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Top 10 Candy Crush Saga Tips and Cheats to Help You Move to the Next Level

May 26, 2013 — by Sette Capati7


AppsTips & How-to

Top 10 Candy Crush Saga Tips and Cheats to Help You Move to the Next Level

May 26, 2013 — by Sette Capati7

I’ve been so hooked up with Candy Crush for more than a month now, and though it is daunting to finish chocolate-coated jellies in advanced levels, there’s something about it that makes my brain tick. Honestly, I was caught-off guard with it. Frankly, I’m a self-confessed Candy Crush addict.

Playing with it for a few weeks has helped me discover some strategies and cheats to move on to the next level. Whether you’re just starting to play it or you’ve been tinkering with it for a few months, here are the top ten Candy Crush tips and cheats you should know.

1. Earn That Sweet Wrapped Candy

Candy Crush Saga’s basic game concept is to match three similar colored candies. However, matching four to five at once will reward you more points.

Matching 5 similar candies in an L- or T-shape figure gives you a unique wrapped candy that clears out others when matched with similarly colored candies.


2. Big Chocolate Ball is Your Friend

Aside from the wrapped candy, you must also look for candy patterns to give you the big chocolate ball. It looks yummy, isn’t it and this is not your ordinary candy (disco-like) ball.


Here’s the result:


I call it the Holy Grail of the candies – it can do more than just zapping all the similar candies when switched. If combined with special candies, there’s going to a blast on the game board. Most likely, you’re going to finish the level instantly.

3. Wrapped and Striped Candy Combo Move

The wrapped and striped candy combo will earn you a giant candy that will destroy a good number of candies. In jelly-themed levels, you’re unlikely to complete a level if you stick to the three-colored-candies move.

However, with the giant candy on board, it’ll maneuver candies vertically and horizontally. It’s one of the best moves to get to the next level.

4. Start From the Bottom

This might sound common for advanced players, but one of the secrets of this game is to simply start from the bottom, creating a cascading effect that will potentially give you free moves instead of crushing the candies at the top. Personally, I think this is a rule of thumb for ingredient-themed levels.

5. Clear Tiles That are Far Away With Striped Candies

There are certain levels where players are required to clear out the jellies from tiles that are out of reach. You need to play carefully with striped candies (e.g., dropping them to the vertical or horizontal level adjacent to faraway places, eventually matching them).

Example of this is level 77; I was stuck for a few days since the tiles are out of reach. I used power moves and combos to get rid of those jelly tiles.


6. Big Chocolate Ball and Striped Candy Combo

For jelly-themed and square-coated chocolate levels, combining the big chocolate ball with a striped candy will blast most of the tiles vertically and horizontally. It’s best that the big chocolate ball is adjacent to a striped candy. Switched it and see the blast! You’re on your way to the next level.


Here’s the result:


7. Understand Chocolate Squares

I must confess, when I started playing Candy Crush Saga and reached the square-coated levels, I began to hate chocolates and started craving for Skittles.

Anyway, you don’t have to hate them; rather, you must understand their moves in this game. Try your best to get rid of them each round as soon as possible before they regenerate and block the entire board. You can use combos and power ups to get rid of them faster. Chocolate squares will avoid striped candies and will not also eat a fruit or nut but will absorb bombs.

8. Clear the Licorice as Fast as You Can

Clear rows that consist of locked candies using striped combos. This will result in more candies cascading downwards, giving you free moves. Since the moves in licorice-themed levels are limited and the candies won’t just get out of the way, deploying combos and power ups will help you crush the candies.

9. Cheat Time using Devices to Get Extra Lives

Do you want to get 15 lives? You can play using Facebook, but if you ran out of lives there, play using your tablet. If you can’t crush the candies in the same level, play using your smartphone. This gives you a total of 15 lives.

If you’re not yet satisfied, you can play with your heart’s content by cheating the time on your device for unlimited lives. Adjust the clock 2 hours ahead, and you’ll get 4 lives.

Go to Settings > General> Date & Time > Set Time Off > Set Date and Time >

You will eventually pay back the time you spent, but you can schedule that while you’re sleeping. Remember to change the time from PM to AM if you’re going past midnight.

10. +5 Candy is Your Best Friend

Don’t forget to make a candy crush chain with +5 on time-trial levels. These +5 candies will add 5 seconds whenever you play in these levels.

Well, on top of my top 10 tips and cheats, it’s best to plan every move. There are times when I don’t follow the hints; rather, I study the board for possible patterns of candy combos.

Some of the good combinations can include:

Pink Doughnuts + Rainbow Sprinkle

Wrapped Candy + Striped Candy

Jelly Fishes + Pink Doughnuts

And if you happen to discover other tips and cheats for the sake of my addiction, please post them on comments’ section below. I’d really appreciate it.

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  • kathie henderson

    help stuck on 65 for months ready to give up

    • Dens Chong

      Master the combos. L-, T-, 5-in-a-row, etc. Get rid of the chocolates as soon as you can to prevent them from replicating all over the board.

  • Kathie – did you make it past level 65? Google “how to pass level 65 on candy crush” – that’s what I had to do! Lol. Good luck! Also – start “rolling lives”.

  • Dens Chong

    CC secrets like these helped me get past levels quickly.

    Anyway, if you kept on getting stuck and wondered how others leveled up so quickly, then it’s time you get your own Candy Crush secrets guide:

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