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Vert Is an Unit Converter That Converts Everything

You hate to admit it, but most of the stock apps on iOS are the ones you will ever need. Notes, Compass, Calendar, Camera, Maps and the upcoming ones in iOS 8 are actually pretty good. However, if you’re someone looking for a currency or unit converter, it isn’t there (how did Apple miss that […]

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WeTime App: Scheduling Meeting Has Never Been This Easy

You make endeavors to make sure your scheduled meetings go smoothly. However, there could still be someone cancelling at the last moment, arriving late, or someone totally blank about the meeting despite receiving an invitation. The result? You have to do the scheduling all over again. Sigh. What if there was a way that makes […]

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Searchr Is An Everyday Tool That Combines Search With Apps

When it comes to using search on iOS, we mostly think of Spotlight. However, the Spotlight in iOS does not have filters or search classifiers, as it does in OS X. Searchr is an iOS app from a developer that realized this, so it functions like Spotlight but has filters for the information you want […]

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That Movie With: Discover Movies By Searching For Its Actors

There used to be a time when television ruled our lives, especially when it comes to watching movie. Since then, a lot has changed; lives have gotten busier and new avenues of entertainment have popped up, such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. However, neither television nor streaming services have a few of reminding you about […]

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A Beautiful Mess: Add New Life To Your Favorite Photos

Many of you are likely addicted to the camera of your iPhone; i.e. doing creative work with Snapchat, Instagram and more. Though the big players provide a great experience, you might want to check out what the app A Beautiful Mess offers. It is just the ideal app needed for photo sharing. There are several […]

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Weather Line: A Fast, Informative and Accurate Weather App

There’s no doubt that the iOS 7 weather app is pretty useful; it uses information from Yahoo, and takes hints from other applications when it comes to design. Weather Line is a new app that does things differently. It emphasis the two most important conditions pertaining to the day’s weather: the temperature and whether it […]

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Whims App: Create Beautiful Typographic Images In Various Styles

Although the likes of Instagram and Snapchat doesn’t offer anything more than image-sharing, sometimes the images posted on these networks include pretty backgrounds and fancy quotes that make your day. But do you really need these two to be thrilled by image-oriented texts? Whims is an iOS app that says otherwise; it’s basically a social […]

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Picmatic Is a Digital Collage, a Clock and Music Control All-In-One

Whenever you want to configure clocks, playback music, or the way you view photos, you’ll download a separate application for each purpose. But what if you could perform all this functions with a single application? Picmatic is an iOS app that does exactly that – it has all the above-mentioned features in a single package […]

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Replix Lets You Apply Elegant Filters To Specific Areas Of An Image

The default photo editor offered by iOS may not have unique editing capabilities. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. The App Store is full of feature-rich photo editors, and amongst the extensive list of offerings, Repix recently caught my attention. This application includes all the filters you’ll find in top-notch photo editors, but […]

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Glide: Video Texting Lets You Chat With Video Messages

We’ve come a long way since the inception of smartphones. Simple texts used to be the communication rage when Nokia was leading the mobile phone community. However, when the iPhone took charge, applications were developed to enable user communication overt the web with text messages, voice calls, and even video clips. In this regard, I […]

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OverHeard Is An Interesting Sound Recording and Sharing Social Network For iOS

You’re getting bored with the plethora of audio and video recording apps available for iPhone. You want something new, something that doesn’t make you wait for something interesting to happen, like Vine or Instagram does. So in the realm of audio sharing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with OverHeard – Share Your Sounds: it’s an app […]

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ContactBox Lets iOS Users Share Contact Lists With Android Users

Your iPhone empowers you with several options when it comes to managing your contacts. You can sync the entire address book with the iCloud. However, when it comes to sharing contacts with users of other platforms such as Android, you were out of options, until now. ContactBox is a new application that creates a custom […]

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Slingshot By Facebook Lets You ‘Sling’ Moments With Friends

Facebook is making great strides in the mobile community. I am saying this because I am intrigued by the company’s newly released iOS app – Slingshot. It’s going to be a tough competitor for Snapchat and Facebook has been above (or up to par) with the design. The basic function of the app is to […]

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SymbolGram Lets You Add Patterns, Texts and Shapes To Images

Bored of seeing your photos in the usual, old shape? Then you need something that places your images in objects such as bottles and screens. SymbolGram is an iOS app that does exactly that, and it is quite easy to use. Though you won;t get a plethora of effects after installing it, you still get […]

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