Invisible Gamepad Eliminates The Need Of External Controllers For iOS

June 30, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum1



Invisible Gamepad Eliminates The Need Of External Controllers For iOS

June 30, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum1

Studies and reports show the exponential growth of smartphone gamers, but it’s a reality that gaming on iOS and other mobile platforms doesn’t quite offer the same experience as console gaming. Tactile feedback has been missing from iOS devices so far and while several controllers are available from third-party makers, they aren’t most convenient to carry around in your pockets and in some instances it just looks plain odd.

With an aim to solve this problem and falsify the claims that mobile gaming doesn’t have a bright future, a new Kickstarter has been launched by the name of ‘Invisible Gamepad’. This new solution works on any iOS device with a screen and allows users to play with the controls without looking at them through tactile feedback. Transparent films featuring raised edges are used to make it and the Gamepad doesn’t interfere with the normal functioning of the device.

invisible gamepad

The Invisible Gamepad can be left on toggled even if you’re not using it and you can continue to use the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch in a normal way without any interference. It won’t get in the way of browsing, streaming and performing other functions.

The controllers have been tested by real gamers and the design technology is patented. The precision control allows for a great gaming experience at any point in time, and also eliminates the need of carrying an external controller in your pocket.

The gamepads can be used on devices on displays with a screen protector. However, if the protector is unclean, the controllers can slide and bubbles might appear, so it’s recommended to clean the protector if deciding to take this route.

Any of the games that require tapping on-screen buttons are supported by the Invisible Gamepad, and the most enjoyable ones will be racing, arcade and FPS games.

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Invisible Gamepad is perhaps the best solution for a high-end gaming experience on the go. They also work with D-Pads and A-Pads, and offer superior level of precision because the user doesn’t have to take away fingers from the screen.
The Gamepad relies on an adhesive that’s special in nature, so the screen of your device doesn’t get damaged when they’re removed.

The whole package contains 63 transparent film controls (24 analog pads, 10 digital pads, 19 buttons and 10 4-way digital pads).

The project has already been launched on Kickstarter and spots are available to be a part of making this controller a reality.

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