Import Videos from Camera Roll into Instagram with InstaChooser

July 18, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum2



Import Videos from Camera Roll into Instagram with InstaChooser

July 18, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum2

Instagram laid the bombshell a few days ago announcing that video upload was now possible on the platform. Since then, a lot of development is going on in the smartphone development community to release apps that allow users to upload videos on Instagram.

Likewise, the jailbreak community has been active as well, and because of their efforts, a new tweak has made way at the Cydia Store by the name InstaChooser. This tweak will allow you to share videos that are stored on your jailbroken iPhone camera roll to Instagram.

Uploading is not the only feature provided by the tweak. It also allows you to add snippets and filters to the current clips. The tweak therefore can be used to just edit videos as well.

You need to have Instagram installed already in order to take advantage of the tweak. After downloading and installing the tweak on your phone, a new menu is going to be created in the stock Settings app. You won’t find many toggles there, with only a single one present to either make the tweak active or inactive.

Instachooser for Instagram

To see the tweak in action, you’ll have to use Instagram. When using the video recording mode, a new import button will be added at the right side of the recording button. Import button will allow you to load videos from the camera roll.

The tweak works in a smart way and presents videos in the form of albums. If this feature wasn’t present, you can imagine how inconvenient it would have been for you to browse through the sea of videos if you regularly record them. Shorter than 15 second videos can be joined with additional videos by long-pressing on the red button.

InstaChooser is a $1.99 download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Some of you may experience crashing when uploading longer videos and this issue is expected to be fixed soon as the tweak isn’t free. Let us know if you give this tweak a go and feel free to share your comments.

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  • DJ Ollie

    Instachooser keeps crashing even when I cut it to 10 seconds… I can import and choose filter, but when I’m supposed to choose a cover frame it crashes.

    • I had this issue, upgrading instachooser helped…