Review: UAG Rugged iPhone 6 Scout Folio Case and Scout iPad Mini Case

April 16, 2015 — by Xin Chan1



Review: UAG Rugged iPhone 6 Scout Folio Case and Scout iPad Mini Case

April 16, 2015 — by Xin Chan1

Last year when iPhone 6 comes out, I received the Aero case from UAG for review and eventually it becomes from go-to case for my iPhone 6. I use it almost everyday, except having my olloclip lens clipped on. The case offers superb protection to my fragile iPhone 6 and I don’t have to worry breaking it despite that I have Apple Care+ associated with the device.


Another advantage from UAG case is that they may look bulky but indeed they are feature-light as it claims to be. This is probably one of the major reasons that I love carrying it around.

Last weekend, I received 2 amazing cases from UAG again and I am going to share with you my impression on both of them in this post. For complete unboxing, you can check out the video at the end of this post which give you a better understanding than static photos.


Let’s start with the Rugged iPhone 6 Scout Folio Case. The case has the following flagship features:


  • Patented folio design fuses a soft rubberized binding with a feather-light impact resistant honeycomb core that also provides structural rigidity
  • Water resistant FrogSkin Technology™ (proprietary soft rubberized material) assures grip in all conditions even when wet or slippery
  • Hidden pocket can hold up to 3 credit cards
  • Easy access to touch-screen and ports
  • Over-sized tactile buttons allows easy access even inside your pocket
  • Precise cut-out insures glare-free flash photos and uncompromised audio even with the cover closed
  • Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)

This is my first ever wallet case for my iPhone. It is built with high quality, super light material. The rugged surface is very comfortable in hand. Not slippery and holds your iPhone tight.


I have the case with me running through a couple of full day out for hangouts and work and I do love using it. As an iPhoneholic person, I play with my phone very frequently even when I am walking. When it comes to payments with cards for transportation or meals, I no longer need to pull out my wallet from pocket with my empty hand and grab the card with fingertips which makes me look extremely clumsy. It is also convenient when I simply want to go downstairs to grab some snacks from convenience store real quick, I can put necessarily cards like personal ID card, credit/debit card and carry inside the Folio case.


Notably speaking, the cards I put into the case pocket will not fall out no matter how I shake it. There is a pad with some heights on top part of the inner cover that prevents the cards from dropping out from your case.


The only downside is that it adds certain thickness to the iPhone which makes it inevitably bulky. With the rugged outer texture and the thickness, it would be a bit hard to fit into pockets on tight jeans. But will work perfectly if you hold it with your hand or put inside your bag all the way and you definitely feel secure and comfortable with it.


So overall speaking, the UAG rugged iPhone 6 Folio case offers extreme protection to your iPhone and make your life easier. It comes with high quality output as their mission aims at. I will definitely use it more and more, from time to time. You can purchase it from UAG for $39.95.

Now we move on to the Scout iPad Mini case.


The iPad Mini is a very good tablet with good build quality, screen, size and weight that provides excellent mobility factor for users to carry around, at home or outdoor. I personally use it quite carelessly, usually without a case, with the Apple SmartCover, or with the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard. I used to love how light and bare-bone it can be.

But one of these provides any protection to the iPad body. I dropped it onto hard flooring several times with the corners hitting first and I started realizing how important that a protective case can help preserving the device with good condition.


Again, UAG offers good solution. I picked up their Scout Case, which is compatible with all 3 generations of iPad Mini, and it comes with the following features:

  • Armor shell and impact resistant soft core
  • Feather-light composite construction
  • Over-sized tactile buttons
  • Easy access to touch-screen and ports
  • Glare-free flash photos and un-compromised audio
  • Scratch resistant skid pads and screen surround
  • Customizable vents to keep the outlook cool


The UAG Scout iPad Mini Case comes with a very cool design that I personally super fond of. The ports are precisely cut out that gives user zero obstacle to plug in cables and also taking pictures. The greatest feature is the Lay-on-table bumper case design not only offers with extra scratch protection when putting the device upside-down on the table, but also with solid grid on holding it, despite of a bit thickness being added onto the device itself.


One downside that I personally have is that the case could be a bit slippery as the material that the back-plate is made of is not rugged or rubberized. It could be better if I have picked the Scout Folio with the water resistant grip material which is similar to the iPhone 6 case that we mentioned above. But all in all, the UAG Scout Case is a very good choice to protect your iPad Mini all-rounded.


You can order this iPad Mini case on UAG website for $39.95.

To conclude, UAG cases are your excellent and durable choice with reasonable price tag for your iDevices as always. Be sure to check out the products on UAG website and pick one if you like them. Feel free to leave a comment below on how you feel about it and welcome to send me a tweet if you want to hear more from my user experience.

Herewith the unboxing video for the two cases for your perusal:

Xin Chan

Chan Xin is a tech geek, an iOS specialist, You can follow @chanxin on Twitter.

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