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Got your Snapchat account Locked? Here’s How to Unlock It

December 28, 2015 — by Hawon Nguyen84


Tips & How-to

Got your Snapchat account Locked? Here’s How to Unlock It

December 28, 2015 — by Hawon Nguyen84

Snapchat is locking users who have Snapchat jailbreak tweaks installed on their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. If your account is currently getting locked out of Snapchat, chances are you have got a jailbreak tweak such as Phantom, GhostPref or SnapMoreText running. The application now detects for jailbreak tweaks specifically used to breaks Snapchat features and/or adds more functionalities to the app.

For example, if you have Phantom for Snapchat tweak, you’re allowed to disable Live Stories, screenshot without notification, play a Snap for unlimited of time, and much more. According to CokePokes, creator of Phantom, he tweeted out today. In the future, there might be a way to bypass this.

Some success! I found out what’s being checked. Problem is finding where the check is called & how I can evade future Snapchat attack bans.

Thankfully, this lockout is not permanent, which means your locked Snapchat account can still be recovered, under one condition: removing any Snapchat tweaks that your device is using.

How to Unlock your Snapchat account

  1. Uninstall all jailbreak tweaks related to Snapchat
  2. Go to and enter your login info
  3. Click on the big yellow Unlock button


A message will tell you that your Snapchat account has been unlocked. Now launch the app on your iOS device and it should log you back in as normal.

If you haven’t noticed, Snapchat is going to ban your account forever if you don’t clean up all the mess. In other words, removing all the 3rd-party applications and Cydia tweaks that could modify or add more functionalities to the app.

Hawon Nguyen

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  • Zareen Khan

    I have deleted all the third party snapchat apps but its still not unlocking. Its saying that I should try logging in after several hours. But my question is after how many hours should I try logging in again to unlock my account? If you could help me out with this it’d be very helpful

  • Katie Jerni

    Did they unlock your account? This happened to me today and I’m freaking out

  • Zareen Khan

    Yup! I got it back the very next morning. Do you have any third party snapchat apps in your device? If you do then delete them right now and then try logging in again. It probably won’t log in right away but they’ll give you a snapchat website link, so open that link and you’ll have to log in again from there, there they’ll give you your account status and if its locked they’ll tell you that aswell and you’ll also see a unlock button on there, click it. If you’re lucky your account might get unlocked instantly if not then you should just wait for 1 day to see whether its unlocked yet or not. That’s what I did.
    I hope this helped you. 🙂

  • Katie Jerni

    Thank you! When I try to unlock it on the website it says they can’t process my request though… Did it do that to you?

  • Rebeca

    This is happening to me! I saw it at 8am and its 3:49 om and it still won’t let me log in ^ that happen to me as well it said they can’t process my request

  • Tori

    I have changed my birthday to the wrong date and it says I am permanently locked out what should I do please help me😥

  • Gabby gamez

    That’s what happened to me please help😭😭

  • skcin7

    I got locked out of my account for using a third-party Snapchat app. So, I logged out of the third-party apps and changed my password. The next morning, my account unlocks. However, a few hours later, it locked again, and I didn’t even use any of the third-party apps this time!

    However, I did still have the third-party apps installed on my iOS device. I’m wondering if Snapchat even checks to see if the third-party apps are installed, even if you aren’t using them, and then locks account if it finds them.

    Regardless, I’m extremely frustrated and annoyed that I can’t communicate with my friends for another night, even after changing my Snapchat password and not using the third-party apps. 😡

  • sophia guzman

    this happened to me too, did you ever end up getting it back, please let me know iff possible cause its important

  • Alex Fox

    Actually, your account should be unlocked in a couple of days, according to Snapchat support

  • Jazmin

    Hey ok. So my account has been recently temp locked. I’ve heard that you could use apps like Snap Upload a few time so that it wouldn’t affect my account. But nothing ever happened till now. I think that’s because Snap Upload isn’t registered on the App Store anymore and they have removed it. And everything was fine until I download another app called Upload Snap and it was kind of the same thing. But I had not used it and all of a sudden this morning it said my account had been locked. What do I do? I’ve never had a problem with snap upload…I deleted the other app that is still in the App Store that could be violating the terms. How long do I wait and would there still be a problem for me?? Someone please answer thank you..

  • Jazmin

    Hey, please help. I have actually been using snap upload for the past few months and it has never been a problem for me. A few days ago I noticed it was not in the App Store anymore and I couldn’t find it so I figured it’s not a registered app anymore. I guess that’s why my account was always on good standing. Anyway, about a day ago I downloaded another similar app that was basically the same thing as snap upload but I never used it. Then this morning I noticed my account was locked. What would you suggest I do? Cos snap upload has never been a problem and I don’t want my account to be permanently locked. 🙁

  • Zareen Khan

    I suggest you immediately delete that other upload app and try to log in again…it’s probably not going to work and they’ll ask you to wait for several hours and then try logging in again and their several hours means 1 whole day….so you should just wait for a day…

  • Fayruz

    It’s happened with me too. I opened the link and it said I can’t unlock and asked me to wait several hours. But how long 🙁 i keep trying but nope still blocked

  • Anonymous

    I was locked out because I changed my birthday to the wrong date(I made my bday be to young meaning i was 12)and now i cant login to snapchat because i’m to young.
    PLEASE HELP, thanks

  • anonymous

    My snapchat account has recently been locked. I have tried to unlock it many times but it is still not working even though i have uninstalled the third-party application I had on my phone. What do i do now?

  • An

    Mine is permanently locked

  • NorwayDuck

    Same!!! ~NorwayDuck

  • Maisy

    How do I properly uninstall a third party app?

  • Abigayle Crockett


  • Abigayle Crockett


  • Abigayle Crockett


  • Abigayle Crockett


  • maya

    Did you get back into ur acc or not i really need to know

  • maya

    Did u get back into ur acc i would really like to know

  • Modsd


  • Char

    Omg same!! Please help I’m scared!!

  • Katrina Gerasenko

    I changed my birthday cuz it was at 1917 and right after it said you were logged out then we I tried to sign it said you have been locked out and I went to the site it told me to go on then I clicked the unlock button and it says your account has been permanently locked Please unlock my account 😰😰😰

  • lauren love

    That’s how mines was I need answers now and does that mean we can’t unlock it at all

  • lauren love


  • Chloe


  • Anne Parker

    This not worked for me. However, I got my snapchat account unlocked with one Snapchat Troubleshooter. All you need to do is to run it. Here is the link for those who have their snapchat account blocked. Snapchat Unblocked(Troubleshooter)

  • Fayme Bazin

    Thanks, just got my acc back.

  • Patricia Loreen


  • Casey

    Same thing happen to me but don’t know what to do

  • Tara

    I know why I got permantely locked out of my account. Cause I changed my birthdate too the wrong one and it says I’m too young and I really need it back!! I’ve got all my friends! All my memories and all my streaks which is around 60 streaks and if I don’t get it back by tomorrow I loose all those streaks 😭 I really need some help on that!!

  • Tara


  • merr

    hii if it helps i had the same problem and all i did was emailed snapchat and told them the story, they emailed me back the next day and sent me a link to i can go and unlock it
    btw in the link they will need your username, email, and a passport or ID to prove that you are really 13 or over, after that they sent me an email and unlocked my snap 🙂 i hope this helps you

  • Rachelle

    When I click on that link it goes on to games?? And apps

  • Emma Burton

    how to use it?

  • Alexis Campbell

    Thank you for sharing it here.

  • Jimmy Smith


  • Lisa Sansone

    Thank you @disqus_DmFTnRuU4d:disqus

  • Lisa Sansone

    did you got your acc back?

  • Janette Mclean

    Thank you Anne Parker.

  • Joey Fronzaglia

    To what email address did you send them a message? I am having the same problem.

  • Meh

    Did u get it unlocked yet?

  • amisha

    What email address did you send them the message ?

  • hi

    what email address

  • Big A

    When I open this unlocking website, it shows ”locked account” what should I do?

  • Sam Knox

    I put in the wrong brith day thats all so what should i do

  • Guillermo Zevada Luna

    how many time a snapchat account can be locked up?

  • Roger D’cruz

    Same here. It’s been about 1 week and I still get this message. Please help!!

  • anonymous

    I put in the wrong birth year and now I am permanently locked out. I need it back soon, how do I get it back? I tried the website that is above but I am permanently locked, help!

  • marwa

    I put in the wrong birth year and now I am permanently locked out. I need it back soon, how do I get it back? I tried the website that is above but I am permanently locked, help! i need my memories back please help me

  • Marwa Algafly

    hi did you get it back all your memories?? i have the same problem know what should i do????

  • -Queen J

    My snap isn’t working because I put the wrong birthday in by accident so now I’m permanently locked out I just want my snap back

  • mhg992

    My snap isn’t working because I put the wrong birthday in by accident so now I’m permanently locked out I just want my memories back please help

  • Gabi

    Wat is there email anyway

    • mya

      What’s their email

  • zach white

    How do I change my bday when it won’t let me anymore

  • aleesya

    my age was changed and now i’m permanently locked out what do i do ? please help

  • aleesya

    what do i do ? can i ever get it back after my age was changed ? i’m 14 i’m old enough please unlock it i have over 70 streaks and all my memories are on it please help

  • Trinity

    What is snapchats email

  • Monecia Bae

    It’s not only you I did the same thing

  • Rowland

    Same I permanently got lock out of my account and I need it back , I had my streaks and I need my account back😭

  • tyra

    Do you know where to email them at please help

  • Ana

    It happen the same thing to me I was Messing around With the birthdate i put i was 12 and it randomly log out……

  • thegamergirl 1987

    I put I was 12 and it says it’s permanetly locked what do I do?.

  • It is really helpful post to unlock a locked snapchat account.

  • mya

    I’m having the same problem but I can’t figure their email?

  • Tami


  • Bruh

    How so u email snapchat my account is permanently locked

    • Shallan Shall

      Same I’ve waited 24 hours still doesnt work

  • Ruby

    How do I email Snapchat

  • Emmaberry the unicorn

    i don’t have any of the identification things and i lost all of my pictures and i’m very upset anyone help?

  • Mark Jamson

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  • Jahzara

    Can u tell me their email account so i can contact them also

  • i have blocked and i dont know how i need unlock it but i came to know that how to do, Thanks for post.

  • Leo

    wow, i,m shocked it works, i,m glad you share this method. thanks alot.

  • These ways are very simple and very much useful, as a beginner level these helped me a lot thanks fore sharing these kinds of useful and knowledgeable information.

  • that’s really a nice one

  • Nice it seems to be good post…

  • This post is helpful for the people who are looking to unlock their snap-chat account.