Automatic Turns iPhone into Your Smart Driving Assistant

July 15, 2013 — by Simon Ng0



Automatic Turns iPhone into Your Smart Driving Assistant

July 15, 2013 — by Simon Ng0

A few months ago, Automatic Labs has revealed an innovative device that utilizes the famous iPhone gadget is about to be launched. The smart device will automatically link common vehicles with iPhone so as to allow drivers to save a lot of money and time.

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How does the Automatic Link App work?

Automatic Link has to be plugged into the on-board diagnostics port (OBD) featured by the vehicle, and situated beneath the left part of the dashboard close to the seat of the driver. The OBD port has been incorporated into absolutely all vehicles commercialized within the United States starting from 1996, and it permits the drawing out of information related to the speed of the automobile, to the amount of fuel left, as well as to error reports. The Link supervises these and several other pointers, offering data on how drivers have the possibility to circulate more securely and have power over energy usage.

Apparently, the device is meant to make driving a lot smarter. According to Thejo Kote, who is both CEO and co-founder of Automatic, tiny modifications in driving behavior will have as a result important savings when it comes to gas usage. He also stated that their purpose is to enhance the vehicle possession experience without having to improve the vehicle. The Automatic Link is triggered each time the owner turns the vehicle on or off, and it produces a journey report indicating where the vehicle went, the fuel efficiency it managed to accomplish during the journey, and also the equivalent of this efficiency expressed in money. Besides, it shows weekly timelines and trends which the driver can share with other individuals who have a similar car.

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Automatic Link – a Smart App you’ll Adore

If you keep utilizing the device, you will be offered a weekly driving score statement, involving aspects like fast acceleration, rough braking, as well as speeding. Drivers are then able to adjust their driving so that they can enhance fuel efficiency. Plus, Automatic Link utilizes GPS data in order to determine the cost of filling the tank of your vehicle by taking into account the stations that are situated in close proximity, gas costs, as well as the level of your gas at that moment.

Furthermore, the device supervises vehicle health, and utilizes push notifications in order to clarify, for example, why the “check” engine light might be activated. And that’s not all! The system also interprets the issue and in most cases, it provides you with a solution. And if you want to avoid a trip to the mechanic, you should know that the device will help you solve the problem.

A very useful feature is represented by the incorporated Crash Alert system which utilizes the data connection of the iPhone to give several important details about accidents to 911 right away, such as the driver’s name, place, and car description. Additionally, it can even inform your family and friends about the crash and whether you are about to receive help or not.

What’s even better is that you no longer have to estimate how much gas you need in order to get somewhere because the Automatic app will also handle this aspect for you. Plus, it can be utilized for older vehicles that don’t indicate fuel efficiency on the dashboard.

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Pricing and device compatibility

Most drivers have the tendency to forget where they left their vehicles, and this is when Automatic Link comes in. The device will inform them about the location of your car, making it easier for you to find it. So, if you think that this device is a good investment, you have the possibility to pre-order it from the Automatic Labs website.

The price featured by the device is $70, and it includes no subscription charges. At the moment, the system works only on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, and will be delivered starting from September. In case you use the Android platform, don’t worry. Automatic stated that a version compatible with this platform will be launched this fall. Taking into consideration all the features mentioned above, it is likely for numerous drivers to see this device as a totally useful acquisition for their vehicles, not to mention that the price is totally reasonable if you consider all the benefits that the system has to offer.

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