3 Anonymous Apps to Try: Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak

August 15, 2014 — by Simon Ng0


This is a guest post by Adrienne Erin.

Much of the things that define us as human beings are the deep inner thoughts, feelings, loves and heartbreaks that we almost never share with anyone else. Sometimes they just feel too scary — or too personal — to share, but the creators of several popular anonymous apps realize that people want to share these things about themselves.
Now, it is possible to get the relief you need from getting that fight or little white lie that spiraled out of control off your chest – without the risk of revealing your identity. Simply download one of the popular anonymous apps from the App Store, and bask in other people’s embarrassing stories or scandals.

Sharing some of the things that deeply define you with other people might just help you get to know yourself a little better. You might grow to find new interests or realize the truth about things that you have been trying to convince yourself are true.


Monetize Your iOS using Startapp Platform

August 3, 2014 — by Simon Ng0


StartApp is a mobile advertising platform that was formed by the late 2010 and was only made available to the android users in the beginning. However, after their effective launch and subsequent popularity for offering high quality full page ads, they are now also available for the iOS. The Apple app developers have recently introduced a new sophisticated coding language called Swift that is based on Objective C at the core but has the flexible qualities of Node.js and Python. Soon after the language was launched, it got its first collaboration with StartApp and it was made available to iOS developers too.


Why Your Online Store Needs to Utilize Responsive Design

July 8, 2014 — by Simon Ng0


When starting an online store, you want it to be accessible to everyone. You make every effort to develop the right language on the site so it speaks to the people who will purchase from you. You make sure the products on your site are going to sell. However, if you don’t have a responsive site, then you’re alienating one of the biggest markets in the world. People who utilize their iPads and iPhones to shop through online stores get frustrated enough not to make a purchase when the site cannot be seen or interacted with through these mobile devices. By creating a responsive online store, everyone can see the site regardless of what device they’re using to access it.


5 Charity Apps that Help You Give Back

March 24, 2014 — by Simon Ng0


Smartphones have become a valuable addition to our day-to-day lives, assisting us with everything from work, to socialising and even exercise. However, these handy little devices can do far more than just keep us organised and entertained. They can keep us globally connected and help our actions make a massive difference to those who need support.

With just a click of a button, these five apps can help you to change someone’s life for the better.


Take Along These Great Nature Apps for Your Next RV Trip

January 19, 2014 — by Simon Ng0


This is a guest post by Joe Laing.

No one ever said hikers have to rough it when going on hiking adventures. Many hikers enjoy comfortable nights and easy travel to and from the best hiking destinations in an RV. And although going hiking usually means getting away from civilization and technology, these days having your smart phone with you is good move in case of an emergency. However, just maintaining contact with the outside world is only one of the advantages in taking your phone with you. You can find great apps to use on a hike that make the whole trip even more interesting, and safer.


Begin App: Great Minimalist Task List For Your iPhone

December 18, 2013 — by Simon Ng0


As a rule, we always forget about something. And it’s not that we have some problems with memory. The trouble is that you need to remember so many different things: starting from what questions are to be solved at work today, ending with what to buy at the store tomorrow. Therefore, the best solution not to forget anything is to write everything down. And a new minimalist application with a speaking name – Begin – is to help us in this.

Someone might say that it is “another application to write down their actions” and perhaps they are right. Surely, it is more than enough such applications in the App Store. But they are all somehow overwhelmed. Trying to pay as much attention to design and interface of their products as possible, the majority of developers have made them very complex and untested. Begin’s different: it is very simple, but no less useful.


4 Great Games that are Worthy of Big-screen Adaptations

December 17, 2013 — by Simon Ng0


This is a guest post contributed by Jason Phillips.

Can you believe that Warner Bros. is planning on making a film version of the acclaimed Temple Run game? Extremely popular on iOS, Temple Run is an endless running game released in 2011. The idea to make a movie out of a fairly boring game that never ends seems rather desperate considering that there are numerous other games out there that would be a better fit for the big screen. Yes, Temple Run is not the only game ready to be turned into a movie. An animated version of Angry Birds is planned for the summer of 2016. Are these two games worthy of hitting the big screen? Definitely not; the iOS has other excellent games that would make great movies, so let’s check them out.

iOS 7Tips & How-to

8 Tips to Improve Battery Life on iOS 7

October 12, 2013 — by Simon Ng0


So you’ve upgraded to iOS 7 and found the battery life runs out faster on your iPhone or iPad than the previous version. This is one of the most common complaints every time Apple releases a new version of iOS.

If you’re not satisfied with your battery life on iOS 7, here are a few tips that will keep your device to run all day long.


iPhone 6: Where Could Apple Go from Here?

October 6, 2013 — by Simon Ng0

Apple announced the iPhone 5s and 5c on September 10 with very few surprises. While the Cupertino company has stuffed even more great new technology in there, the iPhone 5s is very similar in appearance to last year’s model. Apple has followed a tick, tock cycle almost like clock work (pun intended) since the introduction of the first iPhone. The iPhone 4 came with a radical new design, and the iPhone 5 rightly followed two years later with a larger screen and an aluminum back. Thus, if the past is any indication, we are going to see a redesigned iPhone 6 next year.

But what could Apple do with such a device? There are actually a few things that make a lot of sense for them to do.