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iOS 5.1 Beta Allowing Developers To Delete Individual Photos from Photo Stream

One of the recent news that will have the developers among our readers especially interested is that Apple has finally rolled out the Apple iOS 5.1 beta 2 version for developers. While there is one good development, the new iOS 5.1 beta 2, also has a few disappointments. The major improvement that is found on […]

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Twitter App Updated with Sleek UI, Improved Performance and Much More

To the Twitter Community out there – This one goes out to you guys. Twitter has now officially released the new version of its iPhone, and iPod touch app. Download the Twitter version 4.0 on your iPhone, and iPad, and you’ll find out that this new version is packed with some great new UI, and […]

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Google Currents: An Alternative To Flipboard

For a long time technological breakthroughs have been trying to digitize our daily lives, this change is also visible in publications such as magazines, newsletters etc. Up till now the go-to-app for magazines, and publications was Flipboard for the iPad. Flipboard has made a lot of its customers happy, and for sometime enjoyed being the […]

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How to Make Fake Siri Conversations

It wasn’t enough to see amusing iPhone auto correct photos from time to time that screenshots of Siri conversations have started to hit the internet. We all know about Siri’s wit and humor and the wide range of mind blowing responses it has in its database. Whether you’ll be amazed or not to know that […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Carrier IQ for Your iOS Device

While the news of Carrier IQ’s surveillance activities on smart phones have struck Android users the most, it is equally important for iPhone users to educate themselves on the probable presence of this spyware and what bad it could bring. For those who don’t know, Carrier IQ is a key logging software that accounts for […]

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iTunes Flaw Allowed Government to Spy on You for 3 Years

While experts estimate that iTunes software is present on more than 250 million Mac and PC machines combined, you would rather be shocked to know the fact that you have been spied so far, as long as for the last 3 years, as per what the latest reports reveal. News of the security flaw, though […]

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TouchPad Update Adds Siri Dictation to Your Mac or PC

While it may take at least one major update for Apple to bring its Siri technology to the Mac platform, there’s still an app in the App Store that can make you do this on both, your Mac or PC. TouchPad (not to confuse it with HP’s tablet) is the name of the iOS app, […]

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Signal Strength in Number

How To Show iPhone Signal Strength in Number Instead of Bars

How do you usually measure the signal strength on your iPhone? The bars on top? That’s pretty inaccurate. How about we tell you about a hidden setting in your iPhone that gives you an accurate value of your phone’s signal strength? So, yes, measured in Decibels, the tip we’ll share will allow you to get […]

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Love this Little Printer for Your iPhone? It’s Really Cool!

Still waiting for the day when you’ll be able to print out stuff from your iPhone? Well, I’m not talking about Google Cloud Print because that kills the concept of a ‘mobile’ printer since it again prints from your conventional desktop printer, with the same page dimensions, and that too only Gmail Mobile and Google […]

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Microsoft’s Tellme vs Siri

Well, it might be a debate, for some, that Tellme and Siri are a comparison. But today we’ll tell you why both the technologies are not even comparable, let alone the thought that one leads the other in capabilities. Tellme, Microsoft’s voice function utility on Windows Phone and Siri, the voice assistant for Apple iPhone […]

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View Facebook Timeline on iPad with This App

So last month we came across the hoopla of the Facebook Timeline – undoubtedly, one of the greatest things Facebook ever did to itself, a feature that is yet to be rolled out to most of the normal users. In case you do not know, Facebook Timeline compiles a biography style timelapse of a user, […]

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Learn iOS Development for Free from Stanford at iTunes U

Ever wanted to develop iPhone and iPad apps but didn’t know how to program? It may be a little easier for you to go about doing it now because Stanford University is now offering its iPhone and iPad application development course online, and for FREE! Keeping the fact in mind that the first iPhone apps […]

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Latest Siri Hack Lets You Start, Stop, Lock, Unlock Your Vehicle

Only 5 weeks or so may have passed since the launch of iPhone 4S and interesting Siri hacks have started to pour in. A few days ago we shared with you a method to create your own Siri Proxy server using Ruby, and also shared how the creator himself, Plamoni, managed to control a thermostat […]

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Comprehensive iPad 3 Rumor Round Up

It’s high time we give you a round-up of all the iPad 3 rumors that have been floating and what it’s all building up to. As of now, one thing is pretty much on consensus; that being the 2048×1536 resolution of the next-gen iPad, although the form factor is still being discussed with this upcoming […]

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