About me

My name is Simon Ng and I’m the guy who runs SimonBlog. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, a well-known city that you should visit once in a lifetime, and completed both my undergraduate and master degree in my home town. In daytime, I work for a global company, specialized in designing web applications.

When I do not need to work, I love reading books, playing basketball, snooker, swimming, hiking and of course, travel.

About Simon Blog

Simon Blog is started as a personal blog, where I blog about everything from personal life to technology news. Back to Oct 2007, since I got my iPhone, the blog started to change focus. I’m not intended to cover iPhone news, jailbreak techniques and iPhone application in my blog. The thing changed when I got my unlocked iPhone hang (with “Please Connect to iTunes” error) just after 5 days I purchased it. I started to research solutions to rescue the iPhone. Finally, the problem got solved. As I put up the solution onto the blog, I got unexpected number of responses from iPhone users that shared the same problem. From that time onwards, Simon Blog is dedicated to cover iPhone jailbreak techniques, firmware upgrade procedures, iPhone news and application reviews.

Hope you enjoy!

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