Review: Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook

March 27, 2015 — by Xin Chan2



Review: Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook

March 27, 2015 — by Xin Chan2

I have seldom been so crazy to purchase a gadget right on the launch day, especially accessories for my Apple Products. I usually wait and see and check out numbers of reviews before I cash in. But I really love this product at first sight and I wanted it for my MacBook Pro for long. It is BaseLift for MacBook presented by Twelve South, launched last Wednesday.

It is a super-thin, microfiber-layered integrated stand and lap pad for MacBooks, which fits all current MacBook Pro and Air models, with the following features in summary:

– Super thin and light (3.7 mm, 119 g)
– Tilts MacBook to a comfortable typing angle (10 degrees, elevates by 32 mm)
– Improves air circulation
– Protects your thighs from the heat emitted
– Attaches to MacBook to go everywhere you go
– Protects and adds comforts to the bottom of your MacBook
– Easy to remove anytime, leaving no residue behind
– Easily fits into most bags and MacBook cases

BaseLift features a two-piece design. You can find inside the package the primary BaseLift Pad and an optional secondary Fit Strip for 13 and 15-inch models. Don’t panic when you open the box as there is a very comprehensive installation guide with graphical illustrations to help you out in getting the product set up and works well. Notably speaking, don’t just look at the pictures but also the words, you need to be careful with the alignment of the pad in order to have the best balance and experience when you flip your MacBook upside down again.


When you first peel off the protective films of the pads, you might have a thought that it is actually a big piece of traditional twin adhesive tape. Unfortunately this is incorrect. It is a technology called SurfaceGrip, a modern adhesive that allows not only fast, easy installation and strong adherence but also residue-free if detached.


After the simple installation, your BaseLift now works similar to the iPad SmartCovers that we are so used to. Fold it up intuitively and you will see the flagship red stand ready to serve. Turn your MacBook upside down and rest it on your desk. It is not slippery on most surfaces, thanks to an additional layer of rubber on the hinge that much increased the friction against the surface that it is resting on. Here are some pictures showcasing how it looks in reality.


I did considered getting an aluminum stand to lift up my MacBook but I have never come across a design that I really think it will work. Most of them look bulky and are inconvenient to carry around as they are standalone metal or plastic frames. BaseLift makes it super portable that I can easily put my MacBook into my Acme Made Skinny Sleeve.

In addition to the ‘love at first sight’, with 4 day usage and mobilizing my MacBooks from home, to office and to meetings, I would say it is a perfect match with my MacBook. Typing experience has never been so good, as I don’t have any accessories like this and always type on a flat surface that makes my wrists fatigue over time. It is also very comfortable to type on lap as the MacBook won’t slip around.

It is priced at $39.99 with fast international shipping. I placed my order on Friday and I received it on Monday. Definitely check out and place your order now on Twelve South’s product website. Below is the official video to showcase this amazing product.

Xin Chan

Chan Xin is a tech geek, an iOS specialist, You can follow @chanxin on Twitter.