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Fake GPS Lets You Spoof Locations at Your Wish

October 27, 2013 — by Xin Chan2


CydiaiPhoneiPod Touch

Fake GPS Lets You Spoof Locations at Your Wish

October 27, 2013 — by Xin Chan2

Do you feel frustrated when you could not or forgot to check-in at memorable scenery or restaurants while you just can’t do it back date with apps like Instagram or Foursquare? Now here’s a jailbreak tweak for you.

Fake GPS is an recently released Cydia App which you can change your iPhone or iPad’s current location as per your wish. After setting a fake location with just a long hold and press on a map view, all enabled location-based apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, Wechat, etc on your device immediately identify and believe you are there. As per the developer, by changing your location, you can protect your location privacy, get around the location specific locks that some apps put in place to prevent you from viewing content in certain regions. Go where you have never been before, and meet people there, in a second.

After installing the tweak it will create a app icon on your home screen. Launching the app will prompt to allow location being used by the app so simply allow it. It will show your actual location in a blue dot on the map. If you tap and hold on the map on a specific location, there will be a red pin showing on that location and here you are setting your target fake location. Simply press the “play” button at the bottom and you are good to go to use this as your location in other location-based apps to check-in. You can also create you favourite your location list by tapping on the star icon at the right hand side of the target location bubble. From there you don’t have to search the location you have repeatedly been to once again on the map.


You can directly access the settings panel of the app by tapping the little gear icon on the top right hand corner. From there you can enable and disable sound effect, change map type between Standard and Satellite view, view and toggle apps in the App White List and change language between English and Traditional or Simplified Chinese. There are also session that you check out the instruction of app use, upgrade to Full version, feedback and visit developer website.


Maybe you will compare this with Locationholic which is a very early and classic tweak to fake and spoof. Offering similar major functionality, I will pick Fake GPS over Locationholic in terms of various aspects. Firstly, it is about settings. Of course there are some settings like Accuracy range that are only available in Locationholic. However I don’t find it is very useful as we may not look for such perfection for loading a fake location. We may just need a rough one to check-in or show you are somewhere else. Another setting is App White List in Fake GPS versus Exception List in Locationholic. I found it is more intuitive for the App White List over exceptions, as we generally understand that we turn to enable and toggle off to disable. It is more straightforward as no brainers.

Another advantage for Fake GPS over Locationholic is the price. For full Pro version of Fake GPS costs only $4.99 while is more than half price of Locationholic which is $9.99. Fake GPS also has a Lite version, which I am using it for this review. There is no limitation of how many times you can use the tweak but it limits the geographical range to 20km from your actual current location. I think this is already good enough to be used in a city, say as I mentioned, that you would like to check-in back date on a location that you were at. However, Locationholic only offers 5 times of free trials which is really limited and so put the app into another disadvantage in addition to its selling price.

Both Pro and Lite version of Fake GPS are available in Cydia’s BigBoss Repo. The Pro version is selling at $4.99 and the Lite version is completely free with mentioned limitations. I highly recommend you grab the Lite version to give some try outs and support the developer to buy the Pro version if you like it.

Here is a video demo to show how Fake GPS works in action.

Xin Chan

Chan Xin is a tech geek, an iOS specialist, You can follow @chanxin on Twitter.

  • Shane

    Nice article. BTW, Fake GPS has been updated to 1.3.5

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