Cybernetic Offers You More Control Over Notification Banners

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You can also enable options to stop AutoDismiss and AutoReplace. No Autodismiss will keep the latest notification banner staying on top of your screen until another comes. No AutoReplace will keep the earliest instead.

What I really love to use is the option is the “Smart Banners”, which I think it is more preferable that global “No Banners”. The Smart Banners option allows me to suppress notification banners when “Do Not Disturb” mode is enabled. It is a very good news for gamers like me who does not want to be disturbed and distracted by unwanted notifications that could come at any time. The No Banners option can also be suitable for people who do not want to be managed by notifications.

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Even it is no longer free since the most recent version release in ModMyi, it is still worthwhile to purchase and use. Cybernetic 1.1 is now available in Cydia’s BigBoss Repo for 99 cents.

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