SubIc0ns: Create App Shortcuts On LockScreen and Springboard’s Sidebar

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SubIc0ns: Create App Shortcuts On LockScreen and Springboard’s Sidebar

May 25, 2013 — by Adeel Qayum2

It’s no surprise that Cydia tweaks receive a lot of glamor and shine from jailbroken iOS users, perhaps more than the apps released on App Store. However, only a certain fraction of those users are able to make the most out of the tweaks as all the features offered by them are rarely used. Binary Option Macd Strategy Zip Medians Forex SubIc0ns is a new addition to Cydia and it’s kind of a jailbreak app that is straightforward, without any complication configuration options. The tweak is applicable on apps can be used through an Activator gesture as well. The basic concept of subIc0ns is to create shortcuts for apps.

After downloading and installing the tweak, a new menu is going to appear in the stock Settings app. There’s only a single toggle that can be enabled or disabled, while other options have their own extended menu.

SubIc0ns Cydia tweak

The first toggle can be used to activate or turn off the tweak. Below the first toggle is the option to choose Activator gesture, and a gesture that is universal is recommended as it will allow you to bring up the tweak from within apps as well as from the lockscreen.

It’s up to you how many apps you want to choose for the six slots that are provided by the tweak. The slots appear in a vertical line in case of the lockscreen as well as on the homescreen. Two fields are presented to you. In one, you can place the app you want to create the shortcut for while the other one can be used to create a new label.

After setting up the fields and slots, you can use the assigned gesture to make the tweak work.

Check out the below video to see it in action:

SubIc0ns is a simple tweak available at Cydia’s BigBoss repository. It doesn’t cost anything to download and works on iOS 6 and above. Let us know if you give it a try.

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