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App Review: Hungry Shark Evolution for iPhone and iPad

August 3, 2013 — by Sette Capati0


AppsiPadiPhoneiPod Touch

App Review: Hungry Shark Evolution for iPhone and iPad

August 3, 2013 — by Sette Capati0

Come and experience the underwater and play as a monstrous eating shark: dive, live, and die like one. Yes! Hungry Shark is back, and this time, it’s an evolution iOS game that will test your survival instincts and aquatic skills.

What the heck?

Future Games of London brings us Hungry Shark Evolution, an iOS universal freemium game that lets you play as Shark in this ultimate test of survival.


How does it work?

Ravenous. Gluttonous. Bloody-thirsty‚Ķokay, enough of the overrated synonymous to describe the main player; since you get to play as Shark, here’s what you need to do.

Once it is launched, it’ll automatically sync with your Game Center’s account. Wait for a while as it loads the main menu and shows the basic game mechanics on your underwater experience.

It’ll prompt you to choose your game control: touch or tilt, it’s your call. While the game will recommend you to choose tilt as the best option, you have to get used to its sensitivity and calibrate it precisely.


Your mission is to eat and feast with the tasty sea creatures and humans, from fishes to turtles to lost divers and swimmers, for survival until you complete each level; find treasures underwater; and finish your greatest mission. However, beware of those stingy jellyfish because they can zap your life for good.

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Collect as many coins as you can, but with those coins are exchanged lives of those poor sea creatures and humans. As a reward (since you’re a well-known ferocious shark), you’ll have more chances to unlock upgrades for Mr. Shark (that’s you!) from Reef Shark to Great White Shark.

Is it noteworthy?

At first, it is kind of annoying to play this game on its tilt mode, but as you play along, you’re on your way to shark-eating sessions in a jiffy; no sweat at all as you devour those fishes and humans. Indeed, shark attack is on its way. I’m not yet done with the game, but I found it addicting as I try to overcome my sense of competitiveness and egoism just to beat my survival time, longest swim, and how many coins I’ve collected.

Nonetheless, Hungry Shark Evolution is my type of game, and I tell you, it’s a noteworthy app that must have a space in your iOS device. Oh, by the way, it does require 129 MB space (kinda big, but you can check it out for yourself if it’s worth it).

It’s available on App Store for free. You may download it via iTunes direct link.

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