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Colorize Control Center with Uniformity Songs Arab Mp3 Free Of Charge Miriam Forex

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Colorize Control Center with Uniformity

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What it does is basically allowing you to customize the color scheme and appearance of you Control Center. You can change the color of the toggles at normal (turning off) and switched on. You can also change the background tint color to whatever you like or match with the Notification Center style.

Uniformity Cydia HackUniformity Cydia Hack

There are quite a few options to configure in the Settings panel. There is a kill switch where you can toggle on and off for the tweak. There is also a toggle to use NC style as I mentioned above. Further, there are three sliders that you can adjust the opacity of the colors of the toggles to make it lighter or stronger. At the bottom you will find the core part of the tweak which is the section that you can choose the colors. The best thing here is, you can customize color by inputting the hex of it which is really cool. If you do not have the knowledge on it, there are just tons of preset options that you pick for normal, highlight and tint colors. Barely counting by hand there are over 270 colors to choose from. Mathematically, there are about 20 million combinations.

Uniformity Cydia Hack 3Uniformity Cydia Hack 4

You can definitely make it to a very crazy style with high contrast, bright and extreme color that makes it really stand out from the others. For me I am kind of sticking to the original Notification Center style with semi-transparency and blurry background and making the contrast softer just like what you see from the screenshot. 

So far for I have tested over this tweak, it works extremely well, no crash, snappy and delays. It takes effect immediately when you invoke the ControlCenter again. It is already very nice when initial beta release.

Just a point from the developer that Uniformity does not support changing custom toggle colors. If you like this tweak, you can add to your Cydia repo source and download the beta verison 0.0.1~beta 1-1 for free. 

Xin Chan

Chan Xin is a tech geek, an iOS specialist, You can follow @chanxin on Twitter.

  • Alexander

    Thank you for your post ;)!

    Can you tell me all your settings in uniformity from the first left picture please?

    Thank you