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ActiWidget: Add Useful Activator for Notification Center Types Of Binary Option Mt4 Templates

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Ryan Petrich is a known figure in the jailbreak community, and he has lately released a new jailbreak app that goes by the name Actiwidget. It places toggles in the Notification Center and while the functionality seems to sound simple, you can create toggle buttons for any of the functions that Activator gestures can carry out.

This means toggles for native as well as third-party apps can be placed in the Notification Center. The tweak also allows you to place a single button that can be used to toggle all the actions at one time.

ActiWidget Cydia hack

You can set several actions on a single button. You can for example, set a button that makes the Wi-Fi active whenever you launch an app that needs the Wi-Fi to be turned on.

For using Actiwidget, turn it on from the notification panel in Settings. Next, head over in Activator and search for the tweak’s entry in Menus.

There’s an ‘Add Action’ button that will be available that will allow you to add actions of your choice. A single action is quite easy to add as you have to select one and go back by tapping the back button.

If two or more actions are set against a single button, they’ll actively play there role whenever you tap that button in the Notficiation Center. You can set an unlimited number of buttons for different actions, but it’s not recommended to do so as you’ll be lost in a sea of buttons when trying to find a particular one.

For using Actiwidget, go to Manage sources in Cydia and add the following URL:

Actiwidget is a free of charge download from Ryan Petrich’s repo. Let us know what you think if you give it a try.

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