Launcher for iOS 8: Your Favorite Things Now At Your Fingertips

March 21, 2015 — by Adeel Qayum0



Launcher for iOS 8: Your Favorite Things Now At Your Fingertips

March 21, 2015 — by Adeel Qayum0

Whenever I decide to install new apps on my iPhone the first thing I look for is functionality. I don’t want to clutter my iPhone home screen with useless apps I regret installing in the first place.

Launcher with Notification Center Widget is probably one of the most useful apps I have right now on my iPhone and it’s awesome. This app works on the iOS 8 and makes all your favorite things accessible to you through just a single swipe of the finger.

How to use Launcher for iOS 8

Once you install this app on to your iPhone you will immediately get the iOS 8 Today Widget which can be added to your Notification Center. You don]t have to worry about deciding which apps to put on the home screen or the dock of the iPhone. None of us like a fully covered home screen. However, through the Launcher widget you can add more than a dozen apps, web and contact launchers into the NC which will then allow you to access everything with just one swipe.

This app is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is tap the Notification Center. From there you can easily call, send messages, emails, and even Facetime with people you remain in contact with.


It’s always fun to stay in contact with your friends and family, and share content very conveniently. You can also search for restaurants, or even a new coffee shop to go to, or any other location you might find fancy. Not only that you can easily load specific pages on your Facebook account, tweet your thoughts to the world, and more.

The Launcher app also gives you clear directions regarding how to use it. Customizing the app according to your taste is quite easy. You can edit, remove and rearrange the launchers you have selected by going to the main view. If you think you don’t want any launcher anymore all you need to do is take it out. The colors are very simple as well and are easy on the eyes, which is always a positive in my book.

Final thoughts

One of the best things for me when it comes to Launcher is the ease of access. Whenever I want to listen to some music all I have to do is swipe to reveal the iPhone’s NC, and then simply tap on the Music app launcher I added to my collection. There’s no need for me to go through my home screen in search of the Music app anymore or any other app for that matter. If you want to have access to all of your apps on your fingertips, this is the app that should be on your device.

You can download Launcher with Notification Center Widget free of cost from the App Store. Let us know your thoughts on after you get to use it.

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