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App Review: My Followers on Instagram Lets You See Who Viewed Your Profile

Do you want to know who’s viewing your Instagram account? While this may sound creepy, this app doesn’t encourage stalking other IG accounts. It simply features your followers, top commentators, and ghost followers.

mzl.ipzuhska.320x480-75What the heck?

My Followers for iPad is a universal app developed by Apprizon LLC, allowing you to see who un-followed you, discover your ghost followers, and more. Currently, the app brags with 4 stars in 1,700 + of ratings on App Store.

How does it work?

The app requires users’ authentication via Instagram account; after invoking the access, the app will automatically scan the current number of followers: new, un-followed you, blocked you, not following back, top likers and commentators, and ghost followers.

It allows you to see the new followers; track the un-followers; view, like, and comment on photos; and bookmark comments. It also includes banners, categorizing each account status.


My Followers on Instagram offers in-app purchases to enjoy the extra features such as discovering those who blocked you, not following you back, top likers, commentators, multiple account support, ghost followers, etc.

It has a promote feature that allows users to share who followed, blocked, or ghost-followed them.

You must have an Instagram account to use this app, and it only supports accounts with 30k followers and below.

How’s the app?

The app is useful for IG users who are 24/7 checking out their friends account. Since it also features a full-interface for the iPad , you’ll be able to see high-resolution photos.

My-followers-on-Instagram-reviewThe corner banner looks awesome; it uses colors to distinguish the status of each account that you’re following.

Overall, if I were to rate this app, it deserves 4-stars.

You can download My Followers on Instagram for $0.99 via iTunes direct link.

Let us know if you find it useful; your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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  • KING LaLa (OD)

    I thought I would be able to see who doesn’t follow me but still looks at my page…that’s why I downloaded it

    • Brianna Hillson

      So it didn’t let you do that? What is the GHOST FOLLOWERS feature all about then?? Is it a scam?

      • KING LaLa (OD)

        Its basically people who follow you but never like or comment on your pics! I thought i would catch some nosey people lol

  • Farri sidx

    Can i check who checked my profile?? Ix there any option like dat?