to Turn On Multitasking for Cydia in iOS 4 or Higher

Cydia may all be the great savior for all those apps that don’t get approved by Apple, and most of them are pretty great too, but you do know that Cydia’s habit of not running on the background is pretty annoying. Everybody loathes the inability to keep using their iDevice while an app is being […]

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TCP Optimizer for Jailbroken iPhone

Improve Internet Speed for iPhone & iPad with TCP Optimizer

Have you always hated how long your YouTube app for iOS takes to load videos? Do you wish your internet was AT LEAST twice as fast as what it is right now? Then here’s a great tweak, called TCP Optimizer which comes for free, to all jailbreak users. To get this tweak working, what you […]

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Folderlock – Fail to open folder for wrong password

How to Password Protect Folders on iPhone with FolderLock

Did you ever wish there was some app that could lock down your iPhone so that nobody can change your settings or access background apps? Nobody will, now, if you start using this new app called Folderlock, which is an iOS mod, that allows you to password-protect specific features on your firmware such as folders, […]

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GoFlex Satellite – Battery Powered Hard Drive for iPad and iPhone from Seagate, On the Verge to Launch

Have you ever dreamed of a hard drive that can connect to your iPad, iPhone or any Wi-Fi enabled device such as iPod touch – a hard drive that can be powered by a battery? Then be ready as Seagate is revolutionizing its GoFlex product line up by unveiling with a new add up which […]

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How to Fix the Buggy White Cydia Icon After Jailbreak

Did you just jailbreak your iPhone, iPad (or iPod touch) and are now seeing a blank, white Cydia icon, rather than the conventional, brown Cydia store icon and thinking how to resolve the issue? It happens sometimes (especially after jailbreaking iOS 4.3.2/4.3.3). When it does, it really mugs you and now that you’d want the […]

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Adobe Releases iPad Companion Apps for Photoshop: Color Lava, Eazel and Nav

So finally we have three Photo Shop apps for the iPad from Adobe, namely Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Nav and Adobe Eazel. All three apps have been coded on the freshly launched Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) from Adobe, in order to showcase the power of this SDK and the level of interaction to […]

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How to Hide Unauthorized Tethering Activity from AT&T on iPhone

If you are an AT&T iPhone user, you might have faced a few months ago how AT&T came down with a hammer to its customers who were using tethering without paying for the tethering plan. Remember all those warning text messages and emails? Just now, we’ve come to know how AT&T secretly tracks those customers […]

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iOS 4.3.3 SHSH Blobs Now Visible on Cydia

Well, the disappearance of saved SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella in Cydia is a common problem for many of our jailbreaking friends. Well, as long as there ain’t a new version of iOS firmware available from Apple, this problem could be waved goodbye, because Cydia is now showing all iOS SHSH blobs saved up to iOS […]

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Use Footprints App to Track Any iPhone and iPad With Owner’s Permission

Okay, the locationgate fiasco may have been over for iPhone, as Apple has fixed the location tracking issue in the new iOS 4.3.3 version, there comes a new application on the iOS scene called ‘Footprints’, that does all the tracking, but with the user’s permission, which makes it the righteous app. The app has been […]

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Here’s the Final Evidence that ‘Locationgate’ Has Been Fixed in iOS 4.3.3

It’s been the talk of the town, the location tracking issue and the backlash on Apple Inc. As we told you earlier that the new version of iOS firmware 4.3.3 has fixed the locationgate issue, there was always a need to re-confirm and inspect Apple’s claims. Our technology comrades at PCMag have done the scrutiny […]

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