NativeQR Adds QR Code Reader to iOS Stock Camera

June 21, 2013 — by Xin Chan2

NativeQR is a new jailbreak tweak developed by the creator of Beacon Evan Swick (@e_swick) that incorporates QR Code reader functionality into the stock iOS Camera app. You can toggle to enable or disable the QR code reader function inside the Camera app’s option menu just like HDR and Grids. And there is no additional option in Settings.

Like using the camera normally, focus it on the QR code that you want to read and almost instantly it identified the code and brings up a dialogue menu asking you whether to copy the link or to cancel. It also adds a sharing option as QR code into your stock Contacts App which is really nice. Your friends can scan it and it will bring up the “add to contacts” page. What Is Online Forex Trading



One Little Bug

As far as I have been testing and using this tweak, I found that my Velox Camera window is unable to load properly. The shutter keeps closed no matter how I tried. Probably this is something the developers can work on. Just be picky but in general the tweak is very smooth and easy to use. The recent update also fixed some issues with Panorama with iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation.

If you get annoyed to flip through pages on HomeScreen or find it time consuming to search your third party QR code reader apps, then this is something for you. NativeQR is available on Cydia’s BigBoss Repo with a cost of $1.99.

Xin Chan

Chan Xin is a tech geek, an iOS specialist, You can follow @chanxin on Twitter.