Next Generation iPad: 5 Things to Expect

September 22, 2013 — by Simon Ng0



Next Generation iPad: 5 Things to Expect

September 22, 2013 — by Simon Ng0

The iPhone 5S and 5C were just launched with fans excited to use an all plastic body 5C as well as experience their own fingers as passwords with the introduction of Touch ID for iPhone 5S. Over the last couple of days, a lot has been said about the next generation of Apple smartphones leading to some visionary conclusions of how their big brother iPad will progress on it’s own pipeline.

According to experts you can expect the launch of the much anticipated iPad 5 as soon as October right before the holiday season kicks in. With the current generation iPad it’s almost unclear as to how and what new features Apple is going to incorporate in their new tablets. Based on the September 10th event I couldn’t help myself but take some inspirations from Apple’s latest series of iPhones and come up with my own predictions for the things to include in the next generation iPad.

ipad and ipad mini

Touch ID is inevitable

It’s no wonder that Apple finally realized how their users get annoyed when they have to type the same password every time during an app or music purchase. With the help of the new Touch ID for iPhone 5S, Apple is looking to eliminate your alphanumeric password and replace it with something that comes naturally to us – our own fingerprint. You can definitely expect the same type of fingerprint sensor for the next generation iPad 5 that allows you to make purchases with a scan of your fingers.

Better iSight Camera

The new iPad 5 will definitely be equipped with a better iSight camera and the all new burst mode. The camera should also feature Apple’s latest slo-mo 120fps video recording capability. The new iSight camera in iPad will be somewhere around the same megapixel range of the current generation but enhanced in terms of focal length, backlit illumination and other optical technicalities allowing you to take stunning pictures.

Golden iPad 5

Although I don’t see any possibility of multi-colored plastic iPads one can guess that the next gen iPad will feature an all new gold variant just like we have seen with the new iPhone 5S.

Faster 64 Bit A7 Chip

It’s a no brainer that Apple is going to incorporate their latest A7 chip on the next gen iPad allowing it to work faster and produce intense graphics on the gorgeous 9.7 inch retina display. The M7 chip should take care of any tablet fitness fanatic although I don’t see any practical use of it. I mean who the hell is going to run around the streets with their iPad on them. The A7 should also ensure that the new iPad will have a steady battery life which is one of the crucial reasons why people choose Apple’s tablets over the competition.

Pricing is the key for iPad & iPad Mini

Last but not the least one of the most essential things that Apple needs to get right is the way they price the new iPads. The current version pricing looks good but it would be awesome if they can lower the price of iPad Mini and add a substantial amount of difference between the two versions allowing users with a wide range of options to consider apart from size and form factor. The way Apple played with the iPhone 5S and 5C is extraordinary. What they did is transform the original iPhone 5 into a plastic covered phone and reduce the price substantially. One can expect a similar strategy with the upcoming lineup of iPads.

What do you expect from the next generation of iPad?

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