Review: UAG Aero Case for iPhone 6

November 3, 2014 — by Xin Chan1



Review: UAG Aero Case for iPhone 6

November 3, 2014 — by Xin Chan1

After a few reviews in the past on iPhone 5/5s cases which have different special features, functionalities and characteristics, however, I have not touched on any of the protective cases available in the market. Today let us take a look at a Aero case for iPhone 6 from Urban Armor Gear (UAG) that I have been staying with for a week.

If you have seen one of our flying ads on the website, you may have already know UAG. For those who has not, UAG is a company that makes cases for smartphones and tablets which is famous for its innovative, patented design and quality materials, that offers superb protection to your expensive and beloved devices against impact. The wide variety of different style and colour options which enables you to get a case that fits your unique personality. UAG also offers free worldwide shipping for all orders which generally takes 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on destinations and customs clearance speed.


The Aero case will cost you $34.95 for iPhone 6 and $5 more for iPhone 6 Plus. There is also other colour and design options available on their website and also for other devices such as the new iPad Air 2 which has just launched for less than a couple of weeks. Furthermore, there are also featured cases for Samsung, HTC smartphones and Microsoft Surface Pros.


Inside the box, you are going to find the case, a micro-fibar cleaning cloth, a HD screen protector and some installation guide and kit. I did not install the screen protector for the review because I have already had a tempered glass applied on my iPhone 6. However, it does have high quality and nice cut-outs for the screen and it also has some instruction provided to tell you which side is protective or adhesive which I often make mistake on. So here I can say it is a standard packages that comes with all you may need.


The case that I picked is Aero which has a very impressive high-tech and premium design. It is composed by an armor shell and impact resistant soft core. The outer shell is well-polished that allows you to slide into you pocket easily without any friction, while at the same time providing a strong backbone to your iPhone without worrying about Bendgate issues. For the inner soft part it is definitely a high quality one that could stand with accidental drop and external impacts.


UAG iPhone 6 Case also features feather-light composite construction. I did not precisely measure the weight but I feel that it is not much heavier than the official leather case from Apple. Although the case added some weight and size over the super-thin iPhone 6, grabbing it feels very comfortable, easy to hold and not slippery at all.


Scratch resistant skid pads and screen surround add some height to the case at the corners that could protect your phone from hits to the edge, screen and also the protruding camera at the back.It is also listed that the case meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) which is theoretically very durable against shock test. I did try to hammer the phone on some hard-wood surface and the case functioned well as stated. Although the impact is minimal so that means in normal daily usages, the wear-and-tear situation is negligible, and a care-free protection hence can be provided.


The over-sized tactile buttons has smooth and comfortable texture. They provide users with zero difficulty in pressing on the volume rocker and the power button. It is also not unlikely for user to press by mistake after putting into pockets and bags.


The ports on the side and bottom are well cut out makes ways for easy access to the mute toggle, as well as for power port and headset jack. They does not block the microphone and audio speaker which offers users with undistorted audio recording and playing experience. The enhanced opening at the headphone jack also does not matter if you are using a earpiece with a straight or L-shape connector. At the back side, wide cutout for camera location assures users to have glare-free flash when taking pictures.


To conclude, UAG case is an excellent durable choice with a reasonable price point for your iPhone 6 comparing to other brands such as Otterbox and Trident. Definitely check it out from the UAG website and pick one if you want. Please leave us a comment on how you feel about it and welcome to send me a tweet if you want to hear more from my usage experience. And to view full-resolution pictures of UAG iPhone 6 case, please visit the Gallery on my Google+.

Xin Chan

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