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iOS 7 Tip: Use App Store Wish List to Save Your Desired Apps

You come across an app in App Store but for whatever reasons you’re not ready to purchase it. Probably you think the app is too expensive and you want to wait for a discount. Or the app size is too large for download while you’re on the road. You want to get it until you get a Wi-Fi connection. The same goes for songs, books, movies in iTunes Store.

In the past, you may jot down the items somewhere (say, by using Reminders) to remind yourself. With the release of iOS 7, it provides a new feature that allows you to save your desired apps into a wish list.

App Store Wish List Button

It’s very handy to use the Wish List feature. When you spot an app in App Store, you can tap the Share button and select “Add to Wish List” to put it into your own wish list.

App Store Wish List

That’s it. To view the items in your wish list, tap the Wish List button in App Store.

View App Store Wish List

And your wish list is displayed. You can manage the wish list by tapping the Edit button.

View App Store Wish List

You can use the same procedures to save books, songs, albums and movies into wish list when using iTunes Store app.

itunes store wish list

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